Richard Davis - 1993 Nissan Skyline R33 GTST

I currently drive a 1993 R33 GTST which I have now owned for 5 years! Brilliant car I must say.

Richard Davis - 1993 Nissan Skyline R33 GTST
Richard Davis - 1993 Nissan Skyline R33 GTST
Richard Davis - 1993 Nissan Skyline R33 GTST
Richard Davis - 1993 Nissan Skyline R33 GTST
Richard Davis - 1993 Nissan Skyline R33 GTST

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Hi all,

My name is Richard Davies,

Aged 34 and currently work as a Sales Manager in the Motor Trade. I am motor mad and a massive F1 and Senna fan and also a Tran mere Rovers Futty Fan!

Instagram and YouTube: @bigdikky5

My car history includes R5 GT Turbos, Peugeot 1.9 GTI, 200SX S13 and S14, MR2 Turbo Impreza, Turbo 2000 Wagon and FC RX7 plus many more! Drove spa in the 205 GTI, ring in S14 and went to Monaco Modena and ring in MR2 Turbo! I currently drive a 1993 R33 GTST which I have now owned for 5 years! The brilliant car I must say.

What got me into the car scene? Well, my dad is a petrol head and took me to max power shows when I was a kid! He has just sold his RS4 and replaced it with a 2018 Factory Carbon Kitted Civic Type R The car currently has an RB25DET Motor (this is the second as the bottom end went within 3 months of purchasing the car!) so the current motor came from ‘JDM Garage UK’.

Full Spec List:-

  • 5-speed manual with factory LSD;
  • Hks filter, straight pipe and decatted 3 is 1/2 inch turbo back. Large core front mount intercooler;
  • Spitfire coils and Ngk plugs gapped and to it will get set up by ‘RB Motorsport’;
  • Silicone hoses supplied by ‘RB Motorsport’;
  • Bells ECU remap stage 1 plug and play;
  • GFB electronic boost controller, HKS turbo actuator;
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump with full braided lines and fixings;
  • Hel braided brake end lines and clutch slave line;
  • EBC yellow stuff pads;
  • Big Redd company restored and painted front callipers; 
  • Hicas delete from ‘Driftworks’;
  • Updated Exedy Clutch; and
  • Tien Superstreet Adjustable coil-overs.


  • Lots of restorative welding new inner and outer sills and boot floor work as 27-year-old Japanese metalwork is rubbish;
  • 400r style front bumper (soon to be replaced with GTR style front when I get round to painting and fitting it);
  • Rear arches tubbed and GTR +20mm arches fitted blended;
  • GTR style wing and skirts;
  • Rear Jun spats; and
  • Baku sport 18' wheels from an imported r34 (never seen another set anything special but rare);
  • Staggered widths 8j front 9 rears wearing 225/35 r18 Toyo T1r semi-slick front and 265/35 r18 Westlake semi-slick rears.


  • Period correct Bride Brix refoamed and retrimmed in black cloth (seats from a jap import GTR looked rather sad in the 90s faded purple); and
  • Driftworks gear knob and steering wheel.

The car has been built over a period of 5 years when I purchased her she looked rather tired and with time and cash, I fixed all the problems that she had come with. It is set up to be a street/track toy. The mapping and spec are good enough for 280bhp – 320bhp depending on boost levels. Bells Map suggests 0.85 bar max. The car is 27 years old therefore, it is not fast but, it’s fun! Slides are nice and makes an awesome RB sound and spits the odd pop and flame! 

The majority of the work has been done by me or with contacts, I have within the trade. Most works including all the complex custom metalwork that nearly all Skylines require were done by Mel at ‘Secret Performance Standish’. If you happen to follow BDC you will see two secret performance cars running this year when it gets going and Mel has been a super legend getting all work done for me! He specialises in any job and his tubing is great! I can supply his details if you ever want to contact him, just message me on my Instagram.

I have a few more plans for the Skyline, one of the biggest ones being more track days! Have done the Oulton and Anglesey last and North Coast 500! Then onto a Strut Tower rebuild (all 33 and 34 rot from inside out there!) and a turbo replacement injectors, change of management to run a bit more boost eventually but, most importantly, enjoying the longest spell without it breaking, being a Nissan I know it will soon!

My first car was an H Plate R5 Campus with a GT Turbo Kit on it. I have modified every car I have owned and I am lucky enough to have a company car as my daily! My dream car would probably be a McLaren Senna, for obvious reasons!  

Thank you for reading my story, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and YouTube.@bigdikky5

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