2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau

The STI was never a dream car of Kaitlyn's, but the car has made her dreams come true. Now, she couldn't imagine life without it.

2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau
2011 Subaru STI - Kaitlyn Martineau

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2011 Subaru STI

Kaitlyn Martineau

Instagram: @subieequeen

Photographer: Dan Blakeman

Instagram: @blakemanmedia

FB: blakemanmedia

Kaitlyn is the owner of this 2011 Subaru STI. Residing in Boston, Massachusetts, Katie currently works in biotechnology for pharmaceuticals. In other words, she makes medicine. On her days off, typically you can find her wrenching on cars, or playing video games. Currently, her favorite games are Assassin's Creed on Xbox, and Mario Odyssey on her Switch. Ever since Kaitlyn could remember, cars have always been a part of her life. She recalls working out in the garage with her father, Dan, as well as attending different shows and events together. At the age of 6, she started to get into racing, and her passion grew even stronger. 

But why the STI?

When Kaitlyn found herself needing a new vehicle, living in New England she knew it needed to be something with all-wheel drive. Besides that, she wanted something quick with some power that made each drive enjoyable. After nearly picking up a BMW, Katie came across the Subaru. After a test drive, she knew this was the car she was looking for. Little did she know, that eight years later this car would turn into her wildest dreams coming true. Kaitlyn never thought she would be “that person” with “that car” going to various shows and winning awards. You could say this car as well as the whole community that comes with it, has made her a lifelong fan of the manufacturer with her favorite body style being the 2004-2005 STI.

It wasn’t long after becoming part of the Subaru community that Kaitlyn found herself coming up with a vision of what she wanted her car to look like. Seeing all the options online and what other people had done to theirs inspired Kaitlyn to make her vision become reality. Now, she can’t help but stare at what she has built after all the hours of hard work and research to make sure everything was as she envisioned. “There is nothing more satisfying than airing out and seeing your car, it feels like it's not real life. Seeing how far it has come from stock is amazing” she said. Not only is Katie happy with how it looks, but nothing beats the rush of adrenaline she gets when the car’s in boost and hearing all the sounds from the turbo and exhaust. “It’s definitely a sense of accomplishment and hard work paying off,” she said when asked about the way her car made her feel. Doing all the work herself, it makes her happy to see when people are talking about her build and recognize how much effort was put in.

So, what makes this one different?

After blowing up the original engine, Kaitlyn shifted her focus to how her car looked. She didn’t want to look like every other Subaru out there and wanted to stand out and be unique. To accomplish this, she is very particular about what parts she gets for her STI, down to finding brands that aren’t as common. The fabric for the headliner was specifically chosen to be different from everyone else out there. Not only that but the wheels and color aren’t common on Subaru’s either. Just about all the work has been done by Kaitlyn, herself. This includes installing the air ride and getting the wheels set up, making the custom headlights and headliners, wrapping the car, and installing parts. Everything, including the maintenance, is done by her. Besides learning all about cars growing up, Katie attended U.T.I. and worked at a dealership where she was able to learn new things and perfect the knowledge she already had. 

In the future, Kaitlyn plans to focus more on the interior of her car. A new steering wheel, head unit, and seats are among the first things to expect to see. Besides more aesthetics, Katie is also planning on a trunk setup and possibly doing another engine build down the road. While this STI won’t be sold, she hopes to one day add a 1977 Datsun 280z next to it. Her dream project now is to 2jz swap one and stance it out. When asked why, she responded by saying how much love she has for jdm cars, especially the older classics! 

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Spec List: 


  • Airlift Performance 3P
  • VIS Racing carbon hood
  • JNA front lip
  • Strafe Design canards
  • Custom hex halo headlights
  • Custom tail lights
  • Strafe Design diffuser
  • Strafe Design side skirts
  • Red gloss iridescent KPMF wrap
  • Vortex generator
  • Rocket Bunny lights
  • Third brake light mod
  • Billetworkz window vents
  • License plate delete with shaved bumper
  • Seibon Carbon fiber trunk
  • APR front splitter with rods
  • HIC rear visor
  • Three piece Work Vs SS wheels
  • Carbon fiber mirror caps
  • Morimoto LED fog lights
  • Seibon Carbon fiber grill


  • Custom shift knob through Bam Shifts
  • Custom shift boot, ebrake boot, and Bride arm rest pieces
  • Wrapped headliner
  • Viilante steering wheel with quick release and hub
  • Illumaestrhetic instrument cluster


  • Invidia q300 catback
  • Invidia catless downpipe
  • Invidia catless uppipe
  • SR Cobb intake
  • Tanabe strut tower bar
  • Perrin alternator shroud and radiator shroud
  • Stoptech front drilled and slotted rotors with braided brake lines and Hawk HPS pads
  • Vodoo rear control arms
  • SPC rear toe arms

Kaitlyn would tell anyone thinking about getting into cars that taking your time and doing all the necessary research is going to be most important. “Things aren’t going to happen overnight. Have fun, do your homework, and if you’re going to DIY, make sure to do it the right way” she said. For anyone with the same car, Katie specifically says to take into consideration how unreliable the engine is and don’t just throw mods without doing research first. Besides the engine blowing up, she goes on to warn owners about having issues with the turbo and power steering rack as well. “Keep up with the maintenance, have fun with it, and keep things reliable and safe,” she tells owners, “Do your research and really figure out your goal. If you want more power, take care of supporting mods. Make sure the engine runs happy and healthy, don’t learn the hard way.” 

There is no doubt the car scene has heavily impacted Kaitlyn’s life. From meeting people she never thought she’d meet, to winning awards at shows she could only dream about, such as Slammedenuff Wildwood, Katie is living her dream. She takes pride in being a female driver and showing other females that it’s not just a guy's world and that they too can build show-quality cars and win awards. One club, in particular, Kaitlyn would like to shout out is Stance Inn. “I love being part of a family in the car scene that has great support throughout. They have a great vibe.” is how she describes them. All the support has allowed Kaitlyn to live out her dream, and achieve things she never thought were possible. A lot of hard work and pride has gone into her STI, and it’s paid off bigger than she ever could’ve imagined.     

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