1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod

Now time for the 1990 Nissan Silvia! This wasn't a car I even considered when touching down in Japan I actually wanted a GC8 Subaru.

1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod
1990 Nissan Silvia - Tyler Koefod

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1990 Nissan Silvia

Tyler Koefod

Instagram: @silko_inc

Photographer: Trey Coleman

Instagram:  @trey.coleman.photos

Performance Tune Dependent 420-450whp

My name is Tyler Koefod. My hobbies include spending time with my wife and two children, working on cars, drifting said cars, gaming on the pc I built, and planning my next track days. I was born and raised in Spokane Washington. I spend most of my days doing anything that includes using my hands and I tend to be very creative.

I joined the Army in 2014 to be a wheeled vehicle mechanic and have been moving around ever since. Since joining the military I've been a couple of great places but my all-time favorite has got to be the 3 years I got to live in Japan. Japan is where the birth of the story of my car begins and where the birth of who I became to be started as well. It's where I truly found myself. After my time in Japan, My family and I moved to Kentucky where I’ve been for the last two years.

There are two key people who got me into what I love doing today my father Dana, and my best friend Daniel Sunagawa. When I was young I was that kid who spent hours trying to hold the flashlight for dad all while getting yelled at. First, it was the flashlight, then the tools, and next thing you know I'm swapping an engine with my father into my first car. I suppose you can say I've gotten quite the upgrade since my old rusty Honda days! My father started the initial burst of "dang I really do enjoy these cars", but it was my good friend Danny who really swung me into 5th gear and got me never looking back.

When I was in Japan I had the opportunity to become really great friends with Danny who now owns a drift/mechanic shop in the Kanagawa Region called Dworxs. I didn't have a car at the time I met him but I started learning a ton just by being around him and everything he would work on and do in his shop. While I made videos of drift days and published them to YouTube for him, in return he showed me the inner workings of what it was like to be a true mechanic working in Japan. A fair trade I'd like to think!

Now time for the 1990 Nissan Silvia! This wasn't a car I even considered when touching down in Japan I actually wanted a GC8 Subaru. After spending all that time with Daniel and the shop, it fine-tuned my mind into knowing my Car Enthusiast journey would truly begin and end with Drifting. Now this car didn't start like this, I guess you can say we have some history together. Danny's friend Bee who owned the car before I had bought the car a few years back (Let's say 2016 time frame) and it had just been sitting on the side of the shop in the bushes waiting on its turn.

I arrived in late 2017 so one day while I'm at Danny's house grilling out with the family Bee shows up and introduces himself as Danny's friend. The night goes on and the topic comes up, I say "Yeah I'm looking for a car I just don't know what I want still". Well, Bee replies with "I've got a Silvia I can hook you up with!". Long story short the next week I'm over there pulling that car out of the bushes trying to figure out what to do first. I needed a few things, some touch-ups I suppose but for the most part, I was a drivable CA18DET Silvia which I was very proud to own! I knew from the moment I have seen the car that I wanted to go BIG with the build. I mean do it right, nothing cheap. 

It's a very surreal feeling knowing that every morning I can just pop out into my garage and see this beautiful car that I own. Nothing really tops that feeling knowing that every time you leave your driveway, you just made somebody's day by having seen their dream car driving on the street let alone drifting on a track in the states. "Aspire to Inspire" is one of my favorite quotes and that's really what It means for me to daily this car for so many years.

So many people have the ability to build their dreams and I truly feel like I show them that it is possible every time I take it out. After countless hours of planning the build, putting together your vision, or accidentally messing up and having to fix what you broke the car that you build feels like an extension of your body. Almost like another limb, especially if you use it for more than just daily driving or from A to B. Purpose-built is what I like to call my Silvia.

What makes my car unique is not only the car's ability to be daily driven but also daily drifting as well! From day one I had a vision that this car could do both streets and drift. With every build comes to a story but this one is rather large. After pulling my stock body black Silvia out of the bushes I began adding interior parts that were missing like the proper rear view mirror and visors.

