Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe

The car has been shown at some local events, such as the Festival of Transport on the Isle of Wight.

Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe
Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe
Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe
Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe
Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe
Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe
Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe
Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe
Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe
Laurence Rose - Honda Civic ej2 Coupe

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Laurence Rose, 

Instagram: @thericedoutcivic2019

Maintenance Tech at MHI Vestas, on the Isle of Wight

1995 Honda Civic ej2 Coupe. Aka: The Riced Out Civic 

Having always had an interest in cars since I was a kid & training up as a Mechanic as a teen in local garages... back in the 90's when the modified car scene was just taking off... locally the scene was developing with local meets regularly and the interest spiralled from there. 

My 1st car, at 15, was a MK 1 Golf... can't complain it was a freebie!! Then I got an '86 Mini, followed by an Mk3 Fiesta 1.6 Sport... Then I learnt to drive (HaHa) in my Renault 5 GT Turbo... 

I've owned & sold many, many cars over the years, but the ones I drove include Ford Escort XR3i, BMW E46 318, Subaru Impreza Wagon, Subaru Impreza WRX Sti 600Bhp, Subaru Impreza UK2000 Ed. Alpha R GTV, MK4 Golf 20V Turbo, Mercedes Vito Van (Don't Judge) Mk4 Golf GTI, Fiat Van (Again don't judge) Mondeo STI 220, Hyundai Getz (Don't ask!) Mondeo 2ltr, Citroen Saxo VTR, BMW e46 325, MK4 Golf GTI with R32 Kit, Audi A4 1.8 20V Turbo Estate, Astra SRI, Mazda RX8.... then another one cause this one broke! Golf Mk 2 GTI, VW T4 Camper... Then the purchase of the Civic, before buying the current daily which is a BMW e92 320d.... well it gets me from A to B & doesn't look too bad. 

The history of the civic that I knew was the 1st highly modified show car on the Isle of Wight & it never got finished...The garage that had it closed down & the car seemingly disappeared. So when the opportunity came up in July 2017 to buy it, I couldn't pass it up. The chance to restore this iconic vehicle to her former glory.

Tens of thousands of pounds & hundreds & hundreds of hours of blood, sweat & tears have gone into restoring & modifying this car mainly by myself, but with some help with the engine rebuild;

Modifications so far to date:

Suspension & Brakes:

  • Hydraulic Suspension
  • Neo Chrome rear lower control arms, subframe brace & tie bar
  • New OEM Bushes, Rear disc brake conversion
  • Drilled & Grooved Discs, “Green Stuff” Pads & Braided Brake lines, front & rear


  • 2x 12” Vibe Black Death Hex Subs
  • 4x 12” & 4x 10” Vibe Black Death Mid Speakers
  • 4x 6.5” Vibe Black Death Component Speakers
  • 6x 4” Vibe Black Death Tweeters
  • M21K Vibe Black Death AMP
  • Vibe Audio sound deadening throughout.
  • 3x 2 Channel Amps
  • 4 TVs: 2 mounted in sun visors & 2 in the boot held by a zombie.
  • Car is lined with Zombie Pin-Ups fabric throughout
  • Amp is housed in a custom-built Coffin with Skeleton

Engine Modifications & Upgrades:

  • Engine Bay flushed & Custom Painted with Purple Sparkle Pearl paint.
  • Chase Bays Brake line kit, Brake Booster, Fuel Line kit, washer reservoir, coolant overflow, power steering delete, & Clutch line kit.
  • K Tuned Clutch reservoir
  • Blue Engine Mounts,
  • Spoon strut brace,
  • Chrome Bonnet Hinges & Bonnet Catch.
  • Neo Chrome Twin Horns & washers for wing bolts.
  • AEM Fuel Rail
  • D16Z6 Engine swap
  • Wiseco 75mm piston heads & Max speeding rods
  • Arp 2000 Rod bolts, Head Bolts, Clutch bolts & Flywheel Bolts.
  • King Bottom End Bearing
  • Uprated Head Gasket & Engine Gaskets
  • Blue Bottom Pulley, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Fuel Rail, Oil Sandwich Plate, Uprated Cam Gear, Cam Belt, Samco Hoses, Nology Hardwire HT leads injector hats.
  • T3/T4 Turbo
  • Front Mount Intercooler
  • Tubular Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold
  • Blow Off Valve
  • External Wastegate
  • Screamer pipe
  • Cylinder Block Guard
  • Skunk2 black intake & Black 70mm throttle body
  • Mishimoto Fan shroud & Alloy Rad
  • Neo Chrome Oil Cap, Engine Nuts, Jubilee Clips, Solenoid Cover
  • Dense 330 fuel injectors
  • Uprated Alternator from 75amps to 285amps
  • Standard D16z6 Head & internals
  • Tenzo R Racing Rocker Cover, with Blue washers & Bolt Kit
  • P28 Chipped & Mapped ECU
  • Xtd lightweight flywheel & stage 3 Clutch.
  • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
  • Denso Iridium Power spark plugs
  • Chrome Thermostat Housing
  • Standard Crank
  • Custom Chrome 2.5inch midsection exhaust, sports cat & 2x rear back box with 4” tips.


