Olivers - Peugeot 207 verve

Discover the Peugeot 207 Verve - a dynamic blend of style and performance. Read our expert review at Stance Auto Magazine, where we delve into its features, performance, and what makes it a standout choice for enthusiasts. Explore this iconic Peugeot model now

Olivers - Peugeot 207 verve
Olivers - Peugeot 207 verve
Olivers - Peugeot 207 verve
Olivers - Peugeot 207 verve
Olivers - Peugeot 207 verve

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Hello, my name is Oliver. I am 21 years old and from Manchester. 

I am the owner of Clifford otherwise known as cliffordthebigredpug.  

The car is a Peugeot 207 verve. It’s only a 1.4 8 valve with a whopping 79bhp, but I love it too much and love working on it. It’s obviously not the fastest car out there but it’s definitely the best looking car!

Mods that have been done!

The only engine mod I have done is an induction kit, I can’t do much else as it is naturally aspirated. But I’ve done plenty of cosmetic mods to it. Such as;

Peugeot 207 gti interior 

Peugeot 206 gti alloys 

Peugeot sport spoiler 

New headlights 

Window tints

Maxton Design front splitter 

I even cut a hole in my bonnet and put a Subaru bonnet scoop on it!

And many more!!

a picture with the Subaru scoop and yeah it was fully functional  

I’ve done all the mods myself with help from friends and family. Only thing I’ve had done by someone was the window tints, they were done by ‘Image Window Tinting’ in Wigan. 

This is my first car, I bought it never thinking of doing it as I didn’t know anything about cars then. But I went to a car meet hosted by Lee Lockwood (@iteelockwood)and Jesse Collingham (@j3ese). Since being there to meet I’ve fallen in love for cars and liking doing them up. 

I hate to say it but for now I think the car is complete. Until I save up enough money to drop a new engine into him. Then the fun will begin, I’ll be able to map it and do better things other than cosmetics to it.


Groups I am apart off:






And my newest group is @topflight_fragrances

Car meets/Shows!

I try and go to as many car meets and shows as I can. There’s 2 weekly meets around my area that I attend too. 

I have also been to extremebhp meets at three sisters

Shows I’ve been too are;

Modified nationals 2019

kultureshock 2019

Pugfest 2019

Japfest 2019

USC at Santa pod

Going to try and get to more shows and show off my car more!

Dream car!

If money wasn’t an object, my dream car would be a Lamborghini countach. But because money has to get in the way and spoil my dreams, I’ll happily settle for an old school mustang or a gtr r34.