Rowell Esquejo - 2017 Subaru WRX 

I decided to build this car because a Subaru WRX has always been a dream car for me. It's also the first car I was able to purchase and pay off on my own. I wanted to build something I can be proud of. I also got the support of my wife helping me out on my build.

Rowell Esquejo  - 2017 Subaru WRX 
2017 Subaru WRX 
Rowell Esquejo  - 2017 Subaru WRX 
Rowell Esquejo  - 2017 Subaru WRX 
Rowell Esquejo  - 2017 Subaru WRX 
Rowell Esquejo  - 2017 Subaru WRX 
Rowell Esquejo  - 2017 Subaru WRX 
Rowell Esquejo  - 2017 Subaru WRX 
Rowell Esquejo  - 2017 Subaru WRX 
Rowell Esquejo  - 2017 Subaru WRX 
Rowell Esquejo  - 2017 Subaru WRX 

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Rowell Esquejo

2017 Subaru WRX 

Instagram: @StayHumble_WRX

Photographer: @Shotbybso and  @Rawvisualzz

My name is Rowell Esquejo. I go by Ro. I was born and raised in Stockton, CA. I was in the ARMY for 6 years and was a mechanic. I currently work at Tesla as a Technician. I am also the Team President and one of the founding members of @TeamStayHumble. My hobbies are working on cars on my days off whether it be mine, a team member, or a friend. I also grew up in martial arts and eventually was assisting in teaching others. I live by a couple of sayings I grew up on which is "Walang Takot" meaning fearless as well as "Fear None and Respect All". 

What or who got you into cars?

My older cousin who is more like my older brother got me into the cars and the car scene. We used to always watch a lot of the Japanese circuit track racing videos, formula drift, WRC videos, as well as the 1320 videos and hot import nights videos from back then. I was in love with Hondas growing up. Hearing and feeling VTEC kick in on an EJ1 Civic with a B18C5 (Type R) swap was everything to me. Being around his cars growing up fueled me to get into the scene. A lot of everything we did together as I was growing up involved cars whether it was taking a drive, playing racing video games, or catching random people on the street who wanted to race. I'm glad to have a family like him because I don't have any siblings and he was the closest thing to a sibling for me. To this day we still talk about cars and now he's finally got a chance to see what I built and drive it as well. 

Why this car?

As I got older I started seeing a lot more Subarus. I started researching them. I fell in love with the rumble and sound. I grew up around some of my family that rode motorcycles. For some reason, it reminded me of Harleys but in car form. I guess you can say it was one of my dream cars. Although the new WRX doesn't have the EJ motor in it to give it that signature unequal length header. I was able to achieve one of my dream car goals. 

Why did you Modify this car?

I decided to build this car because a Subaru WRX has always been a dream car for me. It's also the first car I was able to purchase and pay off on my own. I wanted to build something I can be proud of. I also got the support of my wife helping me out on my build. It's a car I and her both love. The build for this car was meant for the purpose of a "show" build. Slowly it got there and still got a long way to go to get it where I want it to be. 

What does it feel like owning/driving this car?

It's a lot different from what I used to own and drive. I came from a 1995 Acura Integra GSR with a JDM front end that was slammed. The WRX was new to me and refreshing. Going from a FWD coupe to a AWD sedan turbo was a game-changer. I liked the feel and raw power I got from my Integra but the WRX and the AWD are so much more smoother and responsive. Sometimes I don't realize how fast I'm going just because it drives a lot better than what I was used to. I like driving it knowing that I built this and did most of the work on my car. When I drive this car I'm pretty much always happy and it's just me, my car, and the road.

What makes your car unique?

I think what makes my car stand out from the crowd would definitely be my front end and engine bay. My front end is definitely a love or hate type of deal for people. I custom-made my front-end parts or "retrofitted" some parts. It's something you definitely don't see every day. As for my engine bay, it's pretty normal I would say but I've gotten compliments on it and have been told not a lot of people like to show what's under the hood.

