Big Kids Do Skids (BKDS)

we are all just big kids, amazing full colour and design printing for automotive, t-shirts and stickers, watch out for these their going to be big players

Big Kids Do Skids (BKDS)

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We founded Big Kids Do Skids (BKDS) with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, affordable and fashionable automotive clothing brand, focusing upon drifting merchandise. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. 

Bringing you nothing but the best. Our passion is your passion. 


Big Kids Do Skids is a automotive apparel brand which is based around the Drift and Rwd scene.

The name came from a silly saying in which my other half used to say. I would be watching the live stream of the BDC and say go on do a skid. The other half came up with the saying Big Kids Do Skids we had this made up into a personal sticker. People then asked about the name and who it was, then it was decided to try and turn it into a brand.

The Gorilla logo is a image we wanted to add to the brand name so it gets recognition aswell as the name. My favourite animal is a gorilla. So I wanted to add a personal touch to the brand and having an angry gorilla face we believed was a strong logo 


We sell premium  t shirts and hoodies featuring awesome drift vehicles commonly used. We also have a big range of brand specific stickers aswell. Our awesome. Slap stickers featuring some glitter specials and a huge range of Sunstrips. We also have 4 workshop banner designs, please if you have any enquiries , get in touch with us we can design and print any design you wish we are just a click away.


We work closely along side an awesome designer ( he knows who he is) and can offer personal t- shirt designs. We have done designs for the likes of the British Drift Championship and for drivers, Ross Barr, Stuart Cowie  and Harry Hudson, so make sure to look out for our designs and support our sponsored drivers.

We are helping support Harry Hudson this season in the HEL Drift Cuo by supplying some awesome Merch for himself and his team including awesome T shirts hoodies and banners we also have some awesome stickers of his insane Drift Celica

Hopefully when Stance Auto gets the competition season started we will throw in some Prizes, to make the prize kitty that little bit bigger, so watch out for our donations and make sure you compete and win to get your hands on them, If you need anymore info please follow the link below and we will be intouch with you with haiste.

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