International Womens Day - Saturday 8th March

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. As a community for everyone.

International Womens Day - Saturday 8th March
International Womens Day - Saturday 8th March
International Womens Day - Saturday 8th March
International Womens Day - Saturday 8th March
International Womens Day - Saturday 8th March
International Womens Day - Saturday 8th March
International Womens Day - Saturday 8th March

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International Womens Day.

Saturday 8th March is a day to celebrate the girls in our community and show that this is no longer just a man's world it's a place for us ALL no matter Gender or Race.

Georgina The G in G-Shot

“A focus on gender equity needs to be part of every society's DNA. “And it's critical to understand the difference between equity and equality. “The IWD 2023 campaign theme drives worldwide understanding why Equal opportunities aren't enough!” IWD

We have some fantastic girls in our community that are building some pretty sik cars, Photographers capturing your cars in the perfect light and moment, Drift girls showing the sport they can compete against any man, Artists, Designers, and Mechanics all these girls are showing other girls in the community that they to can achieve their dreams and do the work men do!

Mel Taylors Drift Machine

Show your support, by reading these girl's stories, and sharing them on international women's day so other girls will see there is change happening and as a community, we embrace and support it!!.

You can plenty of stories from the girls in our community all through our website and our community @stanceautomag, check them out give them a follow on socials and share their stories and media help them grow and achieve more coverage so more girls can find their stories and hopefully get some inspiration from them, show the love, not just on International Women's Day but always.. WE ARE A COMMUNITY FOR ALL!!

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Kaitlyns Scooby

Teen Girl Rebuilds Car from Scratch

I search around for inspirational material, and after searching hundreds of videos I come across those little gems, like this, how I wish more kids were like this, building your own car is a massive commitment but so dam rewarding when you finish it, and for this girl to be learning all the bits and bobs involved and taking on this challenge is awesome, I can't wait to see her finished work,

Fourteen-year-old Kathryn DiMaria can't get her driver's license for another two years, but that hasn't stopped her from building the car of her dreams. At age 12, Kathryn convinced her parents to let her buy and begin restoring a 1986 Pontiac Fiero with $450 in babysitting money. Over the past two years, she has painstakingly restored every part of her Fiero by hand, quickly learning advanced mechanical skills such as welding, grinding, upholstering, sandblasting -- even how to rebuild an engine.

With dad Jerry as her loyal project partner, and plenty of automotive know-how from Uncle Bob, Kathryn has embarked on an epic journey that is shattering gender stereotypes, inspiring thousands, and opening doors she never imagined. Watch and learn how Kathryn's project earned her an invitation from General Motors to attend the 2013 Detroit Auto Show and hang out with two female engineers from the original Fiero team. 

To visit Kathryn's online Fiero forum, click here:

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