Steve's - ford focus RS

Easily one of the best looking cars Ford have produced, this is one of my top dream cars, to tight fisted to buy one, every time i see one i stop and watch it, maybe one day i'll prize my wallet open.

Steve's -  ford focus RS
Steve's -  ford focus RS
Steve's -  ford focus RS
Steve's -  ford focus RS
Steve's -  ford focus RS
Steve's -  ford focus RS

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Steve Miller Ford Focus RS.

I’m an ex Concours nutter, yes I used to clean my car with a cotton bud. I still keep my cars spotless, I just attend show n shine comps now, it gets you in and safe parking right in the middle of the show. Normally side by side with my son Liam with his Escort Cosworth

Dusty to my workmates, Steven to my Wife and old git to teenagers lol Truck a driving petrolhead who loves a quick car. I’ve had a few lol My 1st ever car was MK2 Cortina 1600E Many many Capris, still have a hankering for a 280. Cosworths yeah been there done that. Nearly bankrupted me lol BMW Yep had a few. E46 M3 CSL WOWZER the car I let slip through my fingers. It's still the only car I regret selling.

Merc’s Yep had a few AMG was my tag,  And finally my Focus RS The shopping list was Seats and camera oh and defo Ultimate Green. Purchased from RSDirect, I’ve spent a small fortune so far, the 20” BBS CH-R alloys didn’t help my budget lol Being an ex-Concours guy I do like my cars clean. Nah no cotton buds now lol just clean.

This car is driven as often as the weather allows. Such good fun goes like stink and that sound............ MK2 Focus RS is better than the others purely because of the sound, That’s enough from me, take a peek at the pics. Cheers

Lux Pack 1 & 2 MIL 4752 


  • 2500cc 5 Cylinder 20v Turbo
  • Symposer Delete
  • Collins Performance CP420 Conversion
  • 6 Bar Fuel Pump
  • Airtec Intercooler
  • Scorpion Exhaust
  • K Sport 8 Piston Brake Kit Painted Ultimate Green
  • Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads
  • Airtec Header Tank, Polished Cap
  • Custom Badges
  • Carbon Fibre Slam Panel, CP Induction,
  • Battery Cover,
  • Fuse Box Cover,
  • Wing Covers,
  • Bonnett Plates
  • Gas Bonnett Lifters


  • Eibach Lowered up-rated Springs
  • Black Rally Flaps
  • Sequential Mirror Indicators
  • 20” BBS CH-R Alloys Refurbished Shadow Chrome
  • BBS Valve Caps
  • Custom Badges Boot, Wings
  • Carbon Firbe Fog Light Surrounds,
  • B Pillers,
  • Bonnett Lip,
  • Headlight Trim,
  • Mirror Caps,
  • Tail Light Vents Trim


  • Leather Center Arm Rest Cover
  • Immobilized OBD Port
  • Ghost Alarm
  • Groups......
  • RS Owners
  • UG Focus Owners
  • Cosworth drivers club 

I only go to certain shows and like to enter the show n shine, like I said I like it to look gleaming, so I may as well enter a few comps,....RS Combe, National day, Oxford RS Day

I still have some plans for the car the car looks, why to mess with a top engine, more genuine Carbon Fibre it is. Modifying cars never stops