Matty Lawson - 2000 Honda Logo Ga3

I sat down the other day and worked out a plan for this car and I've decided to go down the Kanjo/Track Style build.

Matty Lawson - 2000 Honda Logo Ga3
Matty Lawson - 2000 Honda Logo Ga3
Matty Lawson - 2000 Honda Logo Ga3
Matty Lawson - 2000 Honda Logo Ga3
Matty Lawson - 2000 Honda Logo Ga3
Matty Lawson - 2000 Honda Logo Ga3
Matty Lawson - 2000 Honda Logo Ga3

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Hi I'm Matty Lawson,

I'm 19 years old and from Gillingham Dorset. I'm a jap Boy by heart and my passion is Hondas . I previously worked as a Trainee Panel Beater but due to Covid I have been made Redundant .

2000 Honda Logo Ga3

My Instagram is @thatkanjologo if you want to follow my progress on the car

I also own a Editing group on Instagram and Facebook

Worx Edits on Facebook

@worxedits on Instagram

I've been driving for about a year now and have had 3 cars so far which I'll go into later on. I've always been into cars from a young age due to my uncle Gordon Lear, as some of you may know. We always used to go out for drives in his car, whatever he had at the time and I loved it. He's owned some wicked cars from Vauxhall Novas to his last show car a Honda Prelude Gen5.

My dad was also into cars but not as much. He used to take me to car shows with his friend when I was young so I guess that was my first introduction to the car scene as such. It wasn't till I was about 16 my best mate Matt Ponting properly introduced me to the car scene. At this time he would take me to shows and meets and introduce me to a few of his mates. This helped me get a basic idea of what the car scene was like.

About a year ago I met Natalee Travers (as some of you also know) when she came to collect some wheels from me. Since then she has shown me the true car scene and helped me progress my fear of getting to know people and spending time in groups. Due to this I have found more people have an interest in my car and myself, which I can't thank her enough for.

So, although this looks like a first car , it's not actually my first car as I said above. I've owned 2 cars previous to this and a project car with my dad and his friend.

Before I had my first car, My dad and a couple of his mates brought a project car for a trip called Monte Carlo or Bust. This car was a Mitsubishi FTO non mivec. I spent some time on this car but not as much as they did. The trip was based on the idea you go with a theme for the car and drivers. So we decided Fast and Furious, due to this we brought another FTO but this one was a Mivec. They ended up making a rep of the famous Eclipse and Supra and dressed up like Brian and Dom . This was my first time working on a car and having involvement in the car world.

My First car was a VW Lupo SDI.

I bought this car for Matt's Girlfriend Chloe when I was 17, which she owned for a fair while. I paid £400 for it with a dodgy gearbox that I planned to get sorted. I had it for a year and 6 months, 1st year being off the road and 6 months being on .

Eventually the gearbox was slowly giving way and cost too much for me to repair at the time being only £3.50 an hour, so I had to bite the bullet and started looking for another car. This being my dream car since a young age, then becoming my second car, a Honda Civic.

Me Matt and Chloe found a very nice Honda Civic EP2 in Bournemouth for £1250. We went to view it and the second we pulled up to look at it, in my mind it was sold. I took Matt out for a test drive and funnily enough brought it that day. I collected it the following Monday and I fell in love with it. Took me a few weeks to get over the fact I just got the car I wanted for ages.

Unfortunately all this fun and excitement came and went faster then expected. I only ended up owning it for about 6 months.

One morning I met up with Natalee to cruise down to the Haynes Breakfast Meet. On the way I sadly hit a curb and rolled the car over a hedge, bringing the Civic to its moral demise.

This now brings me on to my current car, the Honda Logo. Now seeing as I was in a job where I had to travel far to get to work I had to find a cheap run around. One night Matt sent me a Facebook Marketplace post with a Honda Logo for sale. The car was up for £550 and ironically was the car I originally looked at before I got the Lupo. I stepped on this fast and messaged the guy if I could view it the next day. Next day me and my Dad went to view it and it was a steal of a deal so we picked her up the next day with 105k on the clock and full service and parts history.

Since that night I drove her back to my dad's. I fell in love with her and knew I had major plans.

So here's a bit of info on the car

Its a 2000 Honda Logo Ga3

It has a D13B4 as Standard

Runs about 64/65bhp with a 0-60 of 14.5 seconds

My car is painted in the factory colour of Supersonic Blue Pearl which is the most common colour for the car, but there's only 90 Logos left on the UK roads in this colour

This is the mod list currently

  • BBS RS Wheels
  • Toyo Proxies
  • Heko Wind Deflectors
  • Pioneer Bluetooth Stereo
  • Kode Wink Mirror
  • Guinness Beer Tap Gear Knob
  • Pioneer Door Card Speakers
  • Status Error Sunstrip
  • Gold Exo racing Battery Strap
  • Gold Exo racing Dress Up Kit
  • Gold Password JDM Tow Hook
  • 3D Gel Plates
  • Stickers
  • Edge Subwoofer
  • Purple Floor Mats
  • 20mm Spacers front and rear
  • Wiper Delete
  • Gold Mugen Oil Cap
  • Stubby Aerial
  • Bullet Tyre Caps
  • HKS Hi Power Jasma Backbox
  • Gold Kyoshi Radiator Cap
  • Custom Made Big Gay Wing with Gold Bolts
  • Tanabe Sustec 50mm Lowering Springs
  • DC5/EP3 Premier Edition Momo Steering Wheel

I also have show plates which are JDM Plates and Original Logo Showroom Plates

I sat down the other day and worked out a plan for this car and I've decided to go down the Kanjo/Track Style build.

My plans are:

  • D16 Turbo swap it
  • Huge FMIC
  • Fibreworx Race Splitter
  • Splitter Rods
  • JDM Logo Projector Headlights with Halos
  • Full Strip of the Interior
  • 6 Point Harness
  • Bucket Seats
  • BC Racing Coilovers with Race Alignment from Harvey's Motorsports
  • Rota Kensie Wheels
  • Straight Pipe
  • Sport Cat

That's only some of my plans, the others are secret for now

Most of the work has been done by myself but here's a few of people I would like to thanks for the parts I haven't done

Terry at Colin Heckfords Car Repairs

Garage Worx (@garagebworx on insta)

RockHill Motors

I would also like to thank Gavin Wan and all the guys on the Honda Logo Modified Page on Facebook for importing me my current parts and giving my advice and knowledge on the car. 

So there's a few groups and companies I rep for and spend time with, these include

I'm a part of a lifestyle Blogging/Vlogging group that me and a few friends have setup called South Coast Ebisu, if you could check us out that would be greatly appreciated

During shows season I try to do all the Jap shows, All the Castle Combe shows and a couple big ones

I attend a lot of meets down the Poole, Weymouth, Bournemouth way so catch me down there if you want a chat.

Also if everyone could checkout Beyond City Car Meets UK and attend their meets that would be awesome as it helps my mate Lewis out a lot. 

Also some photographers:-

Lew Mackenzie

@lew.mxk on instagram

@modiphos on instagram

NTM Photography

@ntm_automotive on instagram

So to finally wrap things up here's a list of my dream cars, Nissan Silvia S14 With a 1.5JZ, Toyota Blit 2 Estate, Honda Civic EK9, Audi RS7

Thanks for Reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it. Any questions just message my Instagram or Facebook

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