Josh - RX8 03 231spec 

Thinking out side the box is what custom builds are all about, like it or not, the choice belongs to the creator, this looks awesome.

Josh - RX8 03 231spec 
Josh - RX8 03 231spec 
Josh - RX8 03 231spec 
Josh - RX8 03 231spec 

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Hi Im Josh,

This is my RX8 03 231spec 

I bought this as a bog standard RX8. I had a bit of a dodgy time buying the car in the first place...The owner called me when I was 10 minutes away saying the engine was flooded. When I got there I unflooded it only to find out there was barely any fuel in it too. It was late (about 11 at night) and no garages were open in the area. So I went back the following day to discover the cat was blocked, 2 coils were damaged beyond repair and  the plugs were dead. I finaly managed to get it home and started to bring it back to life!

I took it to my work place and started the list of mods I had planned, beginning with the cat removal. I then welded a straight pipe on to the system.

There are more mods listed here: 

  • Smoothed custom nismo bonnet vent 
  • Ep3 splitter 
  • Custom skirts 
  • Custom spoiler brackets and feet
  • Custom spoiler blade that's been extended by 4inches and made 2inches with width 
  • Custom end plates 
  • Decat straight through with custom single exit conversion and 4inch Jap can 
  • Custom paint job in gloss white from Me and my Missus (officially known to friends as the ying yang) 
  • Led style rear custom lights 
  • Custom headlights with led side lights and now switch back hi/low beam 
  • 18inch 8.5j et 25 shark alloys 
  • Lowered on maxspeed rod coilovers 
  • Custom crash bar with jacking point 

Everything was made at home or work, so was literally a driveway way build.

A bit more detail on some of the mods:

I put my BGW wing on which has custom feet and custom made legs 14" high. The blade is an 80 quid ebay wing which has been extended in length by 4inches and wider by 2 inches with large custom end plates.

Custom aluminium side skirts closest to the bn sport look possible 

An ep3 splitter which was round my mums house so I cut that but 4cm smoothed and made to fit 

Then came the single exit took the exit into work welded it up and then heat wrapped 

Then I fitted 18" Wolfrace Shark alloys 8.5j with et30 offset, then lowered on Maxrods coilovers about 80mm which gave me a problem of no where to jack the car up on the front. So  I went to work on a homemade crash bar with jacking points which resolved the problem. Next was the bonnet. I looked on ebay and ended up buying a Nismo bonnet vent. I didn't want the rivets showing so it's all smoothed in. 

I believe I'm the first in the UK to do this type of mod to an RX8 and after sharing on facebook 4 other owners decided they wanted the same bonnet look . Next was led style rear lights, which again a couple of people have followed what I did. Last is the headlights. I made an led plate which sits in the full beam section and swapped that to my side lights. I also swapped the projectors for a hi/low beam. I believe I'm also the first in the UK for this mod as well . 

Next on my list is a custom paint in camo style, but with 3 professional drifters and some others with similar paint jobs, I decided to go out of the box with a tribal ying yang style of black and white to keep its 'unique' theme.

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