Wideboy S2000 Built and Boosted - Rod Mera

One day my friend was over at my house and we were talking, he looks over at me and says.. man, you should buy an S2k.. but at the time he was joking around as the S2k was just released.

Wideboy S2000 Built and Boosted - Rod Mera
Wideboy S2000 Built and Boosted
Wideboy S2000 Built and Boosted - Rod Mera
Wideboy S2000 Built and Boosted - Rod Mera
Wideboy S2000 Built and Boosted - Rod Mera
Wideboy S2000 Built and Boosted - Rod Mera

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Wideboy S2000 Built and Boosted

Rod Mera

Instagram: @Widebod_s2k

My name is Rod, I've Been into cars since I knew how to drive. It started out back in high school when I and my friends use to go to my buddy's house and work on his old 70 Chevell. He bought the car when we started high school and over the years little by little we all worked on it.

We all left little pieces of us in that car and by the time we all graduated the car was finally done. At the same time, my friend and his family were moving cross country. He packed up the car and decided to drive it across the US. The car never broke down or gave up, he still has it to this day. Ever since then I love working on cars and enjoy talking to people about theirs.

After my high school experience building a car from the ground up, I learned how a car works from inside and out. Since then I enjoyed driving them and modify as much as possible. During this stage imports and modifying them became bigger with more things to buy. I started out with a 95 Honda Prelude. Love to make her stand out apart from everyone else. The import scene started to be bigger and more of them. I really enjoyed seeing what other people came up with in their builds, found out a lot of people had great imaginations. 

Why I chose this Car and Customise it, is a funny story. I was driving an Audi A4 back in 2000 and I was looking for something else. I loved the way the A4 handled but didn’t want another 4 door coupe. One day my friend was over at my house and we were talking, he looks over at me and says.. man, you should buy an S2k.. but at the time he was joking around as the S2k was just released. So like most people back then I had no clue what an S2k was .. so I looked it up and it was love at first sight.

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That same weekend I went out to a used dealer and found my dream car with only 5k miles on her. I asked for a test drive, I remember the first time the dealer said.. don’t shift until 8 or 9k. I had no idea what he was talking about.. but when the vtech kicked in and I left it in gear I knew exactly what he meant. The check-in my pocket was burning a hole and could make a deal fast enough. I remember when I drove it home and my friend that was joking around with me saw it and almost died. Shortly after he went out and bought his dream car WRX. We had the mod bug from that day on.. fast forward 22 years, I still own my 01 S2k. She has been with me all those years. She saw my ups and downs and never left my side. I never stopped working on her and I feel I will pass this car down to my kids one day. 

Owning and driving this car, it’s a love-hate thing when she runs well it’s amazing but driving in the streets with traffic is another thing. I love when I am at the light and someone looks over and can’t figure out what car I am driving. Since I removed all the badges people can’t tell so I get a lot of, “hey what is that car “

What makes my car Unique? Well, mostly is a wide-body kit that is not done by many people. It looks kinda stock but definitely not stock. I shaved off most things in the car like mirrors and badges. I also choose a Ferrari red colour for my car.. and it looks amazing. I call my car a Frankenstein because under the hood she has a Nissan transmission and a Ford rear end. 

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Build List: 


  • CP pistons 10.32:1 88mm
  • CP rods
  • Benson sleeved
  • Full-race twin scroll mani
  • Fullblown intake mani
  • Sheepy 800hp intercooler
  • Ferrea valves set
  • Skunk2 74mm TB
  • Head ported, polished,3 angel grind
  • GTX3582R
  • Tail Twin 38mm wastegates 
  • Tail 50mm BOV
  • Mishimoto triple-core radiator
  • Fuel Safe fuel cell with 
  • Radium surge in the tank with 3 AEM 50-1200 and additional AEM 50-1200 lifter pumps
  • Fullblown XL fuel rail
  • Fullblown fuel pressure regulator 
  • ID 2200cc injectors 
  • SOS flex fuel kit
  • AEM fuel filter
  • -8 feed and -6 return fuel line
  • Straight Line Motorsports oil catch can
  • Inline-pro Head gasket 88mm .036 thick
  • Full Race oil relocation kit
  • Inline-pro m12 head studs
  • Hondata KPro
  • Inline-pro TCT
  • Ballade AC relocation kit
  • Full-blown radiator stays
  • Full-blown oil cap
  • Omni 4 bar map sensor 
  • Innovative engine mounts 
  • AEM boost controller 
  • Ktuned clutch reservoir 
  • Ignition Projects Coils Plasma


  • Nissan 370Z CD009 Tranny (new)
  • Custom twin disc clutch inlinepro 
  • Ford super 8.8 diffs with 3.73 gear (new)
  • Inlinepro tranny conversation kit
  • Inlinepro rear diff conversation kit
  • Solid tranny mounts 
  • DSS Pro level 5.9 axles
  • DSS custom driveshaft 


  • Wilwood 6 piston brake kit
  • Eibach multi pro R2 kit
  • SSR S5 19x 10 +20, 19x9 +16
  • Work VSKF 19x10 +20, 19x9 +21
  • Toyo proxes 265/30/19 , 275/35/19
  • Eibach sway bar kit
  • Cusco front and rear Armbar
  • Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder


  • APR widebody kit
  • M racing Type IV CF mirrors
  • AP2 headlights
  • Car shop glow tails
  • Work lug nuts
  • VS racing CF hood
  • Asuka Trunk with CF moulded lip
  • Rockstar hardtop 
  • Voltex rear diffuser
  • Ferrari rosso scuderia paint


  • Zoom rear view CF mirror
  • Js racing shift nob 
  • Techocraft T2 custom bronze CF seats
  • Password JDM custom bronze CF centre
  • Password JDM CF airbag delete
  • OEM extended mats
  • AP2 centre with red stitch
  • Ap2 door sills with red stitch
  • Hardog single roll cage
  • Sparco foot pedals
  • Works bell quick release
  • Personal 33mm wheel
  • Defi boost and oil gauge
  • AEM wideband gauge


  • Password JDM Radiator cover custom red CF
  • Full-blown spark plug cover
  • Password JDM bolt kit
  • Shaved bay
  • CF dowel
  • Tucked brakes and wires
  • Rockstar radiator overflow 
  • 3” full exhaust with K-tuned muffler 
  • Purple powder-coated pullies 
  • Rockstar hood hindge dampers 

The work

Well, my car has been in several different shops over the last 20+ years, and I changed the build several times. But Kab Customs is the last shop that help me get it so where I always wanted her to look and perform like.

Future Plans:

Well, there are a few areas I want to clean up, so want to work on my interior more and get it looking more like my exterior. 


Do what you love, and enjoy the passion as much as you can. And always don’t cheap out on the no-name parts, it will cost you more in the long run. 

The car scene

It’s a way to distract from the everyday hustle and bustle. Way to meet people that have the same passion as me. Way to speak the same language no matter where we come from and who we are. It’s a way to bring all kinds of people together under one roof.. that seems hard to do nowadays.

Dream Car:

300z twin turbo with T tops

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