Steve Palmer - Hyundai coupe Atlantic

My car is a 2006 Hyundai coupe Atlantic which is one of 480 that were originally sold and registered in the uk

Steve Palmer - Hyundai coupe Atlantic
Steve Palmer - Hyundai coupe Atlantic
Steve Palmer - Hyundai coupe Atlantic
Steve Palmer - Hyundai coupe Atlantic
Steve Palmer - Hyundai coupe Atlantic

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My names Steve Palmer,

I’m 19 years old basically 20 come the start of

June, I’m both a trained mechanic and chef weird combo but it comes in handy in all honesty, currently I’m a self employed mechanic however private jobs are slow and I’m currently furloughed.

My Instagram tag is @hcoc_storm


My car is a 2006 Hyundai coupe Atlantic which is one of 480 that were originally sold and registered in the uk. I bought this car back in august 2019 from a member of the Hyundai coupe owners club (if you own acoupe go join this page honestly it’s one of the best groups on, Facebook, as shown by the trip advisor reviews) I chose this as I did originally own a 1.6 Hyundai coupe s and I always said I wanted the 2litre so here we are.

I stated to get into the car scene in 2015/16 when I was in my last year of school and really starting to get into forza horizon 1 which started showing me about modifying cars, it grew from there when I went to college to study a level 3 btec in motorsport, which is where I got my qualification from. Ever since I’ve been expanding my knowledge through friends and videos slowly building my plan for the car.

Current stats are 143bhp from a 2 litre gls naturally aspirated engine, torque is around 181nm but it goes when you put your foot down it doesn’t really hesitate, given it’s front wheel drive and a lump of a car 0-60 comes in between 9 and 9.5 seconds.

Currently it’s been lowered by 20mm however I don’t know the brand as it was done before I bought the car, it’s got the coupe siii 114.3x5 being about 7j and 17” and has had an interior seats swapped, also via an coupe siii, other than that I’ve done a mid box gut so it sounds a bit meatier, there have been a few exterior aesthetic mods such as the; halo side lights, pinstripe, korean down the side of the doors, small front splitter, front grille is removed currently, rear spoiler and gills are all chalkboard wrap so you can write on it in chalk, (always a bit of fun at meets).

Most of the current work has been done by myself, nothing major as of yet tho, as much was done previously just before i bought the car, however I would recommend Tiburon autos in Birmingham, Ross is a great guy and really informative.

My first car was a Hyundai coupe s 1.6 g4ed engine with 105bhp and about 160nm of torque. Then the engine seized on that and that was due to the wrong type of oil filter, it should be a Hyundai oem filter not aftermarket, this starved the engine and if I’d known more at the time I’d have been able to repair it. I built up to the coupe Atlantic fromthis and a grande punto which tried to kill me with it's A arm snapping whilst I was driving on the m25 at 3am. 

I have so many more plans for it, amongst this is a Subaru td05-20g turbo setup, air ride, bola b17 wheels (18”), a valved 3” turbo back exhaust system, there is also a high chance of a full wrap. A high rise oem spoiler, a Subaru wrx front splitter. I’ve also toyed with the thought of a wide body kit.

I’m a representative of a few club such as southeast tunerz which is a great club to be a a part of the main charity they do support for is the  Alzheimer’s society. I’m also a rep for positive vibes

(@p0sitivev1be5) who are a subsidiary of @southeast_tunerz and the PV

the goal is to support mental health in the car community. I’m a member of

headturners uk, southmeets, mexico city revs magazine. I’m also a moderator and run the souther part of @collectivecarclub which are a new club we’ve recently made on Instagram and within 2 weeks we’re atover 150 followers and come summer 2021 we’re going to be at it hard with meets.

I don’t really enter car competitions as the car isn’t ready however, I’ve had plenty of mates who have and they’ve won such as @hutch.89 on Instagram and his mental golf R.

I go to plenty of meets I started with smoking tyres meets, then I’ve slowly built to going to the Brighton meets, sloane street meets, Mexico City, ghetto street meets are amongst others I’ve been to.

My dream car is either a mk4 supra just due to the possibilities it brings how gorgeous it looks and the futuristic interior, or it would be an r32 or r34 just due to the pure capabilities and how insane the car itself is, both of these decisions have also been influenced by the cars and furious franchise.

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