We test the TECHNAXX DASHCAM for everyday use on the road

Stance Auto Magazine tests the TECHNAXX DASHCAM for everyday use on the road. Find out how it performed in terms of video quality, features, and ease of use.

We test the TECHNAXX DASHCAM for everyday use on the road
We test the TECHNAXX DASHCAM for everyday use on the road
We test the TECHNAXX DASHCAM for everyday use on the road
We test the TECHNAXX DASHCAM for everyday use on the road
We test the TECHNAXX DASHCAM for everyday use on the road

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We test the TECHNAXX DASHCAM for everyday use on the road.

After using one of these very similar products for quite a few years, I find this one as quite a few extras my old one doesn't have, like speed awareness and lane departure warnings just in case you stray off course, it also speaks to you, which is ideal as we don't want to be watching the camera as we drive so an early indication of danger is quite enlightening. 

Most of the other features are pretty much the same and it is delightfully easy to use, I myself have had mine fixed in one spot in my daily driver for 2 years without the need to move it, it plugged in with the power supply and is just a nice reassuring thing to have in your window, with today's ever-growing dangers on the road and the need from insurance companies to have actual proof of accidents you really can't go wrong with one of these.

Simply fix it into a spot you are not going to be distracted by and forget it's there, it does not come with a micro SD card so remember to purchase one and fit it inside the camera, the neat recording loop will just keep recording over the old ones, so no need to take it out and clear the memory, which is one less thing to worry about, you can access any recording you have captured that day straight from the camera playback, just in case you need to check over anything.

I think the loop is every12 or 20 recordings, you can set it to only record when you depart and stop, they do not work while the engine is off, while parked at night unless you wire it to a 24 hour live supply, I don't need it for this as most won't, so with my ignition of the camera goes off and starts when I start my vehicle, ideal for us that have a courier business as well.

These cameras bring extra peace of mind to your daily drive. I highly recommend you have a dashcam, please check below for a full feature list.

Letdowns it doesn't come with the rear view camera plug in.

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About this item

  • Speed Sign Recognition - full HD 1080P video recording with DVR technology enhances the clarity of images, this dash cam for cars can easily capture every speed sign and road condition. Assists you to see every detail as clearly as possible while playback.
  • 4" LCD Screen - ultra-clear LCD screen car camera can show the real-time image, help you see every detail as clear as possible when playback and brings a better visual experience. Offer you a broad detailed road video, the super-wide angle lens captures the whole road in crystal-clear definition. Keep you away from driving disputes.

  • Front Collision & Lane Departure Warnings - wide-angle easily covers 4 lanes. The wide-angle design of the driving recorder is very important. We chose a large wide-angle all-glass lens with a viewing angle of up to 130 degrees. This dashcam can catch in real-time lane departure and front collision and warn you about them.
  • Loop Recording & Voice Output - supported microSD-card 8-128GB (not included) with intelligent automatic deletion of loop recording, so important evidence can be separately protected and not be deleted. Also, there is voice output in different languages, so it can be used in different countries. Built-in microphone captures the sound.

  • Built-In G-Sensor - equipped with a g-sensor this dashboard cam can automatically detect a sudden shake or collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten even in loop recording. An accident scene can be truly restored. So it's very reliable as a vehicle camera. The window suction cup (included) helps you to fix it in the preferred position and place it on your front window, so it will not block your view.
  • Included components: window suction cup, 12V power cable, user manual


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