97 Nissan s14 Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores

The reason why I chose an s14 was that I became a really big fan of the kouki version out of all the s chassis. I really liked how sharp and pleasing the front end became one of my favourite parts of that chassis. Thinking back to my 1st s14 I remember the interior being like sort of an office feel

97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores
97 Rb25det Nissan s14 kouki
97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores
97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores
97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores
97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores
97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores
97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores
97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores
97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores
97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores
97 Nissan s14  Rb25det Kouki - Alfredo Flores

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97 Rb25det Nissan s14 kouki

Alfredo Flores

Instagram: @freshfredo

Photographer: Marvin Recinos

Instagram: @mr2mivin

Hi, my name is Alfredo Flores im 29 and I’m from Orange County California. I do vinyl wraps for a profession. Some of my hobbies have always been wrenching on cars, detailing them and modifying their custom. Since a child, I’ve always gravitated towards cars. Starting from video games to movies my eyes would desire different makes and models. I really loved fast cars, they were my favourite, I liked how powerful they are.

Modifying cars became a huge part of my life when I started going to car meets with friends and looking at all the different styles and types of cars. I was into Hondas at first hoping I would get a Honda eg hatchback as my 1st car. I couldn’t wait to have a car so I can do an engine swap and be one of the few that really knew what that was and felt like. At the age of 18, I decided that’s was what my passion to be. I loved cars so much that I wanted to learn so much about them. I decided to go trade school to really pursue my dream. I went to UTI in Rancho Cucamonga CA in 2011 and graduated in 2012 with an automotive and diesel degree. When I attended School that’s when I really started to fuel my Desire to open up and find out what I really like about cars, of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about the power & performance class. I knew at that point I wanted to make cars fast and drive them fast, and then the rest of the story began.

What really at me into cars and where it all started was the fast and the furious the very first original movie probably my all-time favourite movie since a child, watching and thinking about how cool the cars were, with cool graphics, lights, sound systems, and wheels. The way the cars sounded, and looked in that movie changed my complete perspective on how I see cars today. I wouldn't be the person I am today without those small details. I am now a car enthusiast that loves his dream every day. All I ever did as a child was over obsess about how I wanted a clean car. I couldn't wait to get my license coming out of high school. remembering the days I would skate home and be like one day I’ll have a beautiful clean car. I couldn’t wait to get home jump on the need for speed and spend endless hours creating and designing different cars.

There I felt where the vision and background took place for me, which made a huge impact on my life growing up. I loved cars and I love modifying them to their fullest potential. As for my life where it actually took place my best friend's cousin was into cars he had a Honda EG hatch he taught me to drive a stick shift when I was like 17 years old and from then on out I wanted to drive a manual car. Thank you Jerry for initiating the spark to really get me going.

The reason why I chose an s14 was that I became a really big fan of the kouki version out of all the s chassis. I really liked how sharp and pleasing the front end became one of my favourite parts of that chassis. Thinking back to my 1st s14 I remember the interior being like sort of an office feel. a much better-updated feel inside compared to the s13 model with the roll-up seatbelt really a 90s throwback feel

I also chose this specific model because I felt like the platform really had a lot of aftermarket support and info forums. Where if I had any questions or needed parts the support system was there. I’m really glad I chose an s chassis and an S14 chassis to be specific a lot of other Nissan parts fit right on and it was easy to modify if I had to. 

What really made me customize this car, is I had a vision of owning a gtr one day, and that’s been really the idea behind it. I have always been a huge Rb fan since a child skylines we’re indefinite my favourite dream car. So when I came across this car it was painted midnight purple 2 (lp2 stock r33 gtr colour) it was completely stock. I already had an Rb25 motor swap ready for it before I bought the car. Those were always the original plans since I saw the car for sale. I wanted to build it the closest thing to a skyline, I went as far as putting custom ac to really make that much more enjoyable street car.  Slowly this car became my very own dream car as the vision started.

