Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz

The day I picked it up I jacked it up in the drive and cut the exhaust off,fitted a de- res, short shifter and air filter.

Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz
Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz
Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz
Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz
Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz
Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz
Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz
Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz
Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz
Mark - Ford Focus mk2 Taz

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My name is Mark. 


Ford Focus ST mk2

I have loved cars as long as I can remember. I started driving in the early '90s,s and used to go to Chelsea cruise and Southend Seafront. I used to play around a bit with mods but nothing too serious, I loved all the max power stuff. Then kids came and although I still loved cars other things came first. 

Now the kids are grown up I am enjoying getting back into the car scene. I bought my car in 2017 and while I was waiting for it to be delivered I had already started buying mods.

The day I picked it up I jacked it up in the drive and cut the exhaust off, fitted a de- res, short shifter and air filter. 

Spec List

  • Airtec short shifter
  • Airtec intercooler
  • Airtec recirc valve
  • Airtec big boost pipes 
  • Airtec decat 
  • Kms section 18 exhaust
  • Ramair induction kit with pro filter
  • Ngk one step cooler plugs
  • Hypertune stage 2 remap with pops and bangs running 291 bhp and 498 torque
  • Another remap coming soon
  • Rst design big mouth intake
  • Trc lowline kit with ally aero front splitter
  • Underglow LEDs
  • Grille shaved open
  • Bonnet Vents
  • Hooligan crash bar cover
  • Uprated bulbs
  • Carbon side window louvres 
  • Zunsport lower front grille with Airtech logo sprayed on
  • Alloys powder coated with metal flake lacquer 
  • Deltastyling srr rear spoiler with riser
  • Custom sub box with 2 12 inch  edge subs and avatar amp
  • Roof wrapped and window tint by t&w cars
  • All other graphics by mark one
  • Uprated footwear lights

I joined st-oc and started going to shows with them, some of the cars already had character names and mine became Taz so then it was off to mark one graphics for the stickers. St-oc is where I first met Simon and Luci lemon and when they started hi-tec characters I was lucky enough to be asked to join the club. The club has gone from strength to strength and has some amazing cars and people. 

The club is very family orientated and everyone helps each other out. They support club ausome which is an autistic charity which is close to home for me as I have 2 stepsons who are both on the autistic spectrum who both enjoy the car shows. 

Through the club, I met Shane from @hypertune and after a chat, the car soon gained a kms section 18 exhaust and Airtech de-cat. 

Next came the Airtech intercooler and ram-air induction then off to see Shane for a stage 2 remap with pops and bangs. It made 291 bhp and 498 nm torque which I was happy with. After this, I decided I wanted some bass so I had a custom sub box made and then added two 12 inch edge pro subs and avatar amp which I fitted myself. Will be adding more speakers and upgrading the standard speakers in the next few months

I have a lot more I want to do to the car. It's never-ending but hopefully, I will get there one day. I will be going back to hyper tuned to have the map turned up a bit in the new year and then start on the inside.

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