Richard - Honda Accord 2.2

It has a straight through exhaust from the turbo that goes to a twin exit cherry bomb back boxes (still love a cherry bomb).

Richard - Honda Accord 2.2
Richard - Honda Accord 2.2
Richard - Honda Accord 2.2
Richard - Honda Accord 2.2

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My name is Richard

Instagram: Derek_cn2

Everyone knows me as "Derek". I work as a lorry driver 5 days a week and the occasional Saturday for extra car bits! The only social media I use is Instagram. It's mainly my car on there.

I first got into the car scene from after I passed my test, finding any excuse to drive. Then used to just talk to others who I saw out and about at night and it just carried on from there. 

My first car was a trusty green S reg ford Ka, didn't really modify it as it was a Ka but I did put a cherry bomb on it and put loads of green LED lights inside it... Never done anything normal! I've had a range of cars since the KA. I've had - 206, Ford Focus 2L petrol, Transit connect, MK2 vw caddy, another ford KA, honda civic EP3 and currently own a honda accord diesel estate! 

My current car, The Honda Accord 2.2 diesel estate, I drive this car because after my EP3 got written off I needed something sensible to stop messing with cars. This worked for about 18 months! The  Accord comes standard at 140bhp and around 250 lb/ft of torque. My first modification came at Cruise Culture. Doesn't sound like much but it was a samurai sword gear shifter. It was enough to get the ball rolling with my Accord. 

 List of the current changes:

  • - Updated organic clutch
  • - Stage 2 remap taking it to 207bhp and 310lb/ft of torque
  • - It has a straight through exhaust from the turbo that goes to a twin exit cherry bomb back boxes (still love a cherry bomb).
  • - I have stripped the car out of its carpet and back seats and replaced the front seat with a bucket seat and a 5 point harness. I also painted the floor blue.
  • - I have BC coilovers
  • - awaiting to have fn2 alloys put on it with a wide arches extensions
  • - I have a pipercross high flow air filter.
  • - I have a custom rear spoiler.
  • -Bonnet vents
  • -Yellow headlights 
  • - awaiting a front splitter.

This car is built on a budget while still having maximum fun! It's an estate which gives me greater pleasure as it's not very often seen and is different. I haven't finished with the build just yet! I would like a little more power and maybe do some more cosmetic changes but it's nearly there! I am hoping to take the wagon to Germany to do a few laps of the nurburgring this year!

Most of the work done to my car has been done by "RPM Wiltshire" a very good garage local to me. I used to do stuff myself till I saw how easy they made things look and how knowledgeable they are. It's stress free when I give them the car to do the work. RPM Wiltshire has a very competitive price too which everyone likes! I can do the basics but after that I get too annoyed and start swearing.

There is only 1 car group that I follow really and that's West coast JDM! Ever since I joined when I had my civic they were all so friendly and welcoming! So any big shows I go to I make sure I get on stand with them! I like to go to the big car meets down in Poole which are organised by "Hatch Hoons" they are always a good meet, big turn out and quite sensible.go check out their socials and see what they are about!  Another meet I like to do is the Haynes Motor Museum breakfast meet. That's the first sunday of every month and again it's always a good turn out, nice little way Sunday drive has a big grub and a nice drive home in the afternoon. I don't enter my car for competitions as it isn't really anything all that great, body work is race car tatty and it's not the fastest thing either. I just have it to enjoy myself in. I drive it to work everyday and it makes me smile everyday. A lot of people ask why an estate? I just say because I like being different and it makes me happy. 

My dream car would be an Evo 6 I think. Don't think I need to explain why other than its an Evo 6  I like super cars however I do deem them to be a bit practical for the UK being how busy the roads are. I'd rather have a slow car and drive it fast than a fast car and drive it slow. but I do like seeing them on the road driven by other people, they are stylish and always sound good!

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