Owning this car has really made me feel like a local car celebrity. There is no other car that looks the way this one does, the feeling it gives you is everyone can recognize that car it’s probably one of the cleanest s14s out there. The combination of the r33 gtr colour with the matching Rb sounds really gives you these skyline feels but so under the radar, the cops just think it’s a stock car simply clean and done right.

I built this car because it has always been a dream of mine to build something I’m proud of, this is my canvas and I get to paint it the way I want to. I love sharing it with the world at car meets or car shows. I daily drive this car for 5 years now and I enjoy it every day more and more. The compliments I get on the road are always such an amazing feeling it’s almost as if I brought a newborn baby into this world. This car really speaks to people, it’s hard not to look. So much detail went into this car and you can tell down to the personalization of the owner's taste. 

What I think makes this car so unique is that, is that this car is as close as you can get to owning a skyline without really owning a skyline. It has on this disguise with the paint and the Rb matching sounds that have really given you the feel of a skyline. The car is not the fastest but it’s fast enough to have some fun and look great in style. This car is also very unique because I’ve used a lot of various parts from other cars to make it work correctly. This car is special in its own way, it has a shaved license plate on the bumper which I never see on any other kouki s14. It has perfectly rolled quarter panels to sit as flush as possible without sacrificing function. The car has blitz 03 wheels with 1 of 1 powder-coated gold centre caps. This car stands out from the crowd in the right ways and it’s all in the details.

What do you think?

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Build List


Rb25det series 1 

Tomei pon cams stage 1

Greddy intake manifold

Greddy fmic 

Greddy profec electronic boost controller

Twisted motion bolt-on turbo 


R32 skyline gtr clutch fan shroud

Gktech clutch fan 

S14 Koyo dual-row radiator 

Q45 throttle body

Tomioka fpr 

91 oem Sentra se-r iacv 

Full custom ac 

Infiniti j30 ac compressor 

Rb25 ac bracket cut and rewelded to fit j30

S14 zenki condensor 

S14 ka OEM high-pressure hose modded 

Nismo clutch

Nismo slave cylinder 

S14 stainless steel braided clutch line

S14 Rb25 Syco mount kit

R33 skyline front subframe

S14 rb25 Wiring specialities harness

Rb25 s14 One-piece driveshaft

S14 Sikky front sway bar 

Tff oil catch can w/ iridium swivel fittings

S14 Chasebays ps kit 

Hks air filter(mushroom)

Tanabe wideband 

Tanabe boost gauge

Walbro 255 



18 X 10.5 rear

18 X 10 front

Fortune auto Coilovers

Full 3in exhaust w/ BMW resonator 

Rebuilt s14 rack and pinion w/bushings


S14 kouki carbon fibre cooling panel

S14 kouki jdm front bumper(license plate shaved)

S14 kouki OEM jdm headlights

S14 kouki jdm grill 

S14 kouki GReddy front poly lip (wrapped in 3m ppf)

S14 kouki OEM side skirts

S14 Dmax roof wing 

S14 Dmax LED tail lights

S14 kouki OEM Jdm rear bumper

S14 kouki OEM rear valences 

LED underglow kit 

S14 LED headlight kit 


KENWOOD double din

S14 dash designz overlay (black suede)

Silvia logo key 

Viper push to start alarm 

A lot more little stuff but can’t remember everything 

Who did the work?

So as for the swap itself, I had a friend named Vance Tetreault who helped me do the swap in the car, and from there on I did the rest of the work myself. I completed the custom ac set-up myself I went to an ac shop out in Bloomington where they helped me tremendously. Now for servicing the car I’ve done it all myself changing spark plugs, oil changes, and coolant flushes. I also have done the GReddy intake manifold swap and the turbo.

On the turbo side, I did have a good friend of mine named Ronnie (@nault_nasty92) helped me out getting it mocked up and getting the right size for the restrictor on the turbo oil feed line. Everything cosmetic was me the underglow, the trimming for the carbon fibre cooling panel, I finessed and trimmed the r32 fan shroud to fit with the gktech fan. At first, we had the OEM clutch fan and we had to trim the back of the blades for the clutch fan to clear the crank pulley. So overall working on the car I’ve done most of the work myself with the side help of other friends which I am thankful for. 

