Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed

It took a while to regain his enthusiasm in wrenching on cars but as his son grew so did his love for cars.

Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed
Jason Brodeur - 2008 Mazda Speed

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Jason Brodeur

2008 Mazda Speed

Instagram: @mica_ms3

Photographer: Donnie Roc
FB:r0cean11 Photography

Jason would have to say his for cars began with his 1992 teal green Honda Accord. As the years progressed he purchased numerous aftermarket parts for the car. He learned a lot about cars at this point; especially JDM cars. The car enthusiast was born. He began to evolve his love for building by customizing things on his Accord. Basic Bolt-ons to a custom-built engine. Unfortunately, he was only able to enjoy the mods for 3 short years, until one hot summer night, the car somehow caught fire and burned up the garage. Fortunately, no one was injured but as he watched the firemen work hard to contain the fire from across the street he vowed to himself, "I would not allow this freak accident dissuade me from pursuing my passion."

Being young with a family the Honda was a great loss! He was in need of a vehicle so his parents let him use their 1985 truck that they’d purchased brand new but had allowed falling into aesthetic and mechanical disrepair. During this time he was working with his buddy Adrian in his free time to restore/rebuild Adrian's 1971 Volkswagen Beetle. He had gained so much experience with blood sweat and tears making the Toyota look like Michael J. Fox’s Toyota in “Back to the Future”, even painted it black before his Mom decided that she needed the truck and he could use her 1985 Toyota van. As a father, coach, and primary caregiver to my young son; life flew by so fast that it was almost 3 years later before he was finally in a position to buy a car that he wanted and could modify. 

It was the summer of 2013 that he took his son and his friend with him to look at cars. He had driven several cars before the salesman finally said, “Hey, I think I know what you are looking for. Let’s head back to the lot and I’ll have it brought up.”  As he stood under the carport, he saw the salesman pull up this dirty, black Mazda 3 Hatchback. His face was clearly reflecting disappointment and annoyance. But the salesman was adamant that Jason should at the very least take it for a test drive. 

His son, his friend, and his Mom piled into the back seat and the salesman in the passenger. As Jason pulled out of the lot and headed down the street, he slipped it into 2nd gear, felt the turbo pull and yelled in excitement “I’ll take it!”

It took a while to regain his enthusiasm in wrenching cars but as his son grew so did his love for cars. It was his son's passion that jumpstarted his. Once Jason paid his car off he began making modifications. It was a great way for his son and him to spend time together and learn at the same time. Eventually, his son persuaded Jason to take him to car meets to show off the car. Jason soon began making connections with several different car enthusiasts. He began using social media to find other people with the same affinity. This is where he met Amanda Specht who encouraged him to come out with a group of Mazda people. It wasn’t too long before Jason was totally immersed in the car scene.  

Initially, Jason began by cleaning the entire engine bay with purple power. He took his time to clean everything, since it’s all in the details he was determined to make it the cleanest engine bay ever. He wanted to make it stand out but not over the top. He then proceeded to upgrade his car when he noticed the clutch started to slip. This was just the beginning of several issues: he replaced the clutch, then the turbo seals blew so he replaced the turbo with all the supporting mods. Then he finally started tuning the car, so one night he was data logging when he noticed oil was all over the place, from the intake to the charging pipes. After rigorous troubleshooting, Jason learned that the ring lands had failed after performing a wet compression test. So he decided to go to the best in the business Jordan Keefover (Overspeed Motorsports) to build him a new engine.

 In the winter of 2019 his son Isaac and good friends, Mike Carper and James Ernst and Jason removed the old engine and installed the newly built engine. At this point, it became a matter of dialling it in and working through minor issues. The work and quality time spent installing the engine really provide a sense of pride and joy each time it starts successfully! 

Jason believes his attention to detail is what led him to Eric Wells from Project MotorSports to explore exterior modifications. Jason knew the hard work and time was well worth it when Eric offered him a sponsorship to use Jason's car on his site to promote his products. This was of course a great honour that he happily accepted. The exposure has been such a great way for enthusiasts from all over the world to actually take note of Jason's car. Now that he has been fortunate enough not to have the F-150 as a daily and his Mazda as his show car. 

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Jason feels this car is unique because the Mazdaspeed name has been discontinued and he wants the legacy to live on with his build and the various other supporters and enthusiasts worldwide.  


  • Overspeed Motorsports built a long block with 88mm forged Manley pistons and Manley rods
  • Treadstone TR-8 Fmic
  • HTP under outer intercooler piping
  • HTP 4” Intake
  • BNR S4 V3 turbo
  • Autotech fuel internals
  • Corksport bpv
  • Corksport exhaust manifold
  • Corksport 3” cat-back exhaustJMF V1 Intake manifold
  • Damond trilogy motor mounts
  • Damond EGR delete
  • Damond power steering relocation
  • Damond PCV plate
  • Damond dual catch can setup
  • Grimmspeed 3 port ebcs
  • Grimmspeed block off plate
  • Bosch 3 bar map sensor
  • White widow 3” Catless downpipe
  • Mishimoto silicone coolant lines
  • HTP 51r battery box with ECU relocation
  • Graveyard Performance coolant reservoir
  • Graveyard Performance power steering reservoir
  • Racethetix coil pack rotation plate
  • Racethetix coil pack cover
  • Racethetix engine bay hardware
  • Eric Yarbrough wire tuck
  • Eric Yarbrough custom oil return line
  • Rey’s Mazda parts polished HPFP


  • Airlift 3P air ride suspension
  • Corksport lower rear sway bar
  • Corksport lower front tie bar
  • Megan upper strut brace


  • Corksport short antenna
  • Project Motorsports splitter
  • Project Motorsports side extensions
  • Project Motorsports rear diffuser
  • Project Motorsports canards
  • Bayson R carbon fibre wing extension
  • R1 concepts slotted rotors/brake pads
  • VIS Racing carbon fibre spoiler
  • VIS Racing carbon fibre hood w/ppf
  • Billetworkz window vents
  • Audio Dynamics underglow kit
  • Corksport skid plate
  • Detail Maniac paint correction w/ ceramic coating


  • Cobb Accessport V3
  • Corksport Racing Steering Wheel
  • Dave’s Stiffy Pillar mount for Accessport
  • Diamond Mats custom interior evil M mats
  • Audio Dynamics interior Blue LED lighting
  • Diamond audio 1000watt amp
  • Diamond audio Capacitor
  • JVC 6” touchscreen stereo
  • Kenwood door speakers front and rear
  • Polk Audio 10” subwoofer
  • Zero Custom shift knob
  • Zero Custom E-brake cover
  • Airlift 4-gallon tank powder coated Manhattan blue
  • Dual accuair air compressors
  • Custom diamond plate hatch cover powder-coated black

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  • ACT 6 puck sprung clutch with prolite fly wheel\
  • Rey’s Mazda Parts shifter cables
  • Corksport adjustable short shifter
  • Corksport shifter bushings
  • Damond Motorsports shirt shift plate


  • Work Emotion CR kiwami 18x8.5 +45
  • Federal 595 RS RR 235/40/R18
  • Tire Sticker permanent tire lettering
  • R1 Concepts slotted rotors and pads

Future Plans:

  • Carbon Fiber Hatch & Fenders
  • Big Brake Kit
  • Custom door panels/ceiling
  • Racing seats w/harness
  • 3 piece wheels
  • Roll cage
  • External wastegate
  • Possible colour change
  • Fortune flares
  • Gauge pods

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