Will Adams - Polo 6R

For the last 2 years I have owned my little Polo 6R and to which has been an interesting one

Will Adams - Polo 6R
Will Adams - Polo 6R
Will Adams - Polo 6R
Will Adams - Polo 6R
Will Adams - Polo 6R
Will Adams - Polo 6R
Will Adams - Polo 6R

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My name is Will Adams

I am a self-taught Valeter and Brand Owner who dabbles in a bit of Automotive Photography on the side 

My Instagrams are @willsadxms, @willspix_ and @riskyboyz.tm

For the last 2 years, I have owned my little Polo 6R and which has been an interesting one. Mechanically, I cannot fault it. Never once let me down. However cosmetically it has sure been through the wars. I’ve always grown up around VWs through my dad therefore this leads me to want my own.  I've always been into cars as a child, watching fast and furious, going to car shows, and playing car games. When I got the polo was when I decided to start modifying properly. 

The 6R is on a little naturally aspirated 3 cylinders 1.4, lowered on some JOM Blueline Coilovers, sitting on 17” JR26 8J ET20. Finished off with a huge carbon wing because I can. It certainly wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is without the help of my friends and my dad. Myself, I am not very mechanical, but I’m learning along the journey and want to learn. 

This is my first car to reach such a level of stance, during the two years of this ownership I had a 1.8T Polo GTI, running around 200BHP with a straight-through exhaust and induction kit. Which I sadly had to get rid of due to losing my job. 

My first car was a 1.2 2003 Seat Ibiza

My Polo is by no means finished and still has a long way to go until it is. More camber, more lows, livery design, widebody? Who knows. Wait and see..

@riskyboyz.tm - keep watching

I go to as many shows as I can, and meet sometimes. I love going to shows because you engage with so many new people and get a chance to show off what you’ve created

My dream car is an R34 GTR just like everyone else, call me stereotypical but I won’t stop until I get there

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