Brad - Ford Focus Mk3 Facelift ST3

For my styling parts it has to be @deltastyling . I think they do great work and have transformed the rear end of my car.

Brad - Ford Focus Mk3 Facelift ST3
Brad - Ford Focus Mk3 Facelift ST3
Brad - Ford Focus Mk3 Facelift ST3
Brad - Ford Focus Mk3 Facelift ST3
Brad - Ford Focus Mk3 Facelift ST3

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Hi everybody.

My name is Brad.

I'm a flat roof waterproofing tester. I am 25 and from Southampton.

Instagram: @br13_ada

I've always loved looking at cars ever since I was a kid. The modification side of cars all started when I first saw the 'Fast and the Furious' movie, that green eclipse and orange supra had me sold. When I bought my first car that was when I fell in love with the driving side and I always knew I wanted to have a lot of car aspects in my life.

Currently I drive a 2017 Ford Focus Mk3 facelift ST3. The day I test drove it, I knew I needed it.

It stayed standard for about 10 months before the first low line kit was ordered, and parts have been coming in month after month since then.

I also own a VW caddy which I have slowly started modifying and been converting into a camper van.

Full spec list:


  • ST Logo decal;
  • Deltastyling spoiler;
  • Deltastyling spoiler riser;
  • Ksb low line kit;
  • 25mm wheel spacers;
  • Red pin stripe;
  • LED aftermarket tail lights;
  • Tinted front headlights;
  • Rear quarter louvers;
  • Shark fin Aerial;
  • ST sun strip;
  • Custom wide mouth wrap;
  • Autobeam sweeping side indicators;
  • Autobeam ambient fog lights;
  • Fog light covers;
  • Custom ford badges;
  • Window wind deflectors;
  • Custom made gear knob;
  • Lego box battery cover;
  • Custom ST airbox lid;
  • Carbon dipped header tank; and
  • And a few stickers here and there.


  • Motorsports performance Stage 1;
  • K&N air filter;
  • GFB blow of valve;
  • Mountune engine mount;
  • Resonator Delete; and
  • Engine snorkel.

I try to do most things myself to keep costs down but anything I'm not sure about or I can't physically do myself then I'll get professional help. My biggest tip is, you can always relate to a YouTube video.

If I do end up paying for professional help then its usually 'Hendy performance' in Eastleigh, nice and local to me and always gets the job done well.

This is my first performance car however, the 4th car I've owned, excluding a few work vans, starting with a 2010 mk3 Renault clio, which had to be blue of course and I dare I say it, I owned a family car at the age of 22, a Nissan Qashqai.

The focus has come close to finishing multiple times but then I end up wanting more and creating a new wish list for it, there is plenty more to come including both visual and performance upgrades. The next thing to come will be the springs, getting lowered down by 25mm.

I follow a lot of ford pages and also a lot of the groups in my local area, 

For my styling parts it has to be @deltastyling . I think they do great work and have transformed the rear end of my car.

Any photography and edits I get done are always through @rl_automotive_illustrations who are new to the scene but I can always rely on them to do amazing work.

My car is just for my fun, but if people like it too then I get enjoyment out of that. Im a regular at my local car meets and I also try to attend a fair few shows a year, tops shows for me would be Isle of Wight takeover and Ford Fair.

My dream car would have to be a Nissan GT-R35, I drove one once round a airfield and fell in love with it as soon as I put my foot down, the styling and power which goes into them is just incredible, I'm hoping one day I'll have the keys to one in my hand whilst it's parked on the driveway.

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