Carla - Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S also known as a R53 is a 1.6 supercharged car that has 170bhp standard.

Carla - Mini Cooper S
Carla - Mini Cooper S
Carla - Mini Cooper S
Carla - Mini Cooper S
Carla - Mini Cooper S
Carla - Mini Cooper S

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My name is Lucy.

I’m currently working a temp job but used to work for Pro Alloy motorsport before recently being made redundant from there. I am a 21 year old car enthusiast that lives in Essex. I am originally from Cambridge but moved to Essex at the beginning of 2019. 

Feel free to follow me on Instagram- lucy.fowler0

I grew up helping my dad work on the family cars. He one day took me to a car meet in a town called Royston and from the moment I got to the car meet I was glued to looking at the different goes of cars. I met a family friend there who kept taking me after that to car meets. I loved looking at all the cars ranging from the classics to the highly modified cars that people have come to show. 

I am now on my 3rd car but it is a big step up from the previous 2 cars I have owned. 

My first car was a 1996 Skoda Felicia Bohemia in white which was only a 1.3 and wasn’t a bad first car when I started to drive it after I passed my test in October 2017. It was a bit of a rotbox but I saw it as the daily project car and did all the work to it myself from services to replacing the front wings on it. 

My current car is the Mini Cooper S. It caught my attention one day when my partner sent me a link to it after looking through lists of cars for sale. I just fell in love with how it looked, the colour and how it felt when I drove it.... oh and of course the supercharger whine haha. 

The Mini Cooper S also known as a R53 is a 1.6 supercharged car that has 170bhp standard. It is hyper blue with gravity black interior. 17” web spoke alloys, visibility pack (optional trim the factory) and the Chili pack ( also optional from factory) and a few extras to the interior and inside of the vehicle. 

This car is still an ongoing project for me. I have so far installed a Pro Alloy R53 top mount intercooler, added a cone air filter and added EBC pads with mintex discs. I have only owned the car for just over a year. I want to eventually add a g wing to it, a 17% reducer pulley to the supercharger, get it mapped and potentially add braided lines too as well as maybe getting it on track and laying some track times down. 

My partner and I have done the work ourselves so far. 

I am part of Turbos and Tiaras all girls car group and The R53 owners group that both have been very welcoming and lovely to me. 

I try to go to as many car shows as I can but haven’t been to many in the mini yet. I was going to attend Trax @ silverstone this year and am hoping it won’t get cancelled. 

I don’t enter competitions really, only the club cover photo competitions. I may enter some other competitions in the future depending on how far I have got with my car and how it looks but would only be for a bit of fun.

I often get asked the question of what is my dream car and to be honest I don’t think I really have a dream car. I think it’s more than one dream car but I love the mustang Elenor, the Nissan skyline GTR R 34, the new Camaro called The Exorcist and also the Nissan 370Z. They are to me all great cars.

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