Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St

I've owned my car for just over 2 years i got it fully standard that's when the modding began,

Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St
Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St
Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St
Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St
Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St
Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St
Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St
Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St
Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St
Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St
Carl Appleby  - Mk2 Focus St

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Carl Appleby 

I'm 33 years young currently an HGV driver

Instagram is @carlappleby

I have a Mk2 Focus St stage 3 running 340bhp

I chose this car as I think the 5 cylinder engine is a beautiful sound and you can do so much to these cars when tuning the engine. I've owned my car for just over 2 years, when I got it it was fully standard, that's when the modding began, you could say I've been a petrol head since I was a young lad my dad used to have motocross bikes which I got into growing up.

At 17 I passed my test and got my first car it was a Nissan Micra j reg. I then got a fiat punto which I modded a bit with the usual 6'9 speakers, tints, bass box, stereo, I used to go to Bolton car cruise and Stockport car cruise with it back then,

So when I got an ST I had a look on Facebook to see if any cruises or meets still existed and low and behold they did so I went down and just started getting my face known and talking to people about mods and groups to join etc.

Then I met a few lads who run a ford group @lancsfordowners you can find them on Facebook and Instagram. I got most of my inspiration and advice from this group, i.e. where to get maps, mods, and also the best places to go. some of the people I've met over the years of owning my car I can say I'll be friends for life its like 1 big extended family that's with most of the groups I'm in.

Now I'd say I'm well known in the ford and modding seen around Manchester and northwest for how unique my car is. The car meets I go to I attract a lot of attention with the noise(bangs), flames and looks of my car, it really is unreal. 

Spec list for st2

  • Keyless push-button start
  • Xenon headlights
  • The engine has block mod by Courtney sport
  • Mudflaps
  • Tinted windows
  • Tinted rear lights
  • Stage 2 gen3 Airtech intercooler black with blue letters
  • Pro sport induction kit with kone filter
  • Rs style vac pipe (blue)
  • 3-inch chrome crossover
  • Standard diffuser painted gloss black
  • Rs spoiler (rep)
  • Side skirts
  • Front splitter
  • Rear spats
  • Lowering springs 30mm front 35mm rear (not fitted yet)
  • Heko wind deflectors
  • Hardrace engine and gearbox mount
  • 3 inch straight thru with resonator
  • 4-inch chrome cobra tips
  • Zunsport top and lower grilles
  • 440 injectors
  • Rs spark plugs
  • Symposer delete
  • Forge recirculation valve with yellow spring
  • Forge actuator
  • Airtec ecu holder
  • Stage 3 map by wraith performance
  • Pro sport digital boost gauge in the vent
  • Carbon slam panels
  • Carbon washer fluid cap
  • Carbon brake fluid cap
  • Carbon oil cap
  • Carbon coolant cover
  • Carbon wrapped door plastics (external)
  • Lucozade hydro dipped engine plastics

I've gone with reflective blue as its quite rare never seen it on a car before (other than police CARS) when it comes to cleaning my cars I use a company called @wax&away based in cheetham hill Manchester I've used some products over my time and this is by far the best shine please look it up.

with these cars there is always something that can be upgraded or tuned I still need a few things I do enjoy attending some of the local big meets, please check them out, they always massive meets and always awesome cars and some good sends #sendit



@modifiedmeetsManchester (mmm)


@modified northwest

I hope you enjoy the read and pictures.

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