Luke Flear - 1.8 UK spec MX5

Once the MX5 was part of my life I started to attend shows with Total-Jap, the car was standard when I purchased it so it has taken a few years to get to where it is today, 5 years so far. 

Luke Flear - 1.8 UK spec MX5
Luke Flear - 1.8 UK spec MX5
Luke Flear - 1.8 UK spec MX5
Luke Flear - 1.8 UK spec MX5
Luke Flear - 1.8 UK spec MX5
Luke Flear - 1.8 UK spec MX5

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Luke Flear 

1.8 UK spec MX5 - 'Project Monstrosity'

Instagram- @L22_MXV

I'm an Art Teacher and after passing my test and my mum buying me my first car, a 2003 ford fiesta Zetec, I had no intention of modifying it. But one day that all changed and I was approached by the owner of Lincs Fords Group in a Morrisons petrol station and invited to a meet. After that everything was on the cards I had massive plans, order coilovers, purchased wheels and fitted a sub. Starting to learn how to modify it myself with a little guidance from family and friends. 

Once I moved to university the love for Japanese cars became apparent while working with a few car lads. So that’s when the MX5 came into my life, I bought it off one of the lad’s uncles unbeknown to both him and me till I took it to work. So, Chris and Joe, you’re both to blame for the MX5 and where it is today!

Once the MX5 was part of my life I started to attend shows with Total-Jap, the car was standard when I purchased it so it has taken a few years to get to where it is today, 5 years so far. 

The start of the process wasn’t fun, I purchased the car and in the first 500 miles, the head gasket went… so booked it in for the work done as I was at university and too busy, I got it back and it lasted about 200 miles (you could say I don’t recommend that garage) so I took the car back and they refused to fix it because it had a cracked the head and that wasn’t their fault. So another company, and problem solved? Nope. Went to another recommended garage for a reconditioned engine because it was easier than sourcing just ahead. So I got the car back and was so happy. 250 miles later one of the brand new timing belt tensioners snapped, so I took it back to the garage and they sorted it at an extra cost to me (luckily only £80). So I thought that was it, all my bad luck was gone? Wrong. About a year later my piston rings gave up so dropped another engine which lasted till I turbo’d the car in April of this year (2020). 

So the car itself is a 1.8 UK spec MX5, which I have recently turbo’d. The car has yet to go on a dyno so I’m unsure of an exact power figure, but I’m aiming for 200whp when finished. So the car started standard and I started with the normal stickers and little bits like a stereo, gear knob, air filter etc. Once I had done all the little bits I bought a set of wheels which I loved then over time started to hate so they had to go, that’s when I bought my XXR’s that are currently on the car. The Japspeed wing was purchased at some point at the beginning, which I sold, and then ended up buying it back as I missed it that much.  

Bodywork wise the car is wide arched on the rear, along with fibreglass vented arches on the front and a carbon Miata AD09 carbon bonnet. The car is painted BMW Atlantis Blue (on a different colour primer to BMW so a slightly different outcome in final colour). Painting the car is the only bit I didn’t do, however, I did spend 9 days at the body shop splitting the car, helping prep the car, and then reassembling it. 

Engine Bay

  • ME221 ECU
  • Blue silicone engine hoses
  • Blue 8.5mm HT leads 
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • Fast5 alloy radiator 
  • Ramair filter
  • TD04 Turbo
  • AE Motorsport Intercooler (with custom hard piping)
  • Turbo smart IWG75 Actuator 
  • Adjustable cam pulleys
  • Cut rocker top
  • Skidnation coolant neck blank
  • Skidnation coolant reroute
  • Oil cooler 
  • HKS Oil filters 
  • Red 80% Duraflex engine mounts 
  • Stage 3paddle clutch 
  • Oil Catch can 
  • White Perspex slam panel and scuttle panel
  • Malian Turbo-back exhaust
  • Strut brace


  • XXR 522 (16x8.25 ET2)
  • D1 spec tuner nuts
  • Ad09 Vented Carbon Bonnet 
  • Bonnet Pins 
  • Bilstein Suspension
  • Fibreglass vented wings 
  • Fibreglass rear over arches 
  • Duce side skirts 
  • Vented headlight cover 
  • Raybrig headlight lenses 
  • CM composite side spats
  • Hardtop
  • Jass performance TSIs
  • GV style front lip 
  • Luke tow strap (front and rear)
  • Quick-release bumper catches
  • Skull Fab front jacking bar 
  • FPM rear jacking bar 
  • Japspeed BGW (Pink Perspex end plates)
  • Grams Styling RX7 rear diffuser
  • Front canards 
  • Project G Hardtop spoiler
  • F1 style mirrors 
  • Skidnation Chassis Rails
  • JDM rear number plate panel
  • Satin black Sun Strip
  • Various decals (Greenlight down either side etc) 


  • Micro RS1 Bucket Seats (black and yellow)
  • Luke 4 Point Harness’
  • TR Lane Half Cage
  • DND Sports Steering Wheel
  • D1 Spec Boss Kit
  • Recycled plastic gear knob
  • Fast 5 Door Bars
  • Center Console Delete
  • Unicorn Door Cards
  • AEM AFR gauge
  • Turbosmart boost gauge 
  • Bofi racing Oil temp and pressure

The car is far from finished, the next plan is to buy front and rear subframes and all the arms then have them powder coated and poly bushed then swap them into the car along with a helical LSD. Then once I’ve done that it will be getting painted again. 

I have done the majority of the work myself apart from painting the car; I have had some help from friends and family. Quick shout out to all the people that have helped me along the way, even if it was just with advice or providing parts etc. There are a few companies that have made it possible for me to build my dream. Greenlight Insurance being the main one, massive shout out to them, check them out for any insurance needs!  

I occasionally attend large shows at Santa Pod Raceway, Silverstone etc, with Total-Jap however I have had the opportunity to go on trade stands alongside Greenlight Insurance, which I couldn’t turn down. 

The car has been built purely for my pleasure and I didn’t build it to win shows, but it has won a few little events (2nd Best On Stand, Best Interior). I am going to look at running some track days next year but I want the suspension set up sorting first. 

'Project Monstrosity'

So 4 engines, and 100 hours of work I'm still going! Don't give up on your dreams, build it for you not other people... 'The cars we drive say a lot about us

My achievable dream car is a Nissan Laurel C35, I don’t know why just been a car I fell in love with and that’s never changed if money wasn’t a question the Lexus LFA would be in my garage. 

I would like to thank the following Companies/people for their help and services – 

  • Greenlight Insurance
  • Stefan Hobman Photography 
  • Gsm Performance
  • Bofi Racing 
  • Viral Vinyl Uk 
  • FPM 
  • ScullFab 
  • Skidnation
  • And of course eBay!

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