Dan - Mk3 Ford Focus 1L Turbo

I won't go into money costs, hours, sweat, blood or tears because I'm sure that anyone can appreciate how much we as car enthusiasts give our cars. I will be attending many shows this year with a finished product.

Dan - Mk3 Ford Focus 1L Turbo
Dan - Mk3 Ford Focus 1L Turbo
Dan - Mk3 Ford Focus 1L Turbo
Dan - Mk3 Ford Focus 1L Turbo
Dan - Mk3 Ford Focus 1L Turbo
Dan - Mk3 Ford Focus 1L Turbo
Dan - Mk3 Ford Focus 1L Turbo
Dan - Mk3 Ford Focus 1L Turbo

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Hi, my name is Dan, 

Instagram: @focusbtccreplica.

I'm 25 years old and I'm a Fabricator/Welder from Herne Bay.

I'm a Proud owner of a Mk3 Ford Focus 1L Turbo, it's not just any old 1L ecoboost, it's on it way to becoming the 2nd road legal mk3 Focus British Touring Championship Car Replica in the UK but more about that a little later...

I was first drawn into the car scene by my friend, Luke Marsh. I had very little knowledge of cars but let's be honest - who doesn't look at a heavily modded car or a sports car and think 'damn'? So he invited me to a meet one night and I thought to myself 'ah this could be fun'. At this point, I'd never been to a meet before.

So my first meeting, how did it go? Well there were some stunning cars and loads of people there but the only person I could talk to was my mate Luke because everyone seemed to be gathered up in little groups. Actually there was one other person I could talk to, he had a van full of speakers.... IT WAS INSANE, I do have to say. So yes I enjoyed seeing all these lovely cars but I felt out of place, not because I turned up with only a few stickers on my car and nothing to show but because other than one person, no one felt welcome.

I didn't go to another meet for a long time until I was invited to one by my brother-in-law Lee Sonnex, Kent Customs. From the moment I arrived I was welcomed with open arms, the banter was flowing and I felt like I had a connection with this small group of people sitting in a car park talking about cars, looking at cars and getting to know each other. That evening I went home and requested to be a member of this group. I got talking to more people online and went to more and more meets, each time having done a very small visual modification (whether that be a sticker or painting a wing mirror, I wasn't adventurous 11months ago). But regardless everyone noticed and made a point of congratulating me on my efforts and making me feel a part of this culture we all know and love. I became an Admin for this family of mine, but have since moved on to other clubs. My Top 3 being:

- Shadow Car Culture

- BTCC Styling

- South East Fords

So the Car... Che Che her name is. I brought her from a local garage, but why did I buy a 1l? Well it's simple; I'd only been driving 11months and I desperately wanted to get rid of my old 2006 Kia picanto LX (Little Red), although I still own her today. So I went for something nice on the eyes with a little bit of boost. Man did I feel like a king driving that off the forecourt, till the 3 pots seized in Asda's car park 28days later when I was driving it to the garage to figure out why it had gone into limp mode and why I kept losing coolant with no trace of a leak. I was gutted; absolutely heart broken. I called the garage I bought it from and they told me I had 2 days left on my warranty and they would rectify the issue. They did in the end; the heater matrix had gone! It had thrown all the coolant into the rear footwell and caused the engine to seize. But good as new, I began to add my own little feel to the car. Red and grey stickers, painting calipers/drums red to match, seat covers. I was happy doing the little things.

Then when at work, it had been hit by another driver whilst parked. A nice young lady who had the decency to let me know with a note and provided her contact details. Due to the car being repaired by the insurance I lost some of my stickers from the replacement wing and bumper. So I put better stickers on, wrapped the roof, fitted ST seats, wheel spacers, bright yellow wheel refurb, I started to progress just a little more into the actual modified car bits!

Then I saw this one car that completely changed everything. Simon Hodgson's BTCC Hotwheels monster. I saw it on a video that I stumbled across on YouTube, so I searched like a mad man to find this kit hoping it was something anyone could buy. Now where this man's credit is due; he has an actual race used kit and by working with Fat Fenders a kit is available to buy through TheSpeedWorks. So that was it after weeks of saving I ordered it just before Christmas. This is the point where I had finally found and spoken to Simon and he had given me all the help and advice I needed to get this job done, along with some help from Jeff Fox. 

This was no easy job... yes the bumpers, wings and side skirts were drill holes and bolted to original mounting points but Alan (my fiberglass engineer) had a few issues sorting the flare in the front bumper and getting things to line up. To be frank, he was glad to see the back end of it; I had to cut and weld the arches myself in a barn on a farm which is where the kit was being fitted. At no point has this car yet seen a true motorsport shop. (The poor thing). It will however be going up to TJ's Paintworks for bonding and painting. I want the rear end of the car to have a complete flush look, that's my own take as opposed to having the bolted on look of a BTCC Car.

I won't go into money costs, hours, sweat, blood or tears because I'm sure that anyone can appreciate how much we as car enthusiasts give our cars. I will be attending many shows this year with a finished product.

Still to go to finish ready for this years shows:

New Wheels & Tyres which are on the way.

Paint Job which will start in a matter of weeks.

BTCC inspired Wrap which is being designed as we speak

Custom Gel Badges waiting to fit

Custom Dash Clocks installed just need to swap the needles

Now this car is like Marmite, you're either going to love it or hate it but either way it's my car and it's made me happy, I've made great friendships and even better so; I'm part of the Shadow Car Culture family. If you would like to follow the progression of my build or see its history please feel free to follow its Instagram @focusbtccreplica. I do have massive plans for an engine swap but for now that will remain a secret but just know that for now she is the widest 1l Focus I've ever seen and I hope it continues to light up people's faces as it does mine when I step outside the front door.

Thanks for reading, if anyone would like to know a little more or become part of the clubs I'm in, you can find me on Facebook. Much love peeps!


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