Chris's Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-330 SST

Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-330 SST from a acr and owner section on stanceauto magazine

Chris's Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-330 SST
Chris's Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-330 SST
Chris's Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-330 SST
Chris's Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-330 SST

This is an excellent example of a car that as had a lot of dedication poured into it, with all the mods inside and out,  i must say as a EVO as always been one of my dream cars, and have been saying for far too long i want one, your either a EVO guy or a SUBS  guy ha, like being a city fan or manu fan i suppose, i loved the EVO from the old Rally days as a kid, so i’ll always be hooked, chris as done an excellent job it sure is a show stopper, i hope to see this at plenty of shows.

Chris Slater 

Workshop Manager 

Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-330 SST

I’ve always been into cars or anything with an engine since being a small kid. My passion for cars just grew and grew as I got older. I was attending car shows before I could even drive. My dad and his best mate we’re always tinkering with engines so I was always being nosey or getting in the way.

When I owned my first car back in 2007 ( Corsa B 1.2 8V ) I started modifying. I remember the first things I bought were a JVC head unit and some SPLX 6x9’s for the parcel shelf! Shortly after followed some TSW 15” alloys.

My passion for cars will always be!


Engine In-line 4-cyl, 1998cc, turbo
Max power 324bhp @ 6500rpm
Max torque 322lb ft @ 3500rpm
Top speed 155mph (limited)
0-62mph 4.4sec 

K&N intake set up with red hard pipes.

Recently fitted a large RamAir foam filter.

Turbosmart blow off valve.

Full custom made 3” turbo back decat exhaust with 4.5” carbon tailpipes made by the BDC legend Jo Fletcher at Aerotech.

Remap by Simon Norton at Norton Tuning.

BC Racing BR series coilovers.

Nankang NS-2R tyres all round.

The car requires a bit of a map tweak since being de-catted so will run around 390bhp-400bhp once done. I will also be having a crackle mapped in.


Standard with cloth factory Recaro seats, factory tints, factory touch screen Nav and factory Rockford Fosgate audio with side mounted subwoofer. Ralliart carpet mats.



The front of the car starts with a carbon fibre Varis front splitter. Fitted a red fold down tow hook for the track. On the bonnet I have replaced all 3 vents for carbon fibre ones. Under the bonnet is a full carbon fibre engine cover and a full replacement set of anodised bolts and washers. Moving along the sides of the car you’ll find a set of 18” Rota Grid GTR alloys finished in a custom BMW Sepang Bronze. With Project Mu racing wheel nuts. I have fitted a set of Ralliart mudflaps to. Side windows have team Heko wind deflectors fitted which help make a difference while driving. On the roof I have the factory carbon fibre vortex generator otherwise known as the hedgehog spikes.

The rear of the car is pretty standard apart from the black USDM rear light clusters which I had imported from the USA. The UK rear lights are bright red and look rather aged and tacky. Then there’s the tailpipes. 4.5” carbon sleeved but I’ll cover that in the performance list.

All the work has been done by myself on this car apart from the exhaust fabrication work which was done by Jo Fletcher at Arrowtech and the mapping which was done by Simon Norton at Norton Tuning.

I had some help from a mate of mine to fit and set up the suspension. Thanks again Tom.

This is my 33rd car so definitely not my first. I’ve owned many different cars over the years. I had a very nicely specced Astra VXR Nurburgring which was featured in Performance Vauxhall a few years ago. Shortly after that I had a nitrous powered Astra 888 Coupe build number 007/100. More recently I’ve owned a Hawkeye Impreza WRX GB270, a 400bhp 335d, a B7 RS4 Cabriolet and a 700bhp E55 AMG. Now I have the Evo and it’s probably the best all rounder I’ve owned.

The car is far from finished, I mean are any bodies ever finished haha!!

I’ve got a fair few plans for it. A little more power, more carbon fibre, a half cage with harness mountings and maybe a few other bits too. I drive the car a lot so don’t want to make it unusable for everyday driving.

I’m still a member of the Yorkshire Supercar Owners Club. Yes it’s not a supercar but sports car owners are welcome to join. My RS4 and E55 were supercar territory so that’ll do for me.

I’m a member and moderator for UK Boost which is a brilliant club that has a great family atmosphere.

I follow many groups on Facebook. 

Not with this car no, well not yet anyway. I showed my Astra VXR Nurburgring at the Performance Vauxhall Show at Santa Pod when I owned that and won a trophy for best work in progress. Shortly after it was then featured in Performance Vauxhall Magazine!

I attend a local monthly Japanese car meet here in Yorkshire at Squires Bikers Cafe and Yorkshire Supercar Owners monthly members meet at the Motorist Hub.

I like to attend car shows and like to get myself to Fast Show and Japfest. 

Dream car,That’s a hard choice!! Supercar has to be the Ferrari F40 as it was a poster car when I was a kid and I remember being lucky enough to sit in one years ago when I saw one on the road.

Skyline R34 GTR in bayside blue or midnight purple has always been a dream car of mine but the prices of them these days tends to put me off them, especially when you can now get an R35 GTR for half the cost!!

My next car will be either an R35 GTR or a Continental GT Speed.

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