Aaron Thomas - 2015 Volkswagen Polo

Owning a modified car has its ups and downs but most of the feelings are always positive, it’s brilliant owning a modified car because you’ve made it your own, you’ve made that attachment to the car stronger, you’ll get to learn how it drives and it’s limits,

Aaron Thomas - 2015 Volkswagen Polo
Aaron Thomas  2015 Volkswagen Polo
Aaron Thomas - 2015 Volkswagen Polo
Aaron Thomas - 2015 Volkswagen Polo
Aaron Thomas - 2015 Volkswagen Polo
Aaron Thomas - 2015 Volkswagen Polo
Aaron Thomas - 2015 Volkswagen Polo
Aaron Thomas - 2015 Volkswagen Polo

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Aaron Thomas 

2015 Volkswagen Polo

Instagram: @aaron_thomass

Photographer: @Vividdepth 

My name is Aaron Thomas. I’m 21 years old and living in Caerphilly, South Wales. I’m currently finishing my mechanical engineering apprenticeship for TATA Steel. The time that I have spare I usually spend with my family and friends, studying for my NVQ and HNC qualifications, Netflix N’ chilling, and working on mine and my girlfriend's polo. 

What or who got you into cars?

As a child I’ve always grown up playing with hot wheel cars which my parents would buy me every time they were in sight, I would have never had a double as I would always know what car I had and what make and model it was. This kick-started my love and passion for cars. Once I got older I was introduced to the fast and furious movies, I would watch these movies over and over again until I was old enough to get my hands on the car that I have now. Once I turned 17 I would drive around and join in on the local meets that would take place nearly every Sunday in the local Asda, seeing other cars would inspire me, even more, to get where I am now.

Eventually, once the car was up to some sort of show standard I would apply for the shows such as gravity etc. After a year of let downs on getting into the shows I decided to go bigger and better with the car and eventually got accepted into a load of the major car shows, this is now something me and my girlfriend will do as much as possible. 

Why this car?

I’ve now had this car for 4 years, I remember going into the local car garage with my dad looking for my first car and this blue polo just stood out to us and I just fell in love with it, the car had the full spec from the factory and I would have been the second owner of this car. It’s always been a plus for me because Volkswagen has always been my favorite car manufacturer.

Why did you build this car?

I’ve always wanted to modify a car from little, so I thought it would have been ideal to just start on my first car, I would be getting ideas from the older people who had already been modifying their cars. My first modification was some wind deflectors and I thought I was the kiddy. Before I knew it I sunk a big chunk of money into the car and thought it’s no turning back from there and ever since I’ve ploughed more and more money into it. But I have no regrets as this is what I love doing.

What does it feel like owning and driving this car?

Owning a modified car has its ups and downs but most of the feelings are always positive, it’s brilliant owning a modified car because you’ve made it your own, you’ve made that attachment to the car stronger, you’ll get to learn how it drives and it’s limits, and you just create a huge bond with it by tapping it on the dashboard or steering wheel telling it to “come on” or “well-done car”. The feeling I get when driving the car is phenomenal, the feeling of someone driving past putting their thumbs up or taking pictures of the car when driving down the motorway is an unexplainable feeling. When the car is parked up at a show or a car park and you look back at the car it’s a sign that you love the car and approve of it. 

What makes your car unique?

The car is something you won’t see every day going down the road, the feature that stands out on the car compared to the other polos is the wide-body kit which was imported over from Australia by a mate on the polo forum group. Another feature that you’ll never see on a Polo is the ultra-rare wheels, these are hard to come by and not many were made in the specification that they are. 

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Spec List


  • Custom made wide body kit 
  • R20 Front bumper which is smoothed 
  • GTI rear bumper with a twin exit 
  • Smoothed inside skirts 
  • Carbon fibre wing mirror caps 
  • Front debadge 
  • R-line rear spoiler with Maxton design rear spoiler extension 


  • Control customs carbon fiber steering wheel
  • likewise gear knob 
  • Bucket seats 
  • Boot build 


  • Felgenschmiede südhessen FS6 
  • Front 17x9j et 30
  • Rear 17x10.5j et 30 
  • Front 185/40/17
  • Rear 195/40/17


  • Airlift Performance 3p front suspension 
  • Intermotive rear double bellow bags 
  • 1/4 Airlines
  • Rear IDF plates 


  • Custom made by pro fab exhausts 
  • Central resonator delete 
  • Half-cut spare wheel well for the exhaust to fit 

Who did the work?

Along my journey with cars, I have had a lot of help working alongside most of the people who worked on the car. The major work on the car was the body kit. I had a friend from j.a autobodies do a lot of fiber glass work to the body kit, in the end, he ended up spraying and fitting the kit.  But by working alongside the people who helped me do this car I’ve learned a lot from them and taken away a lot of knowledge so I could do something like this in the future by myself. 

Future Plans

There’s always something in the pipeline for the car, I’ve got a few things planned for the car such as an open-air from a 6n2 polo, then eventually engine swapping it but that story is for another day. Unfortunately, I am coming to an age where I need to be starting to save to get on the property ladder, so at the moment things are getting done slower to the car. But always have your eyes peeled for something new! 


Be unique with your build, by all means, get ideas from other polo builds but put your own twist on it and be different, many people don’t like others being different but trust me to be different and you’ll get noticed more. If you want to get into shows etc save your money and get an air ride, show organizers always love a car on air ride. 

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I would like to give a shout-out to the Polo 6r / 6c owners club UK on Facebook. The group had really helped me out in the past with everyone being friendly and helpful. Another shout-out I would like to give is my girlfriend @shannonwhiite, I wouldn’t have been where I am today without her, helping me out all the way throughout the build and being patient with me while I spend almost every penny of my apprentice wage on the car. 

What has the car scene brought to your life?

The car scene has motivated me to produce the car that I have now, it will always continue to push me to achieve more with the car. The car scene is a great place to meet new friends and spend time with people with the same passion as you. 

Dream cars

My dream car is always some kind of classic Volkswagen, if I was to pinpoint my dream classic Volkswagen it would be a Volkswagen Beetle oval. There’s something about the oval that I love.

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