Sophia's - Toyota GT86 Pro

Drift racer, and studying an undergraduate degree in cyber security, she as plenty to look forward to in her future

Sophia's - Toyota GT86 Pro
Sophia's - Toyota GT86 Pro
Sophia's - Toyota GT86 Pro
Sophia's - Toyota GT86 Pro
Sophia's - Toyota GT86 Pro
Sophia's - Toyota GT86 Pro

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Well what can I say this girl as it all going on, she’s an up and coming drifter with her little MX5 a lovely daily drive, we seem to be getting a lot of these, I must confess i do  like them though so maybe I’m a bit bias, she’s a Hacker an ethical one for cyber security, It’s nice to see that girls are getting involved and doing just as good as a any man would, I’m all in with this, it is open to us all thinking because it is, watch out for Sophia a lovely girl who maybe the next drift champ, and if she is, I hope she remembers we featured her first, good luck in your adventures and your studies Sophia, I'll watch out for you at Castle Combs

Hi, my name is Sophia McCall. - Toyota GT86 Pro 


Feel free to follow me on Instagram: @vixxen86 (Main) @vixxendrifts (Drifting/MX5 Build Progress)

I am currently about to graduate from Bournemouth University studying an undergraduate degree in cyber security, where I am starting a job as an ethical hacker and security consultant in September.

I have not been in the car scene long, but my love for cars goes back to when I was young – where my dad was an amateur rally racer in Scotland when he was younger. He used to race Ford Escorts, and even after his rally days he pursued his passion for cars – which was eventually passed down to me! I currently daily drive a 2018 Toyota GT86 Pro Edition which comes with a spoiler, heated seats, and a few little extras. I am also building a drift-spec Mk1 MX5 Eunos import to help me break into the drift scene.

My dream (super) car would probably be a McLaren 720s, but I’ve always had a soft spot for older jap cars – looking to eventually upgrade to a Nissan S13 or S14 for drifting. My fella has an Nissan Skyline R32 GTST, which inspired me to own an import R32 GTR one day!

Toyota GT86 Pro Edition

Year: 2018

Colour: Pearl White

Engine: NA 2.0l Boxer Flat-4 (Stock)

HP: 197 (Stock)

Modifications: Cobra Cat Back Resonated Exhaust, Smoked Valenti Sequential Tail Lights, Smoked Valenti Brake Light, Underglow Lighting, Side Decals, Interior Red Accents/Trims, Private Plate

To-Be Done: Japan Racing JR11 Rims

Future Plans: Supercharger, Coilovers, Front Splitter, Aero Spoiler, Half-Wrap Design and Carbon Bonnet

All modifications were done by myself, except the exhaust and the side decals which were fitted by local garages. As it is my daily driver, I don’t want to do too much with it… but who knows what will happen in the future.

MX5 Eunos Roadster

Year: 1991

Imported: 2003

Engine: NA 1.6l (Stock)

HP:  113 (Stock)

Modifications: Front Strut Brace, Bimarco Cobra 2 Bucket Seats, Takata Harnesses, Coilovers, Aftermarket Rims with Custom Paint Job (Main Non-Skid Wheels), Aftermarket Steering Wheel and Shifter

To-Be Done: Spoiler, Hydro Brake Setup + Lines, Custom Paint Job,

Future Plans: Tubed Front/Back End, Flat Floor Boot, Duce Bodykit, Turbo, Strobe and Underglow Lighting

All modifications were done by myself, except for the coilovers and front strut brace – which came with the car. As it’s my first project car, I’m aiming to do everything myself – just so I can learn more about cars generally and so when I (inevitably) crash it I can repair it myself…

Clubs and Shows

I’m an active member of a few car clubs, including Southern Modified UK, Modified Girls and Midnight Runners. I am also an admin for the car club Society’s Hated. I usually go to the Castle Combe Action Days, and I try to go to the shows at Santa Pod (like Fast Show) and Trax shows if I can. I’m hoping to start doing track days with the GT86 (just for a bit of fun!), with the MX5 having a predicted build finish by the end of summer. Hopefully at the end of the year I should be out for public drift days and events – I’m really looking forward to D Pad opening in Northampton!


 Kind Regards,

Sophia McCall