Future Plans

I have big plans for this car I have a lot of parts on the side waiting to throw on. I have an aem infinity standalone set up for the car I also have a Tomei fuel rail with id 1000cc injectors to go e85, those will all go on when it’s ready to go in for tuning the q45 throttle body as well. As for cosmetic plans I have the Jdm fog lights to add just need to remock the turbo piping to make it fit properly. I would like to single top mount turbo the car with a full race twin-scroll set up hopefully making around 450-500 whp I do think that is enough for this car, I want this car to be perfectly balanced between going fast and looking good, I’m not trying to be the fastest I just want some good sort of speed while still looking stylish. Oem plus for me is the route but I do sometimes think wildly and would like to do a carbon hood and trunk with some purple flake in the carbon or in the clear coat just to give it a different vibe idk,  only the future will tell what this car turns into…


If I were giving some advice on buying this type of car, I’d make sure you have a second vehicle cause not all s chassis is reliable, I say this because most people that mod these cars slam them to the ground stupid low and that’s fine but you need to make sure to tuck the main wiring harness that runs under the driver fender. A lot of people run big wheels on these cars and unfortunately they rub thru the harness and then it becomes a huge mess and I learned that real quick with my 1st s chassis. 

They are amazing cars when taken care of, take your time do your research and plan your mods accordingly. What I’ve found for myself was I would sit on parts till I have most of everything completed on the list then try and tackle your obstacle whether it is mods or simple maintenance it made it that much easier to complete rather than going back and forth to the store for miscellaneous parts. At the end of the day doing your research helps so much everything has been done to these cars they’ve been around for so long, so as long as you are patient and plan you should be able to have fun building these types of cars.

Shout Outs

I want to say a huge thank you to @schassisdistrict for riding with me since day one. Also a huge THANK YOU to one of my favourite photographers @mr2mivin for always blessing me with great times and amazing photos 

Love you, papa,

I could never forget the person who introduced me to 240s @active_boost (Ernie) Literally wouldn’t be here without him teaching me how to drift, to teaching me how to do swaps/ maintenance he is my s chassis father I could never thank him enough  

I also wanted to give a special thanks to my best friend Jordon for inspiring me to get into cars as we were kids could never thank him enough for being there all the late nights working on this car or even picking up parts for this car when I couldn’t. This car couldn’t have been where it is today without these people I am thankful, grateful and blessed to have these people in my life

The car scene has brought me so many special friendships and relationships with people I have met. Some of these people are some of the most genuine kind-hearted people I’ve ever met. I even consider some of them family. This car scene has Benefited my life tremendously I would have not met the love of my life (@pumpkinpi) if I was not into cars. I would have never crossed paths with her if I weren’t here today with the decisions I’ve made and for that, I am forever grateful to this car scene 

Dream Car

My dream car would be idealistically an r34 gtr 

The one car that has been on my mind since I started this whole journey. It really became my favourite car, the crème of the crop, the Mona Lisa such a beautiful car. Lines were perfectly placed around the smooth hard edges of the contour lines which made it aggressive but smooth. The sound of the beast Godzilla rb26dett. The legacy of past champions won the skyline gtr will always be my favourite dream car of all time.

To own one in my day would truly be a blessing and an honour there are only so many in the world and I feel like that’s what makes this car so special and unique. I’ve always had a dream to own one and be able to pass it down to my children for it to stay in the family forever. I remember as a child I was always so obsessed with the Nissan r34 gtr and it all started in the movie 2 Fast 2 furious.

Typical hero car checking all the boxes to a special car. Well-balanced inline 6. Individual throttle bodies give it the response with the turbo noise to make you giggle at every small acceleration of the pedal. It would truly be a blessing if I ever get the chance to own one.

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