Fabian Lynch - 2018 Honda Civic Si

The person that really got me into the car scene and Honda's was my uncle. Before I could drive I would be with him at our friends shop working on Honda's late night and going to car meets as well.

Fabian Lynch - 2018 Honda Civic Si
2018 Honda Civic Si.
Fabian Lynch - 2018 Honda Civic Si
Fabian Lynch - 2018 Honda Civic Si
Fabian Lynch - 2018 Honda Civic Si
Fabian Lynch - 2018 Honda Civic Si
Fabian Lynch - 2018 Honda Civic Si
Fabian Lynch - 2018 Honda Civic Si
Fabian Lynch - 2018 Honda Civic Si

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Fabian Lynch but everyone knows me as “big sauce” or “sawcy”.

2018 Honda Civic Si. 

Instagram: @sawcy_si

I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area located in California. I’ve worked many jobs over the years but my most recent is a vending company that services businesses like Facebook, Google, Fitbit etc.

I chose this car because I’ve been a Honda lover from the beginning. I’ve owned and modified around 14 different cars since I started driving, all 90’s hondas and this is actually my first new car. I love the reliability of Honda's, the aftermarket parts are endless and with the right part combos, you can make a mean build. 

The person that really got me into the car scene and Honda's was my uncle. Before I could drive I would be with him at our friend's shop working on Honda's late-night and going to car meets as well. 

Being around that all the time is what really started my love for Honda's and the car scene. I did grow up in a family full of petrol heads but everyone was a Chevy lover, which I still love to this day, but Honda's and imports, in general, have had my attention since I first joined the car scene. I think my car stands out in the scene, with the mods I have and the things I do I’m not afraid to be different I'm always looking outside the box and always trying and doing different things. 

Things that most people don't think look good but like they say build your car for you and no one else. I’ve faced a lot of challenges working on my car, the hardest thing for me was all the suspension components the biggest one being the air ride suspension. I would recommend that people purchase a 10th gen Civic Si, these cars perform well, look good and are comfortable to drive. 

The community for these new civics is already huge and it just keeps getting bigger, and all the builds are so different that you never know what you're going to see new on someone's build. The 2016-2020 Honda Civic Si comes with a turbocharged 4 cylinder motor producing 205 hp and 192 tq. Even stock these cars handle well and are fun to drive. 

Mod list:




Emotion USA: Hydrocarbon steering wheel

I've done all the work on my car myself with the help of friends and family. Most of my parts I get from my friend's shop which is called Norcalautostylez and I just install them when I have time. Installing my own parts can be aggravating at times but it makes it all the more special and worth it in the end. 

I take pride in my car and in the fact that I try to install all my parts at home. My very first car was a 1992 Honda Civic. It was an automatic because I was scared to drive a manual, but I still modified it with suspension and wheels and a stereo system. 

I eventually ended up buying a 1994 Acura Integra that was 5 speed and I learned by just driving the backroads to work, it took me a few weeks to get it down but ever since I learned I never looked back. 

My car is nowhere near finished, I plan on starting to work on the interior and engine bay next since parts are lacking in those areas because I've been so focused on the exterior and suspension. 

The main brands I support are @loweredempire @foolishroyalty @underdog.sj @kindaruined and of course my friend's shop @norcalautostylez. I enter car shows all the time, I've won trophies at a couple, I'm not really the competitive type but I love entering my car in a show to just show off my build and all my hard work. I also attend meets occasionally when they are in my area. Some of my best friends I've met at car meets over the years. As far as my dream car I’d have to go with either a mk4 Supra or a R34 GTR. I grew up in the fast and furious era and growing up it's always been a dream to own either one of those cars.

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