Steven - Initial D inspired FR-S

At first, this was just your ordinary FRS, but one of my friends told me to go for this one design I wanted to do and behold, I went from an ordinary FRS to a tribute to the Initial D Tofu 86

Steven - Initial D inspired FR-S
Initial D inspired FR-S
Steven - Initial D inspired FR-S
Steven - Initial D inspired FR-S
Steven - Initial D inspired FR-S

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A Tribute To The Tofu Delivery Legend!

Hey guys my name is Steven and this is my Initial D inspired FR-S! I am a musician, and co-owner of mariachi and I really enjoy what I do whether it's bringing joy when people see my FR-S or with my music. 

I first started getting into cars because of my cousin back in El Salvador, may he rest in peace. He owned a hatchback civic, I forgot what year, but when I would visit I would always be in his car. He even gave me one of his trophies as a gift before I left.

I was in a few other cars before I stuck with my FRS. I had a 95 Maxima, a 2011 Civic SI (I miss this car), and a 2016 wrx. The FRS was something I wanted to get for some time but never did until I saw one at the dealer I work at and decided to pull the trigger and pick her up. This was also the first car that I actually started modifying. I was scared about doing things in the car, but you don’t know until you try right? After having this car for 5 years, there are still things I’m sceptical of doing, but I have friends who support me and help me out!

Modding this car is pretty easy, some does require more work than others, but there are so many aftermarket parts for these cars that it’s pretty much a drivable Lego, it’s great! I love it, I love just looking at what I have built over the years, all the memories the car has brought me, all the joy and great times I've had with this car.

At first, this was just your ordinary FRS, but one of my friends told me to go for this one design I wanted to do and behold, I went from an ordinary FRS to a tribute to the Initial D Tofu 86. Ever since then I always get people looking and it’s always a great feeling. Also, the fact that I’m one of the few FR-S owners who does not want to go widebody makes the car stand out even more because it’s something no one expected!


My mod list is everywhere but I might be missing a few here and there. The big one is the Initial D theme on my vehicle,

  • Wheels are Wedssport SA 10-R wheel,
  • powder-coated with Extreme Adams gold,
  • Seibon Carbon fibre 20mm wide fenders,
  • GCS Sard style wing, Password JDM oil filter cover and manifold cover,
  • Carbon fibre fuse cover,
  • TRD carbon fibre Strut tower,
  • Lowglow underglow,
  • Intec fender garnish with turn signal,
  • Corbeau bucket seats,
  • Braum harness bar and harnesses,
  • LRB speed/spinnywoosh door cards,
  • Custom gauge cherry blossom cover,
  • Aeroflow front splitter V2,
  • Alpine w950 radio,
  • Infinity subwoofer system,
  • TRD Alcantara dash,
  • Bamboo shift knob from BAM shifts,
  • Cherry blossom e-brake cover and shift boot from Knightshifts,
  • Vland taillights,
  • Invidia N1 catback exhaust,
  • Downstar dress-up bolt kit,
  • Fortune Auto 500 coilovers with Swift springs,
  • Whiteline rear adjustable lower control arms,
  • Sick speed bamboo wood flooring for the trunk. 

In the future, there are a few cool things that I would love to do to this car. Probably the biggest goal would be to put in a 1.5JZ motor.

My one piece of advice to someone looking to get into this car is that these cars are picky. Make sure you get the right one, these cars are becoming like the 240s, there are stock ones, and then there are modded ones, be careful in getting one. Always do research or have someone who has or currently owns one go with you to take a look

A couple of Shout-outs I would like to give would be to my team NvUS Chicago, for pushing me to do more to the car and giving me a chance to be with them. Also, a big shoutout to Dustin Williams for featuring my car in his 2020 Tuner Evo Vlog, when I first saw the video I was like the Nintendo 64 kid, if you know what the video is you’ll get it!

The car scene has brought me so many great friendships, lots of advice, lots of love for the effort I put into my car!

Some cars I would like to own in the future either would be a 1986 Toyota Trueno Sprinter Apex, or a 1998 Subaru Impreza STI 22b

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'The future is bright as long as we can still Smell the Fumes'

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