Nik Mistry - Ford Focus ST

Let’s be honest here, no project car is ever finished and in my scenario I am defiantly not finished yet!

Nik Mistry - Ford Focus ST
Nik Mistry - Ford Focus ST
Nik Mistry - Ford Focus ST
Nik Mistry - Ford Focus ST
Nik Mistry - Ford Focus ST
Nik Mistry - Ford Focus ST
Nik Mistry - Ford Focus ST

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Hi all,

My name is Nik Mistry, from North Yorkshire and frequently Northwest.

Instagram: @nik_mistry91 

TikTok: nik_mistry91

I currently drive a Ford Focus ST, I did own a Focus ZS before and to be quite honest I like the space and the size of them. For me, they are suitable for daily driving!

What got me into the car scene? Well, since I purchased the ST, I came across some car groups on Facebook, then saw the after-market selection and that was it! I got the bug!!

For me the car scene hasn't just brought me a newfound hobby that has kept us busy with all of its new avenues and opportunities, it has also allowed me to find new friendships with both businesses and people who think just like me!

I couldn’t tell you how quick it is from 0-60 as I have never tried it however, can confirm that it is pulling a healthy 245bhp!

Full spec list:-

  • Delta Styling provided by my sponsor company;
  • Full Lowline Kit;
  • SRR Carbon Fibre Spoiler;
  • SR Carbon Fibre Spoiler Riser;
  • Front Splitter Extension;
  • Decals;
  • SK Graphics provided by my sponsor company;
  • Decals and Gells;
  • Ford Performance Sunstrip;
  • Interior Gells;
  • Tinted Fog Light Armour;
  • Race Red ST Show Plate;
  • Velossatech provided by my sponsor company;
  • Cold Air Snorkel Intake;
  • Wide Arch Flare Kit;
  • After-market Fog Bezels;
  • RS Style Rear Diffuser;
  • Modified RGB Halos;
  • Black Interior Plastics;
  • BI Xenon;
  • Recaro Seats;
  • Interior RGB Footwell Lights;
  • Fire Extinguisher (Hydro Dipped in Avengers Theme) and Bracket;
  • Tony Banks Exhaust System (Back Box Delete);
  • BOLA CSR 19x9 Wheels in Bronze;
  • 25MM Eibach RedLine Lowering Springs;
  • 0 Turbo;
  • Airtec Intercooler;
  • Pipercross Induction Kit;
  • Marvel Avengers Engine Bay by Hydro Mania;
  • RGB ST Badge (my own product, invention);
  • Zunsport Grill;
  • J9 Performance Parts Slam Panel Covers;
  • Front Intercooler Lighting (Autobeam);
  • Gloss Black Fog Light Covers;
  • Paintmodz Bonnet Catch Cover; 
  • Wind Deflectors; and
  • Aftermarket Tail Lights.

Let’s say some of the work has been undertaken by me however, for a good final product majority of the work has been done professionally.

Delta Styling have painted the spoiler ends!!

Bolton Body Work Centre’ did my wide arches at a very reasonable price and must confess did a brilliant job.

Hydro Mania’ dipped my engine plastics and I built the RGB ST Badge and other badges.

Delta Styling’ have fitted their lowline kit and spoiler too. I fitted the cold air intake and intercooler with a friend of mine after it was installed due to upgrading to a newer set up!!

The Focus ST was not my first car, in fact, my very first car was a Corsa C!!

Let’s be honest here, no project car is ever finished and in my scenario I am defiantly not finished yet! At the moment, I am maybe planning to go wider with the body kit and contemplating air suspension and at this time I am having a new bonnet being built! Exciting times!!! J

I am part of the Ford Focus MK3 owners forum. Useful tips and great posts to follow!

I do indeed take part in competitions however, if I do them competition wise no, I much rather do them for fun to be honest.

My partner and I do often attend a lot of Ford shows, sometimes we attend Trax, and also looking into IOW take over however, Ford Fair is a must!!!!

My dream cars, well I have numerous going from the Chevrolet Camaro, to the Mustang 5.0, or even the Ford Raptor and the BMW M2. If owned by me, these would all have a wide body and be bagged!

Thank you for your time reading my story,

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