Jasmin Povey  - 2005 Seat Leon Fr+ (mk1) 

The first car i ever bought was a little T reg fiesta finesse which i barely drove as i just couldn't get along with it. After I passed my test I sold it and bought a little 2005 Seat Leon SE 1.9tdi. 

Jasmin Povey   - 2005 Seat Leon Fr+ (mk1) 
Jasmin Povey   - 2005 Seat Leon Fr+ (mk1) 
Jasmin Povey   - 2005 Seat Leon Fr+ (mk1) 
Jasmin Povey   - 2005 Seat Leon Fr+ (mk1) 
Jasmin Povey   - 2005 Seat Leon Fr+ (mk1) 
Jasmin Povey   - 2005 Seat Leon Fr+ (mk1) 

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Jasmin Povey 

Instagram @jasspovey96 

Owner of J. P. Motor Sketches and manager of a vape store. 

2005 Seat Leon Fr+ (mk1) 

From the youngest age I can remember always loving cars thanks to my parents interest in them. Primary school consisted of going there either on the back of a motorbike or in the back of an evo. If i wasn't down at the stables on a saturday we would be down at a show or going for what we called a run, a nice blast with a load of others from the group to beauty spots. By the time i was in high school they had more mature cars but my interest and love for the scene as a whole had grown. 

The first car i ever bought was a little T reg fiesta finesse which i barely drove as i just couldn't get along with it. After I passed my test I sold it and bought a little 2005 Seat Leon SE 1.9tdi. 

This car not only became my workhorse but also my escape from my demons. Since a very young age a girl in school had decided to bully me relentlessly. Unfortunately this followed me through to high school as well. Looking back now it was probably jealousy over the cars my parents had and the attention I got from it. I suffered for many years with undiagnosed ptsd, depression and social anxiety but this car became my safety bubble. 

This car took me everywhere and anywhere. I didn't modify it much but it was my pride and joy. It cleaned up super well and for a little pre pd 110bhp it kept up with many things it shouldn't and surprised a fair few. Sadly it got to the point where the modifications i had in mine would buy a new car so i made the decision to look for another. 

This led me to my current one. My pd150 leon fr+. I hadn't realised exactly what id bought at the time and thought it was just the fr. The only difference really is the fr+ has the cupra r bumpers and 17" version of the wheels! This car was the one for me though. We drove over 2 hours to simply go and look at this car. It had stacks of paperwork and had an engine change. As soon as I set eyes on it I knew it was coming home with me.

When i first saw this car it was a pinkish red covered in swirl marks and some cheap polish that hadn't been buffed off properly but i was confident that would be a satisfying but easy job for myself. I couldn't turn it down really, it had the stacks of paperwork, no usual leon issues and had been serviced every 10k! After my test drive I knew for sure this was my car and that was that. So we sealed the deal and drove it home. Since then, 3 years on, it still puts a smile on my face. 

This was the first car I decided to go to shows in. The first of which was tunerfest north. I hadn't had a chance to do much except polish her up real good and change my stereo and sub over into it but it still turned heads and looked good. After that it made me realise how much i actually missed going to car shows and meets.

After that show was when the modifications really started. This was when I had started to find my footing in the groups and was a lot more confident in my car. The car became some sort of mirror of myself in a way and I was able to show my true self through it. 

The second year of ownership was when I met my now fiancée through a mutual friend in a car group. We now travel to shows across the country together, me in my car and him in his, which happens to be another seat leon fr+. He drove mine back from a fast show and loved how it drove so got his own. We now represent savs owners club in north wales together and host meets and shows for local members. 

Modifications to date:

  • Cupra r splitter
  • Cupra r seats and interior
  • Alpine head unit and subwoofer
  • Custom purple door cards, headliner, parcel shelf and arm rest
  • Plastics inside and out sprayed to match the headliner
  • Underdash lighting
  • Ramair panel filter
  • Custom colour powder coated wheels
  • Mapped to 205bhp, 325ft lb 
  • Led fog light halos
  • St by kw lowering springs, 50mm front and 40mm rear
  • Polybush front bushes
  • Status error sunstrip
  • Vac simplification 

Mods bought ready to be fitted 

  • Gt1856 turbo and 4 bar map sensor
  • Front strut brace powder coated to match the wheels
  • Front evo recaros from my parents old one

Most modifications I have done myself. The purple interior i did myself, i fitted the subwoofer myself, the purple plastics i did myself, amongst more. 

The wheels and brace were done by Phoenix blast cleaning and powder coating. The owner is an old family friend who was modifying cars with my parents at my age. Regardless of being a friend, they did an amazing job on them and any metal work I need refurbing goes to them. 

My lowering springs were bought from and fitted in demon tweeks as i was running low on time to do it myself before trax silverstone. 

I've been working closely with the clay cloth company for a number of years now as I am incredibly confident in the products they sell. I was incredibly sceptical at first being so adamant that meguiars was great but with an owner being so confident in his product he gave us some for free to try we couldn't say no. Since then I've never turned back and will only buy from them. I can't get over how nice the car looks whenever I clean and detail it and it's made a 250k mile car look brand new almost! My car has even helped people put in that first order with the company as they can see just how well the products work.

This car has also been on the front cover of the wrexham leader after a local groups charity car meet for halloween.

This car has been an absolute journey for myself. I've made and lost friends, I've met my amazing fiance, I've become a rep for a great car group, and I've grown in confidence where the car is concerned. This car isn't just a hunk of metal to me, it's my muse, the reason I'm still here, believe it or not. It shows no signs of slowing down and neither does it. It's an old car and it never fails to work or make me smile and it in a way shows me that I just need to keep going. 

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