  • -Custom Paintwork: Candy Blue
  • -American imported Front & Rear Bumpers & -Chrome Ring Lexus Rear Lights
  • -Japanese imported Side Skirts
  • -Carbon Fibre wrapped Roof, Fuel Flap, Side -Trims, Spoon Mirrors, Boot Lid, Bonnet, Door -Pillar Trims, Canards & Honda Badges on wheels.
  • -18” Chrome Wheels
  • -Chrome Bumper supports
  • -Neo Chrome Wheel Nuts, Valve Caps & -Number plate Brackets
  • -Lambo Doors
  • -Tinted Windows
  • -3D Angel Eye Projector headlights: Custom -Altered by Custom Lights to include Day running lights with wing tucked rewiring.
  • -Smaller sized rear & import size front number plate.
  • -Perspex Rear Window
  • - Aerial delete



  • -2x Cobra Blue Wrap Around Bucket Seats
  • -Neo Chrome Momo Steering Wheel & Snap Off -Steering Wheel boss
  • -JDM Double Din Centre Console
  • -2x Takata 4point Harness
  • -Harness Brace Bar
  • -Large Spitfire Rev Counter & 5 Gauges
  • -Triple Gauge right-hand pillar mount pod
  • -Double Gauge left-hand pillar mount pod
  • -Car Ignition racing panel
  • -A.d.i Design Custom speedometer cluster
  • -Skunk2 Neo Chrome Gear Knob
  • -Momo Pedals Covers
  • -Vibe Floor Mats
  • Zombie Pinup recovery to the centre console, Door cars & Sunroof.
  • Relocation of the Fuse box to behind the dashboard & Batteries located behind front seats.


The car has been shown at some local events, such as the Festival of Transport on the Isle of Wight.

In December 2019 The car has been featured 3 times on with Jamie_FYD YouTube channel, starting with a  video just before I purchased, which reached over 1.4M Views... and update when I purchased (over 240K views) & another build update (over 20K views) & we're due to do a catch-up video after lockdown.

The civic was also one of the 1st featured cars for 'Maxers', The online Magazine ran by some of the team formerly involved with Max Power.

I have obtained support from local business to Sponsor the car, Mid Bass Distribution & Vibe have been heavily involved with the Sound System, Island ProTyres provided Azenis FK510 Falken Tyres, Toxic Designs for our Decals, JW Autoshine for detailing & Ceramic Coating to name a few.

More recently mentioned in a number of groups Such as HondaLifestyleUK, ModifiedOutlaws & been featured in online blogs & Magazines such as Modified Obsession & MexicCityRevs.

The Riced Out Civic has a Facebook page, detailing the journey so far & ongoing updates, a Group for followers to share stories, posts & chat, as well as an Instagram account. @thericedoutcivic2019.

The ongoing aim of the car is to complete her latest upgrades... She's been off the road for a while, so getting her running and driving again soon... finish installing the upgrades to the sound system... however, a modified car is never "finished"... always evolving...

While also building the online presence & get to more shows. This season's been a write off really with the Corona Virus lockdown etc... still hoping for some local shows later in the year, such as The Isle of Wight Classic Car show & Isle of Wight Take Over Ultimate.


Thanks for Reading, Loz.

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