Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx

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Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx
Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx
Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx
Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx
Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx
Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx
Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx
Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx
Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx
Steve Parks - Subaru Impreza wrx

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Hi I’m Steve I’m 39 years young, 

I have a fiancée which I met through the car scene as she also shares a passion for cars which makes my life easier haha. We have 4 children between us who also share a love of cars. I’m a hgv driver so spend most of my life working away from home.

Instagram: @p9rkx

Subaru Impreza wrx

I’ve always had an interest in cars. My very first job was in a body shop spraying cars which I enjoyed but also felt I needed to do more so this led me to go into the motor mechanic side where I worked on many different cars. At this time I owned my own car which was a fiesta 1.4 sport however this wasn’t fast enough for me so using my knowledge from the garage I changed this into a full xr2 replica this meant full engine replacement alongside with full body kit and interior change, This is where my love for modified cars began.......

I went along to many different car shows and track days and owned many different cars after this which I’ve modified in some way, but my favourite back then was a classic Subaru Impreza which was stolen and I always missed not having it, so 8 years ago I decided to buy the car I have now which at the time was a standard Subaru Impreza wrx.

I used this as a family car at the beginning but again got the bug to modify this also I started off by fitting Sti spoiler, bumpers and interior then by changing the wheels ( 18” rota grids), suspension (Bc coilovers) a different air filter and cobra decat exhaust this was like this for approx a year, then the news that we all dread the engine blew, 

I decided I wanted a more powerful engine to replace the old one as needed more power, so I had engine tuner in Plymouth build me a fully forged 2.1 at this time the car was now running at 450 bhp and 400 torque which I had it like for about 2 years, in this time I attended many shows and saw what capabilities cars like mine could have. I also wanted to have a car which was show ready as this was always a dream when I was younger so this car then became my project car.

I made the decision to send it off to scoobybits in Cornwall as I had a picture in my head what I wanted to get out of the car and what I wanted it to look like and felt they would be able to help me get my dream.

When it was there I had

  • ap racing brakes fitted all the way round,
  • 60mm abw arch flares,
  • spec c roof vent fitted,
  • Flocked dash
  • Full Perrin drop links and anti roll bars
  • Car undersealed
  • Adjustable trailing arms
  • Side skirt extensions
  • Front splitter
  • Rear diffuser
  • Rear window spoiler
  • Samco pipes
  • Mishimoto radiator and header tank

While the car was having all this done the engine tuner in Plymouth was building me yet another engine which was a fully forged 2.35 with

  • gt spec 272 cams
  • Rcm verniers
  • Supertech values
  • Inconel values
  • Dual springs
  • Ported heads
  • 14mm stud conversion
  • Mahle pistons
  • Arrow rods
  • Acl race bearings
  • Nitrided crank

This was then fitted to the car along with a garrett gen 2 gtx 3584 turbo 1300 cc injectors, rcm rails custom swirl pot with 2 Bosch 440 fuel pumps, the car was then sent to be mapped by Martin at the engine tuner in may 2018 it broke their record for the fastest road Subaru they had done at 736.4 bhp on 16% meth 679bhp on shell v power

I got the car back in June 2018 ready for the shows and has been entered it into some Show and shines and won best Subaru at JAE show and Subaru Impreza owners club owners choice award I also entered it into the 10 of the best so I could take it onto a drag strip myself, enjoying both show and track car I’m now torn as to what to do next as it’s hard to keep the car show quality as well as taking it on tracks. As for the future who knows however I would like to show the car next year as obviously not having the chance this year as planned then maybe look into stripping the car out and having it as a track toy.


Thanks for reading

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