Where are the Car Girls?

Girls are here to stay and make their mark in the car scene,

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I created this new section for car girls, mainly because I’ve seen for years that girls get overlooked and underrated for the cars and contributions they make, more girls are Fixing, Racing and Building their own, this is no longer just a guy's game, I still can't believe there is not a women driver in F1, in male-dominated world things have to change and maybe we can help start something new, maybe not but we have to try, I was looking through youtube and found this video and it pretty much sums it all up, enjoy.

ALL CREDIT FOR THIS VIDEO TO:@gearsandgasoline AND Time_Attk

Special thanks to Savanna, Sally, Samra, and Emma for being in this video. And a special thanks to Casey Jordan for helping to film. 


The Dream- No Choir by Ian Post


Puddles by Optimistic


WHy Do I Care by M!NGO



Go Left by Fluxxy


Cansado by Venice


FijiWave by Lord Oishi


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