European Auto Group's Manual Conversions Bring Great Value

The "value" of a factory manual versus an EAG conversion manual seems to be the hot topic debate amongst Ferrari owners.

European Auto Group's Manual Conversions Bring Great Value
European Auto Group's Manual Conversions Bring Great Value
European Auto Group's Manual Conversions Bring Great Value
European Auto Group's Manual Conversions Bring Great Value

This beautiful low mileage, gated six-speed Ferrari F430 just sold on Bring A Trailer for $156,000, and it's a conversion! 

This 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider is powered by a 4.3-litre DOHC V8 and is finished in Rosso Corsa over tan leather. Factory-equipped with an F1 electrohydraulic transaxle, the Pininfarina-designed body is finished in Rosso Corsa and the car is fitted with a power-retractable black soft top, Scuderia Ferrari fender shields, and quad exhaust tips exiting on either side of the rear diffuser. The cabin is trimmed in tan leather with red piping and accent stripes, matching tan door panels, and a black leather-wrapped dash. This car didn't come from a factory with a gated six-speed though, the car received a six-speed manual conversion in 2019 by European Auto Group in San Antonio, Texas.

European Auto Group is known for literally saving the manuals by giving cars three pedals and a stick on cars that don't come with them. The first car they brought to life was the world's first gated six-speed Ferrari 430 Scuderia, that Road & Track tagged as "The World's Greatest Ferrari".  After the success and influx of positive feedback, they dove headfirst into performing manual conversions on an assortment of cars to currently include, Ferrari F430s, 360s, 599s, 612s, 575s,  and even the new MKV Supra.

According to a recent instagram post, European Auto Group is close to pushing out its 70th conversion!

The last time we saw a manual F430 from E.A.G. on Bring A Trailer, was a 19k mile, grey coupe, that went up for auction in December of 2019. That car ended up selling for $135,000

Following that sale, a factory manual F430 Spider popped up on Bring A Trailer and sold for a record-breaking $256,430! 

Username PeteAron on Bring A Trailer is the owner of the manual converted grey coupe that sold on B.A.T. last December, and had this to say;

“I am happy to vouch for the work that Art and his team do, and he has been great about staying in touch and making sure I’m happy with the car. I recently took the car in for some service items to the dealer here in Seattle and they were very complimentary of the conversion. The tech told me when he inputs the VIN it flagged a software update to the F1 and he did a double-take because he was convinced it was a factory manual! Bid with confidence, this is the way to enjoy that engine and flat-plane crank!”

European Auto Group’s work is highly regarded by their clients past, present, and anyone who has been given the chance to drive one of their manual conversions. Randy Pobst can be quoted after driving their converted 430 Scuderia saying, ” It reminds me of the great Ferrari’s we’ve seen since time began”.

The "value" of a factory manual versus an EAG conversion manual seems to be the hot topic of debate amongst Ferrari owners. To break this down, let's start with factory manuals. 

More recently, a red Ferrari F430 Spider has sold on Bring A Trailer for $256k as mentioned above and a red/tan coupe has sold on B.A.T. for $241k. There are several other examples of $200k+ factory manual prints, all with more miles than this conversion F430 that just sold.

The next thing you have to look at where the F1 paddle shift “donor car” should be. Based on some examples in the current market, you're looking at an average range of anywhere from the 90k - 110K ballpark. If you figure $30k for the E.A.G. conversion, you’re looking at something around a $120k-140k “cost basis” give or take.

Factor in that there’s only a short wait time for conversions, the fact that factory parts are nearly impossible to get, that EAG has taken it upon themselves to improve the parts needed, and spun off a new company Gated Six to get these parts manufactured, makes these conversion cars all the more appealing, including the value that comes with it.

The writing seems to be on the wall with these conversions as it has clearly increased the overall value of these cars, conversion or factory. The sad reality is that manufacturers have stopped making manuals and it seems as though the European Auto Group is the way to go. You end up getting a great quality product that only increases value, and adds that extra fun needed to drive your Ferrari the way it was always meant to be. 

If you'd like to have your car converted by European Auto Group, you can send them an email at For more information regarding kits visit the Gated Six website at

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