Mark Reyes - 2015 Honda Accord

Discover the captivating blend of style and performance in the 2015 Honda Accord. Our in-depth review at Stance Auto Magazine reveals why this classic sedan continues to be a favorite among enthusiasts. Explore its features, performance, and what sets it apart in the automotive world

Mark Reyes - 2015 Honda Accord
Mark Reyes - 2015 Honda Accord
Mark Reyes - 2015 Honda Accord
Mark Reyes - 2015 Honda Accord
Mark Reyes - 2015 Honda Accord
Mark Reyes - 2015 Honda Accord
Mark Reyes - 2015 Honda Accord
Mark Reyes - 2015 Honda Accord

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Mark Reyes

2015 Honda Accord

Instagram: @maccord_libertyvip

Photographer: Donnie Roc
FB:r0cean11 Photography

Unveiling the Timeless Elegance of the 2015 Honda Accord

Mark owns this 2015 Honda Accord Sport. He got into cars because of his dad, he loves cars too but was never able to modify his car and pursue a full build since life was hard for them growing up. His Dad loves cars as much as he does. One of the main reasons Mark chose this specific car to build is because of his father. His dad had a 1991 Honda Accord which he never got to build so Mark decided to build this to pay homage to the build his father never could do.

He ended up buying this Accord from his dad, an older model, with the original plan to use it for Uber/Lyft as a side job. Well, that lasted about 6 months until he decided that wasn't the best route to take. He went to a couple of Automotive events and began to see more vision for his car and he peeped at a Honda Accord online from Thailand fully built that gave him the inspiration he needed.  

Mark decided to do a full transformation and colour change. It took months of work and it was a roller coaster process. It took about 9 months for him to get to where he wanted the car to be. 

The body kit (Nekkestsu K break Kit or NKS) you see on the car was obtained by an unfortunate/fortunate accident. He had a friend who purchased this body kit from Nekketsu; based in Thailand. Just as the kit arrived here in the USA his friend who purchased the kit for his own build got in a bad accident which ended up totalling his car and in turn sold Mark the kit. At that point, Mark had only installed an OEM lip kit, wheels and air suspension, but that wasn't enough for his taste.

So what makes the car unique to other Accords out there? To quote Mark "There aren’t that many Accords with this specific year and model that has a body kit custom modelled and painted. It feels great to be different from other Accords out there as this model is limited with aftermarket parts." The body style and interior goal led him to pursue a VIP-inspired build; which he feels he has accomplished. The build is never finished. He has tackled his first goal and now wants to focus on the aesthetic portion which is a slow process as his car evolves even further. Next up for him is a custom one-off air suspension and audio setup in the trunk. Keep an eye on this one as its nowhere close to finished.


  • Nekketsu Kbreak Body Kit from Thailand
  • Ulterior Motives Metal Fender Flares
  • Custom LED Tail Lights (made by Babybear Gangster in Thailand)
  • Custom Headlights built similar to that of Thailand Designs
  • VIP Out Pillars
  • MasterWorks Carbon Fiber Spoiler


  • Tsudo SP2 with Vibrant Resonator and Custom Quad Tip by Ulterior Motives


  • Airforce Air suspension Struts,
  • Airlift V2 Management


  • Racing Harts C2 Front: 20x11 -0 / Rear: 20x12 -2


  • Federal (feddy) SS595 Front: 245/45/20 Rear: 265/45/20


  • R1 Concepts rotors and pads


  • Full Junction Produce Interior
  • Mr Vip Tables
  • swapped front and rear seats to leather

Future Plans:

  • Full trunk setup to include air suspension and audio; along with floors throughout the car.

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