Paul Stratton - Ford Focus ST

I really got the buzz from being able to rebuild them after they got smashed up from banger racing to have them working again. 

Paul Stratton  - Ford Focus ST
Paul Stratton  - Ford Focus ST
Paul Stratton  - Ford Focus ST
Paul Stratton  - Ford Focus ST
Paul Stratton  - Ford Focus ST
Paul Stratton  - Ford Focus ST

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Paul Stratton

Ford Focus ST

Instagram: @Focus ST 2007

Photographer: @elliotts_images

My name is paul I’m 51 years old. I'm a car mechanic and also an MOT tester and assistant manager of a garage, I have been a mechanic for about 21 years. I also use to race banger cars and mini stocks in my younger years. I have always had a passion for cars, I have owned a variety of cars over the years and always enjoyed trying to change them in some way whether it’s the engine to make them go faster or change how they look so they look a bit more unique.

From when I was a boy my parents owned a garage which started the interest in cars, we would build them, fix them, turn them into banger racing cars and then race them. I really got the buzz from being able to rebuild them after they got smashed up from banger racing to have them working again. 

The first car I passed my test in was a Vauxhall Viva. The car I first owned after I passed my test was a mark 2 escort. The other cars I have previously owned and modified are escort XR3i which I put a mark 5 RS 2000 engine in. I had two escort Cosworths which I just changed different mods on. I chose this car because it came up cheap and needed work done to it which gave me the chance to modify it and change it to how I wanted it, so it’s a one-off.  Ford is a good manufacturer and has never owned a Focus ST before.

It has only been out for 3 weeks because I have been building it through lockdown, so it does catch a lot of people’s attention and does have quite a few pictures taken of it. People do come and ask me about it which I like as it draws people in with interest about what I have done. I like the attention it gets because I have worked very hard it and when it draws people in it shows my hard work has paid off I wanted it to be a show car,

My advice is these focus ST 225 2.5 Volvo engines are prone to cracking engine liners and breaking piston rings which I found out as this happens to me.  Easy modifications, plenty of parts about to get for them and all sorts of different styles to choose from. 

What makes it Unique?

What makes it unique is it sounds nice and looks brand new as there are no scratches or dents on it because it has just been repainted all over. It has unique wheels which no other focus ST has which took 3 months to find and no one can get them since. It has a light-up Lego man under the bonnet and LED lights also under the bonnet and its Lego theme in the boot I have used the giant Lego head storage and had them painted the same colour as the car with hand-painted faces on them. 

Spec List

Lowering Suspension, 

18 “wheels,

Homemade exhaust, 

I have my engine covers dipped. Coolant pipes, and boost hoses. 

Airtec plenum.  

Clock backings have been hydro dipped with the joker on them. 

I have done the block mod on mine and a bigger intercooler which does make a difference. And an exhaust system. I am self-taught from building racing cars at a young age so have done a lot of the work myself on the car, but have had some friends to help me do the paintwork and bodywork and to do the hydro dipping. My future plans at the moment are to keep it and show it at car shows. The only thing left to change is my steering wheel. I would like to get a flat-bottom steering wheel which I have on order.


I am a member of the @Bedsmodified lifestyle automotive group and have been for quite a while. It’s my local group and go to a lot of their meets and car shows when they are on.

I have found that I have met a lot of friends who I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t go to the car meets, I do get more work from it as I work in a car garage so people like to bring their car to a friendly face and also ask for advice. It has given me a new

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