Jaime - Nissan 200sx S13

S13: SR20DET converted out of my old S14. Freshly rebuilt a couple of years ago to standard spec aside from Mazworx head studs and Siruda head gasket.

Jaime - Nissan 200sx S13
Nissan 200sx S13
Jaime - Nissan 200sx S13
Jaime - Nissan 200sx S13
Jaime - Nissan 200sx S13
Jaime - Nissan 200sx S13
Jaime - Nissan 200sx S13
Jaime - Nissan 200sx S13
Jaime - Nissan 200sx S13

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Hey, my name is Jaime, I'm a 28-year-old Class 1 HGV driver that's currently tramping out all week and home on weekends! Something has to get these money pits built and running ha! My Instagram is @Jaime_SThirteen    

Currently, I'm driving just my BMW 525d e61 as it's the only one running at the moment. aside from the Scania R450 workhorse that is, Otherwise I have my Nissan 200sx S13 solely now for drifting and my newly acquired S15 Silvia which is going to be a clean fast road car!

How I got into the car scene probably wasn't the same way as most. I'd always been a tomboy growing up (as well as a girly girl!) my parents never dictated my interests from an early age and just let me have fun with whatever took my fancy! Which of course involved ride alone pedal cars, kiddie quads, RC cars etc. Being allowed to steer their cars sat on laps and then took out onto private land as soon as I could reach the pedals to learn how to control a car! However, while it was a brilliant upbringing, neither parent was mechanically minded or had their own projects so I got stuck with this interest but no one to learn from. It took me until I was in my early 20s to dive headfirst in with my first 'project'.

Power-wise the S13 made 360.4whp on the dyno when it was mapped (approx 420bhp), it's built for sideways action so its 0-60 time is quick enough.

The S15 will be receiving some of the S13's hand me downs and expect it to make around the 390/400bhp mark when that goes in for tuning once it's all put back together. 

5 series daily just has a simple tune on it when the dpf gave up the ghost so removed the EGR and got it remapped to 264bhp and 400ft/lb.

S13: SR20DET converted to out of my old S14. Freshly rebuilt a couple of years ago to standard spec aside from Mazworx head studs and Siruda head gasket. 740cc injectors, Audi 1.8t coil packs, Garrett gtx3071 gen II, R35 blow through maf, being propelled along by an Exedy Hyper Single clutch on a stock 5 speed sr20 box 

S15: very similar spec to the s13 in relation to the internals. It has uprated head studs and head gasket, but as it wasn't built in my ownership I'm unsure what went into it. It'll be running on an Rb25 box and ORC409 clutch and boosted by a Greddy TD06 20g 


My partner has been the handyman and brains behind most of the build. As aforementioned growing up I wasn't fortunate enough to be shown the ropes and learn from an early age so have relied heavily on other people and picked up scraps of knowledge here and there. I did have my s14 before we met, it was tastefully modified but nothing in comparison to how deep I've got with my s13 build with huge support.

As mentioned above my partner has been a huge support and part of my builds and aside from mapping (MB Automotive), the entire build has happened on our driveway or in the carport from welding, to engine rebuilds to bodywork and alignment. 

My first car was a K11 1.0l Micra which had been in the family since brand new with an elderly relative, she happened to give up driving as I was coming up to the age of learning so it made sense to buy this 7-year-old at the time Micra with only 5000 miles on the clock!


I sold it to my cousin once I was ready for an upgrade and he doesn't share the passion I do and he's still rolling about in it 10 years later! 

Currently, I'm smashing out hours at work to get both S Chassis finished roughly around the same time. The s13 needed a new clutch of which I'd decided to do a cd009 box conversion at the same time with Mazworx bell housing kit to be able to run a much grippier rear tyre than currently. 

I was also planning to upgrade the maf for an HPX-e as my current maf was maxed out.

Then the S15 came along so more plans for tweaking cropped up.

The S15 is now getting the Nistune ECU from my 13, the current maf as I'm more than happy with making 390/400 as a road car. The boost controller and afr gauge out of the 13 also. The S13 will be going on a Link ECU and ran mafless with the boost controlled through the ECU itself and bought an AEM X series wideband to replace the boost controller/wideband that's being moved over into the 15.

The 15 also need to go in for paint, and then they both need to be taken for mapping. 

The only group/club I tend to follow is Modified Girls as it's always good to support friends in what they do and work hard for. I don't really get involved in competitions per se, I'm no stranger to a photo dump here or there but it's mostly when I'm over-excited about something new I've done/got and have recent photos of haha. Again, I don't tend to frequent shows or meets and I only get out to drift events with friends whether I have a working car or not, always have a good laugh trackside with good friends and generally being legal asbo's. 

I don't really have a 'dream car' as such, there are plenty of cars I'd love to own and perhaps one day I could. Most of my wants are things I could have right now if I sold the Nissans though so I obviously don't want them enough to do that haha.

A couple amongst the wanted list is a JZX100 MkII chaser and worlds apart, a 67 Chevy Impala.

Recently due to my job I've been looking over tractor units for sale and what sort of private rig and motorhome set-up I could get carried away with.

What do you think?

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