Ryan Ragusa - 2005 Nissan 350z

The vision that happened on my Nissan was a complete game-changer. After setting up my booth, it quickly began getting spray paint primer, which quickly turned into a glossy black spray paint job.

Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z
Ryan Ragusa -  2005 Nissan 350z

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Ryan Ragusa 

2005 Nissan 350z

Instagram: @galaxy_350

Photographers: @Angelathompsonphotos - @workinthefaithe - @3litefiles

Models: @_genizona and @savanah.mt 

Team: Team Hybrid @teamhybrid_95

I grew up wanting to stand out and show the world that there’s no one out there like myself or the ideas I can create. To this day, I enjoy building cars in ways that inspire others. I’m not here to gain followers or to become popular. There are always stories behind each and every build that I do. I always find it is a pleasure to discuss with anyone that wants to know about them! 

Many people ask, “what got you into cars?” The answer is simple. It all began when I was around the age of 15. My parents got a 2014 red Mustang that eventually got its own red and black custom paint job. I would ride around with my dad and feel like nothing could stop us. The attention the Mustang received, ignited my drive to modify my cars for more people to enjoy. When I turned 16, my dad helped me buy my first vehicle. Although it wasn’t the dream that everyone has when they purchase a car of their own, I was very thankful for his help! My first car was the everlasting 2014 Focus ST. 

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It didn’t remain stock for very long. The first modification to this vehicle was turning it into The Black Widow, with an amazing red and black paint job that matches that of the spider. The vehicle modifications that happened over the next year or so made the car stand out and caught my eyes every time I drove it somewhere. Unfortunately, the dream with that vehicle disappeared after it got into an accident. As I searched through many different vehicles and went through many platforms for my next vehicle; I finally found her. It now brings me to my current car. 

My current vehicle would be a 2005 Nissan 350z. When I first got the vehicle, it was obtained through a very close friend. To this day, I still thank her for the deal she gave me. The vehicle was bright and yellow as the sun, clear coat peeling, and had a few mechanical issues. This is where the vision unfolded. The first few modifications started the journey and created a new inspiration for me to follow. I had the vehicle plasti dipped with DipYourCar products; but shortly after that, I was involved in a hit and run accident and had to redo it all. Being on a budget and not working full time, it was time to put YouTube, some effort, and significant time into the car. 

Day by day, sandpaper squares by sandpaper squares, the car was finally ready for some new paint. I was out at my local car wash getting everything cleaned and prepped for the paint job I was going to try. The owner of the car wash graciously let me turn one of the wash bays into a quick paint booth that day. Quickly my vision changed! 

The vision that happened on my Nissan was a complete game-changer. After setting up my booth, I quickly began spraying the paint primer. Quickly the project turned into a glossy black spray paint job. With the car completely blacked out, I was very happy with the turnout and started letting the booth sides down. At this point, things went south. While cleaning the interior of the car, I heard a small thud. To my surprise, a little boy had dropped his ball and it bounced and smacked the car. This event created a vision that came to life, GLITTER! A light bulb turned on, and I went ahead and spoke to his mother if he could help me with my idea. I was ready to make my idea into reality. I opened a bunch of powder glitter and let this young man go to town. The smile that was on his face, the enjoyment I saw in his eyes was unbelievable. There’s so much I could say about that day, but I’d love to let the photos do the talking! 

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To wrap up many long stories, I want everyone to know that building a car is not about having money or having the most expensive car. It’s about the time, dedication, and enjoyment in building the car that makes the vehicle your own; your vision. 

Special thanks to:

Engine Modifications:

  • AEM Filter, Fitted to Stock Inlet 
  • Z1 Plenum Spacer 
  • Voltage Controller 
  • Ported and Polished Intake Manifold
  • Carbon Creations Engine Cover
  • Polished Timing Covers 
  • Upgraded Throttle Body 
  • Pedal Commander Drive By Wire Controller 
  • Boundary Oil Pump
  • Hitachi Water Pump 
  • Mishimoto Thermostat
  • Z1 MotorSports Timing Kit
  • Tomei Cams 

Suspension Modifications:

  • Megan Racing Lowering Springs
  • Tanbea Strut Brace 
  • DC Sports Rear Strut Bar
  • White Line Control Arms 
  • White Line Bushing Kit

Interior Modifications:

  • Custom One of One Racing Seats
  • Tanaka Harnesses 4 Point
  • Custom Drop Seat Harness Bar
  • Kicker Upgraded Speakers
  • 2 10” Kicker Subwoofers Sealed in Custom Box
  • Paint Matched Interior 
  • Pioneer Head-unit
  • XK Glow Underglow
  • NRG Quick Release Hub and Steering Wheel
  • Boss Audio Amp
  • Cry02 Intercooler Sprayer 
  • Custom Trunk Setup Wrapped in Matt Black 

Wheel Specs:

  • Varrstoen 17x10 Front 17x12 Rear 
  • Wrapped In BFG Comp 2 Tires
  • Customer Purple Interference ColorShift

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