1993 Nissan Skyline R33 - Nathan Henderson

I had previously owned GTRs (R35s) which are amazing cars, but really are what people dislike them for; the “laptop on wheels”, anyone can get in a 35 and drive it because of the insane amount of computers keeping the car on the road.

1993 Nissan Skyline R33  - Nathan Henderson
1993 Nissan Skyline R33
1993 Nissan Skyline R33  - Nathan Henderson

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Nathan Henderson

1993 Nissan Skyline R33

Instagram: @Naify931

Living in East Anglia but am originally from the Southwest of England. Been into cars like most from an early age. Other passions include Powerlifting and keeping reasonably fit/healthy, friends and family, and making sure I am constantly learning.

At a younger age seeing my friend's brothers and sisters who were into the late 90’s car scene going out at weekends and enjoying themselves, I tagged along and got to see what that era of car culture was about. It was exciting and exhilarating to see and experience, fast cars, loud cars with wild and wacky paint jobs with huge body kits. Just people express themselves in a very unique way almost like mobile personal art.

It then became something else for me when the FF films were released, which like most people then made the car scene something more mainstream and almost obtainable escapism for working-class folk. I grew up in a rough council estate area with no parents (both passed by the time I was years old) so to see something which was bribing people together and making people happy was a big deal to a kid who didn’t have very much. Definitely, the escapism I needed.

I had previously owned GTRs (R35s) which are amazing cars, but really are what people dislike them for; the “laptop on wheels”, anyone can get in a 35 and drive it because of the insane amount of computers keeping the car on the road. They turn a crap driver into a great one; I realised I was like the rest with “all the gear and no idea” due to it being so far removed and disconnected from what driving is and the feel of everything. This car was available and really wasn’t my 1st choice because it had the most awful paint job in my eyes which was enough to make anyone sick! So I searched and searched, but ended up going back to it for one reason; the history and the challenge. Being the most analogue thing on the road coupled with a very manual gearbox made it a no-brainer.

It feels like another world in there. People who are complete strangers take pics and videos literally every time I’m out in the car, and I regularly have strangers walk up to me when filling up with fuel asking questions or I find them taking photos/videos and even recording for their YouTube channel around my car explaining what they have found.

It’s an extremely manual and analogue car, with the engine it has upfront, and the not-so-small turbo attached to the side of the block the very raw and very loud noises coupled with the distinct smell of fuel/oil and carbon make you realise the machine you are driving is definitely “alive” and doing its thing. When the revs go up and that turbo comes on boost; the experience a friend coined it as “the gates of Hell just opened with all manor of F*#kery smashing its way out” it is definitely Violent, unforgiving and savage when the power is put down on the road.

What makes my car unique in my eyes is the engine, and the spoiler/look. It has an RB30 with a large turbo attached, an extremely large Real genuine Carbon wing using the original spoiler uprights, and a very beautiful metallic black paint job with a genuine Carbon vented bonnet. The whole thing is epic to see in real life.

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Build List 

  • RB30 engine fully forged top to bottom, 
  • Larger Spool Rods and pistons, 
  • ACL Race Bearings, 
  • N1 oil pump, 
  • Billet gear set built gearbox, 
  • Long Nose Crank, 
  • Collar, 
  • N1 Water Pump,
  • Fully Port and Polished head, 
  • Winged and baffled Sump, 
  • Tomei Cams, 
  • HKS 60mm wastegate with screamer out the bonnet, 
  • Head oil drain kit, 
  • Ross Harmonic Damper, 
  • Fuel Lab FPR, 
  • 5” Thick bar and plate custom front mount intercooler, 
  • RB20 Smooth cam covers, 
  • Oil and water separator with oil return to the sump, 
  • All lines braided steel, 
  • Syvecs ECU, 
  • Re-wired loom with separate fuel pump fuses and main earth bus-bar custom fitted,
  • Garrett Turbo with a full 4.5-inch straight pipe exhaust.
  • Minimal look engine bay with most things relocated. 
  • 1.5 let Swirl pot in the boot.
  • Twin fuel pumps and Fuel Lab large filter all AN-10 Billet fittings.
  • Genuine Bride LowMax seats, fixed back buckets.
  • OMP steering Wheel with Red Stitching, 
  • Greddy Gauges and AEM Lambda Guage custom fitted in glove box. 
  • Fully flocked dash and roll cage, 
  • Genuine carbon surround Brake Bias controller, 
  • Full JL Audio system with a W12 Sub in the boot,
  • Power Grid with 15 farads to ensure steady voltage. 
  • Full Drift Works underneath front and rear.
  • Black Alloys 19” with Pilot Sports all around, 305 wide in the rear
  • Genuine Geoff Steel Carbon Spoiler
  • Genuine Carbon Bonnet with STR Billet Bonnet Pins
  • Metallic Black paint (just re-painted)

Who did the work?

Most of the work was completed by myself and a fair amount was done by garages that are known in the aftermarket scene, with most of my friends giving me a helping hand at weekends and evenings (thanks guys; you know who you are!) but one guy who helped me more than most is Kieron “Ron” who kicked my ass on bad days to keep going.

Future Plans

Already have a very large Garrett G55 Turbo ready to go in (1550hp capable turbo) which the engine is fully prepped for minus a few changes needed, and there will be an addition of a genuine full Rocket Bunny Type - M kit being fitted at the end of 2023 (this year was the mechanical side, whereas next year will be about the aesthetics). A full change of hard-pipe inter cooling with HD Vibrant clamps will be installed to ensure all that boost makes its destination with no issues.


Don’t give up! And keep purchasing the little things that matter like extra tools, rolls of tape, spark plugs and plenty of greases, panel wipe/degreaser etc. better to have it to hand than not at all.  Be brave and know your limits, don’t be afraid to ask for help and consider all of it to be an education. It’s frustrating and things will go wrong, but know that accept it and navigate accordingly. Never rush! But most of all…….. enjoy the experience.

Shout Outs

Ron, Big Johnny, Dan and R34 Dan, E36 Johnny, and all my other friends who have helped me.

I get a lot of enjoyment to be out in the world and not feeling like I’m “existing”. Meeting new people and seeing all different types of builds. Seeing things I would probably not see if I wasn’t into cars and most of all; having a reason to drive.

Dream Car

Koenigsegg; any of them or an SCC Tatutara.

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