Supplier Issues Continue To Halt The Car Industry

From halting production of new and upcoming models to hurting local shops due to supply issues.

Supplier Issues Continue To Halt The Car Industry

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Not only has the recent conditions around the world been hurting local business, but it's also beginning to impact big names within the car industry like Chevrolet. This was seen back in October when Chevrolets Bowling Green assembly plant due to parts delays related to Covid-19. Although the closure of the Bowling Green assembly plant will only be for one week ( Oct, 12 -Oct, 18) this just shows how difficult the automotive industry has become during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even with GM working extremely close with their various suppliers to make sure this does not happen they have run into a common problem when working on specialty projects no matter how big or small the company is. Some of the parts needed are specific to the C8 Corvette, making it much more difficult to outsource for the necessary bits and pieces that make the C8 what it is. Chevrolet spokesman Kevin Kelly stated, "Due to a temporary parts supply issue, we can confirm that Bowling Green Assembly will not run production the week of October 12. Our supply chain, manufacturing and engineering teams are working closely with our supply base to mitigate any further impact on production, and we expect the plant to resume normal operations on Monday, October 19."

Now it may seem like being shut down for a week is no big deal, but when you are producing upwards of 90 corvettes a day and production is stopped for seven whole days, you begin to see profit loss and failed expectations of customers, which no company wants. This is a primary example of how it has become increasingly more difficult for companies big and small to meet demands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With supply chains being slowed due to Shipping times being extended, new government regulations to adopt from state to state, and even the increase in difficulty to get a package through the U.S. customs, companies have had to find new ways to combat these trying times. Many companies have even resorted to making parts and components in house to eliminate many of the issues listed above. I feel as though now is an extremely important time to support the small businesses near you and show support to keep the automotive industry alive. Without small businesses, the automotive world would stop evolving and become drowned with boring cars all made by the same few large companies.

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