After I was content with the interior and the car was running decent I proceeded to accidentally blow up the CA18DET. I swear, It was an accident but that accident led to the engine bay getting a full respray some wild blue color, and an SR20DET being tagged into play as the new heart of the Silvia. With a new engine and adding new knuckles with extended LCA I decided then it was time to learn how to drift. Learning how to drift had its own steps but thousands of more dollars were spent combing through the entire bottom side of the car replacing everything I could find to make this car handle the best it could.

No stone left unturned I guess you could say. When you truly look into what's done to the car it's very impressive. Full interior with the rear seats and all with a full bolt-on cage, fully adjustable Bride Brix seats, and the door cards are still intact. Anyone who has done interior work with cages knows how difficult that combo is to get in an early model s-chassis!

With so much, I could add we are barely scraping the surface story of this car. There has not been one piece of this car that was not rebuilt, replaced, or removed and upgraded. You can really tell the build quality of this car is immaculate. 

What do you think?

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Build List: 

Engine Bay: 

  • SR20DET, 
  • Link ECU Management, 
  • Link Can Lambda Ethanol Content Sensor, 
  • Full Flex Fuel Setup, 
  • RSE 258 Cams, 
  • Ceramic Coated Pistons, 
  • RSE Metal Headgasket, 
  • 1000cc Injectors, 
  • Twin Plate Nismo Clutch, 
  • Oil Cooler, 
  • Walbro 450 Fuel Pump, 
  • Full e85 setup, 
  • 6 Boost Exhaust Manifold, 
  • Rex Kelway Custom Tubs, 
  • GReddy Catch Can, 
  • Greddy Radiator, 
  • Custom Chargepipes, 
  • Stock option Strut Bar, 
  • Custom Coilpack Cover, 
  • Relocated Battery to Rear, 
  • Relocated Fuse Box, 
  • Oil Cooler, 
  • MAF Delete.


  • Full Custom Bolt-on Roll Cage, 
  • Red Bride Brix, 
  • Full Original Interior, 
  • Red Cosmetic touches, 
  • Greddy Profec Boost Controller, 
  • Turbo Timer, 
  • Nardi Steering Wheel


  • Yahoo Auction Body kit, 
  • Koguchi Power Front Fenders +45, 
  • Koguchi Power Rear Fenders +75, 
  • Origin Type 2 Bonnet with Hood Pins, 
  • Full Professional Paint Job, 
  • Bricks Headlights, 
  • LowGlow.

Front Wheels: 

  • +20 mil Spacers, 
  • Black Work D9R 18x9.5+12

Rear Wheels: 

  • +30 mil Spacers, 
  • Black Work D9R 18x10.5+15


  • Final Konnexion Coilovers, 
  • +25 Front LCA, 
  • Custom Drift Knuckles, 
  • Nismo Support Power Brace, 
  • New Tie Rods, 
  • Full Rear Painted Subframe, 
  • New Nismo Bushings, 
  • Origin Labo Rear Upper Control Arms, 
  • Nismo Rear Lower Control Arms


  • Full 5 lug upgrade and conversion from Skyline r33 GTST


  • Full Rubber Coating Underbody spray, 
  • Nismo 2-Way Differential

Who did the work?

Most of the mechanical work was done by Daniel Sunagawa (Dworxs - Kanagawa Japan). The bodywork and paint was completed by Hugo Hirai who works alongside Danny in his shop as the Paint and bodywork expert. I've added my fair share of things to the car but nowhere near what Danny and his team have done to it. I can easily say this car would be nothing without them. 

Future Plans:

I'd like to think that this car is as much done as I could have dreamt it to be but I always find myself to be adding small little things like LowGlow most recently. As future plans for now it's just some discreetly placed USB ports to add a few nice touches to the car on the interior.


The best advice I could give to anyone on pursuing a build is to be patient. This build has been 5 years in the making and that's considered to be relatively fast so please be patient! Great things come with time my friends. 

Shout Outs:

@d.worxs, @rex_kelway, @real_speed_engineering, @finalkonnexion, @trey.coleman.photos

What do you get from the car scene?

I get inspiration, love, motivation, acceptance, friendship, family, and many more things from the car scene. Each country has a car scene unique to its culture but what we all share is the same passion for vehicles! Something to relate with one another no matter what language we speak or what background we came from.

Dream Car:

I think I own it! My 1990 Nissan Silvia will most likely be the only car I will never sell.

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