Luke's - BMW e88 120i

BMW make some nice looking cars and with some little extra's you can polish that look up,

Luke's - BMW e88 120i
Luke's - BMW e88 120i
Luke's - BMW e88 120i
Luke's - BMW e88 120i
Luke's - BMW e88 120i
Luke's - BMW e88 120i

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Lovely car, Luke as done some nice work to this, and he as some dreams for it, thats what its all about, not other people's opinions, your dream, your idea, your goal, my lexus is bag slow until you switch the charger on, the point is,I can have the comfort and cruise or I can have the lunatic instant speed, this is what Luke wants, the easy drive in a nice car, then the speed when he needs it.He also runs and moderates a group on facebook, so his heart is in the car scene, and he helps others, which is great, the more of us helping each other and bringing the community together is always a good thing, well done Luke.

My name is Luke Hall - BMW e88 120i,

I am a chef from Kent that recently got heavily into the car scene and modifying my car, I do have instagram and my username is @hallzyownz018, I am also on Facebook and I run a group called the BMW 1 Series Drivers Club and moderate for another group called Kent Customs,

The car I current drive  is a BMW e88 120i,

I originally got this car for when I became a head chef at my previous job as a little celebration gift for myself, yes admittedly it was on finance tut tut shame on me, however last year I decided to buy this car out right and then that’s when the mods began, BMWs have been in my family blood line for as long as I can remember, but the two that started the love are my grandads two e36s that he still has to this very day,

Now my car itself, it’s had its ups and definitely it’s downs at the very start it’s exhaust sensor had decided it would give up after a week of taking it, not too bad as still under warranty, then  a few months later I had a slight accident causing some major rear end damage to the the drivers side, fortunately the insurance helped me with that to get it back on the road, after it came back it became a big issue with its timing chain, clutch and flywheel all wanting to die on me, again rescued by BMW's warranty scheme and very fortunate to.(Always good advice to get a good warranty on a car like this)

Now at this point most of you, including my interior family, would say get rid, no point keeping it, or scrap it. However I started joining a local car group and started running my own and the passion just grew., the plan is to have a modded 120i which you can look at and see that it’s far from standard but at the same time subtly done (hence the grey and black scheme), the subtleness also dies off once you turn it on. 

My aim and vision will be to finally supercharge the car that will be the end game for me, as I would be happy to say I own a rare N43 supercharged 120i, yes loads and loads of people will be like oh why would you do that it’s still going to be slow, my ambitions aren’t to make it super fast my ambitions it’s to achieve a heavily modded car that will put a smile on my face (it already does but you can never have a big enough smile),

I have had huge amounts of help and ideas from my new found car family, even to the point of putting my second splitter on (don’t ask about the first, just think flood water that’s all you need to know) ,I' d like to thank my family for teaching me how to replace spark plugs and coil packs, and self taught myself how to assemble the air filter compartment but decided, that I'd have the induction kit.

The car itself has had a huge transformation since the day I got it, she’s not the most powerful but knocking on around the 200 mark on a N/A block is still good enough for me(for now as she doesn’t realise the plans for the future) anyway enough of the back story, here’s the full up to date list of completed mods and spec,

And this is my full full spec so far to date,

  • 120i e88,
  • Engine N43,
  • 2 litre
  • K and N induction kit,
  • 130i dual air feed,
  • Intake scoops,
  • M sport oil Cap,
  • Stage 1 remap and tune,
  • Back box delete and custom stainless steel pipe/twin tip replacement

Handling and Wheels

  • Stance + ultra coilovers,
  • Lowered 20 MM
  • Romac radium satin black 18” wheels
  • Front is 8j et34
  • Rear 8.5j et 37
  • Michelin Pilot sport 4s on all 4 corners
  • Front 215/40
  • Rear 245/40


  • Front splitter,
  • Angel eyes,
  • Black side indicators,
  • 1m wing mirror covers
  • Sunstripe
  • Tinted windows: legal fronts:
  • 35% rears
  • Rear spoiler,
  • Rear diffuser upgrade everything gloss black
  • Twin spoke front grills
  • Black led side indicators
  • Private Plates
  • Rear canards 


  • Harman Kardon sound system
  • Android idrive,
  • Custom mats,
  • Seat gap protectors
  • Wind deflector

And left to fully do

Maxton design side skirts (ordered just waiting)

Paint the brake callipers (haven’t decided red or gloss black to keep with the colour )

Possibly bonnet vents (not sure see how I feel)

And then finally in some distant future the supercharger

I am massively part of Kent customs and the bmw 1 series drivers club, 
The whole reasons I joined the car clubs and help start a club is because i has a new found hobby and passion on which I wanted to share amongst people with the same enthusiasm, truth be told I was very socially awkward and wanted another outlet to go an socialise, which I couldn’t thank the guys from Kent customs enough they really and truly brought me into a new light and I am entirely grateful for,
Kent customs is my local group who during my time being on the car scene are like my second family, some amazing people and truly amazing cars, a complete mixed bunch in both senses people and cars, but all there for the same reasons and share the ultimate passion for cars and helping one another, they host regular meets which I do try my best to get to giving my job it’s quite hard so if I make it to the meets I certainly aim to be there from start to finish,

As for the BMW 1 Series Drivers Club, I co own that, and at the moment slowly cruising to 2K members,  I have met a fair few from the group and again they are a great bunch of people, the group itself it’s much more wide spread, nationally and internationally, so meeting everyone is a lot harder, but the members of the group are very much active and always posting pics, asking for advice and just generally having a laugh with none of the judgmental bullying that goes on, I m proud to be a big part of the group and more so proud of the amount of people that share their enthusiasm toward the cars.
To sum up how I feel and like about the car scene isn’t just all the great cars you see but the fantastic people behind them, as without them it wouldn’t happen, I can truly say I have made some very good friends amongst,the groups.
As for car shows due to the fact I haven’t been in the car scene very long I haven’t been to any as of yet I was booked ready to go on stand at BHP on the 2nd/3rd of May 2020, and I was mega excited for it however covid 19 has put a sad delay on that, but on the bright side it means I can now focus on getting my skirt extension/ aero kit ready for the rescheduled event which I hope, fingers crossed she will be on the stand along with the Kent Customs team.
Now my dream car is most defiantly the BMW 1M it’s a fine example of BMWs true engineering, if I was to get it I would have to go with the beautiful orange it comes in and maybe tweak the alloys to black, I have the up most respect for the car it’s why I m not going to put the 1M body kit on mine purely because I want it to look like a modded 120i rather than a replica of my true dream.