Ryan - MK2 Facelift Focus ST,

I have always wanted a Focus since the day I drove an Electric Orange ST at a dealership I worked at about 3 years prior. 

Ryan - MK2 Facelift Focus ST,
Ryan - MK2 Facelift Focus ST,
Ryan - MK2 Facelift Focus ST,
Ryan - MK2 Facelift Focus ST,
Ryan - MK2 Facelift Focus ST,
Ryan - MK2 Facelift Focus ST,
Ryan - MK2 Facelift Focus ST,

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MK2 Facelift Focus ST,

My story started 23 years ago. From a very young age, I have always hooked on pretty much anything that moved with an engine especially the ones with four wheels. As a child, I would always make up scenarios ie police chases, traffic jams and street racing in the playroom on the road map carpets just like we all did and that’s pretty much where it started. 

My first ever car show I went to with my father at Alexandra Palace, all I can really remember from that show was a purple E46 BMW M3 on the stand and that’s where the love for modified fast cars began. 

Fast forward about 13 years, to the day I passed my driving test. This was a massive achievement for me and opened up a whole new world. My first car was a 1.4 Diesel VW Polo. Now this car was immaculate to the point where it was getting recognised on Show and Shine stands at Edition38. 

I then managed to bag myself a job as a car salesman and that’s where the bug really took off. I started buying and selling my own cars, ranging from MK5 Golf to a Mini Cooper S and I even managed to have two E46 BMW inspired by the one I saw back when I was a young boy, admittedly there were both diesel but they were still awesome. 

Then life sadly took a turn for the worst I managed to lose both BMW’s and my job at the time. 8 months went by with no car and no job, I didn’t know what to do or where life was going and then one day the sun shone through the dark cloud over my head and I began to force myself out of a hole. I started working as a Traffic Management Engineer in September 2019 and by January 2020 I managed to buy my First Fast Ford, Frozen White MK2 Facelift Focus ST, which I have always wanted since the day I drove an Electric Orange ST at a dealership I worked at about 3 years prior. 

So, I bought the car pretty much standard. It had a useless air filter on it which was ripped out and replaced the day I bought it and from that day, let’s say I got a bit carried away. So let’s start with the exterior, one of the first things to be done was to replace the damaged wheels due to a Herefordshire pothole, so a nice shiny set of Gold Bola B1’s was quickly added to the list of many things to be changed. 

The car already had Zunsport grills and a Maxton splitter so I decided to follow the trend and add RSP Side skirts, a Maxton diffuser, accompanying rear spats and a genuine RS Spoiler because the original one was a-bit unnoticeable. I added EBC discs which are drilled and grooved with yellow stuff pads. 

The original suspension was a bit worse for wear so a brand new set of shocks and springs was a must. Sadly, the car had a couple of underlying niggly oil leaks from the sump, oil filter housing and an oil breather pipe so there was only one thing to do. 

Out came the engine! 

  • The shims were fitted between each cylinder, 
  • A new head gasket, 
  • A new cam belt and water pump, 
  • New auxiliary belts, 
  • Every single rubber pipe replaced with silicone, 
  • The battered and bruised intercooler was replaced, 
  • New turbo to crossover, 
  • A new crossover pipe, 
  • New intake plenum, 
  • New air intake system, 
  • New exhaust system
  • New engine mounts were all fitted courtesy of Griffiths Autos

As if that wasn’t enough, a quick shift was installed, a new clutch and a Collins Performance dump valve was added, but that’s not where the expense will stop. 

In the near future, the plan is to replace the original turbo with a slightly bigger K24 setup, completely strip and repaint the entire car and hopefully by the end of it all it will make for one hell of a show car. 

When I say repaint I mean to keep it as OEM as possible because with it being White it is extremely unique especially where I live as it's the only one. Speaking of being unique, my next car, my dream car is an R35 Nissan GT-R. 

Dreams can come true, if you work hard enough you can accomplish anything. Moving forward, I have recently become a valeter at a main dealer and have also begun a YouTube channel inspired by GCM. George has helped me an awful lot and even though we live miles apart he’s always there to offer advice. 

I am currently making a 3 part series on my channel. Head over to RJS_MEDIA on YouTube and check it out. Also, give me a follow on Instagram. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I hope you all enjoyed it stay safe, thanks again


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