Spec List

Tuned by @BainsTuning_Gary

91 Gas- 295WHP 304 Torque

E60 - 385WHP 360 Torque


  • Airlift 3P
  • Blox Racing rear LCA
  • Blox Racing Strut Tower Bar


  • Rays GramLights 57CR pro 2 piece
  • 18x9.5 +38
  • Federal 595 SS

Engine/Power/Driveability mods:

  • Cobb Intake
  • Cobb EBCS
  • Cobb Accessport
  • Cobb Flex Fuel Kit
  • Cobb Air Oil Separator (AOS)
  • Perrin BPV
  • Nostrum HPFP
  • AEM 340 LPFP
  • IBR TGV Delete
  • EGR unplug
  • 1320  J-Pipe (downpipe)
  • Blox Racing Header
  • INVIDIA Q300 Exhaust
  • Perrin shift stop
  • Boomba short-throw shifter


  • Seibon CS style carbon fiber hood
  • Top1 Canard End Plates
  • APR Carbon Fiber FR-S Splitter
  • BaysonR front lip
  • VIS Carbong Fiber Varis Style Wing
  • Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Duckbill Trunk
  • EvilSubieCustoms Sideskirts
  • Con10der8 Diffuser
  • USDM Aero Splash Guards
  • Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps
  • Carbon Fiber A-pillars (outer)
  • ETS front crash/bash bar

Interior/Engine dress up:

  • iDOING Head Unit
  • Compressive Tuning Radiator Shroud
  • Cobb Radiator Shroud
  • Password JDM Fuse box cover
  • Password JDM Battery Cover
  • Carbon Fiber intake shroud cover
  • JDMSpeed dress up bolts
  • BRIDE Low Max Seats
  • Sparco mount and sliders
  • Carbon Fiber Arm Rest
  • BRIDE Material Door panels (Red)
  • Alcantara Shift boot
  • Shift Solutions Titanium Weighted Shift knob
  • RGB footwell interior lights
  • NRG Harness Bar
  • Cipher Auto Harness
  • ChasingJ's Titanium Fender Shrouds
  • ChasingJ's Titanium Pulley Cover
  • Custom Titanium Radiator Hose/piping


  • DNA fog light bezels
  • OLM Halo fog lights
  • Spec-D Taillights
  • F1 Style rear fog light
  • Custom Headlights made by @modautodesign

Who did the work?

I did most of the work on my car by myself with help and guidance from some friends. I am only able to really work on my car on my days off as my schedule is pretty demanding working night shifts, sometimes I don't sleep on my first day off so I can take advantage of my days off to work on my car. If my friends and I get stuck on how to do some things we usually reach out to our friends on Facebook or Instagram and hop on a video call but that is only if we can't figure it out even after watching some YouTube videos. Although the only thing I probably didn't do myself was installed my Air suspension and management. My buddies at premiewerkz did the install for me and got me right.

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  • @teamstayhumble: help with installs and kept me company
  • @Premierwerkz: Air suspension
  • @modautodesign: custom headlight work
  • @bainstuning_gary: Tuner

Future Plans

My Future Plans for this build is:

  • Be able to track the car at circuit races
  • @marsh_composites: GTSPEC F-Type Hood
  • @chamorroboy86: to 3 Piece my wheels for me
  • @Extreme_Dimensions: Fenders
  • @Autopowersafety: 6 Point Roll Cage
  • Custom Rear Seat Delete
  • @Kaisa.Sti: Carbon Fiber parts
  • Powder Coat Intercooler Piping
  • Powder Coat Bash/Crash Bar


For someone wanting to get into the same platform right now. I would say be patient. Buy all your engine/power parts little by little. I would recommend installing all the parts you want and need all at once and get tuned once. As the saying goes, do it right the first time. As for install of engine/power parts the J-pipe is going to be the worst install for anyone. Have extractors handy and make sure to soak those bolts in PB blaster or deep creep for a few days before attempting to uninstall it. Use a 6 point socket and not a 12 point; they strip fairly easily. Impact gun makes the job a lot easier. For exterior parts, I would say look for deals unless you absolutely want brand new. Search the Facebook pages and also forums. Someone is always parting out.  The new WRX and STi are going to be coming out soon. Maybe wait for that since the new engine and platform for that may be better than what is out now. 

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I want to shout out to my Wife Darlene for always being so supportive and helping out with this build. There's a thing we always joke about and it's #sponsoredbymywife. Also was to shout out my Family, My team, My friends, and the businesses who have helped me get my car to this point, and the people I've met through the years that keep pushing me forward with this build.


My team has helped with installs and my family.

What did the car scene bring you?

The car scene has brought out the best in me. I was able to create a family of car enthusiasts and grow. It made me realize that it's not always about cars. It's more than that. It's connections and creating friendships you can have for a lifetime. I'm able to express myself through my car and it's an extension of me. It's something I can be proud of and share with the community. The car scene I feel will never stop with me it'll be something that will stay with me until I am grey and old

My dream car(s)

NSX- Honda will forever be my first love and the NSX is the first car I like that looked like a supercar.

Nissan S15 Silvia- Has been one of my favorite cars and the way it looks just looks perfect to me. 

Nissan Skyline R34- The Fas

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