Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a

what an awesome build on this sick looking Nissan, the work gone into this shows real dedication

Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a
Jasons Nissan Silvia s14a

* I always believe that if you want to modify a car there is no better feeling than doing it yourself, in jason's case he has proved this to be correct and what an awesome job he as done, and it as not been without its mishaps and downfalls, we all find ourselves guilty of going to buy a car, falling in love with it, without actually inspecting it, i have done this quite a few times, including with my lexus, like mine jason found in further inspection it was what is called a rot box, but, not being deterred he had his dream and it was going to come about no matter what he found or happened, excellent job, lots of hard work and now its a gem, well done jason, she's a bute* 

Hi I'm Jason 28 from Oxfordshire and I'm a vehicle technician by trade 

I have always been into cars since I was a little kid playing with micro machines, hot wheels and tonka toys. My passion for anything with wheels and being mechanical started with my push bike pulling it apart and rebuilding it. Constantly trying to do tricks. Wheelies and falling off a lot of the time.

I owned my first car at the age of 13 being a rover metro that I got for free. Bought a £30 argos tool box and fully stripped it and rebuild it that's where the passion for cars really started. Moving on from there I started stock car racing at a local track only for a short while. But always had a love for banger racing all the smashing and crashing and how they repair them for the next race.

My first road legal car was a mk2 golf being fairly. Modified lowered wheels gti interior engine.Upgrades etc. Went through the smaller cars to start saxos polo's corsa and my fav my old Nova.First proper car I stripped to a bare shell was a classic mini Mayfair started to get a bit pricey so sold it for spares and bought a Austin mini jet black with a 1380 stage 3 engine needed some work but got that running good and was a rocket

The person who.built the engine done a poor job and I was constantly changing head gaskets every week eventually. Got fed up with running issues lost interest in the car


This is what she looked like when i bought it

I've always been into jap Rwd cars as after years of attending mini in the park I went to. My first ever jap fest at Silverstone as soon as I was in the que seeing skylines chasers silvias around me I knew I wanted one

So I Tried to sell the mini for a few months with no luck so I joined a few jap facebook pages and just put it out their for swops, Had a guy come forward owning a s14a this was my dream jap car loving the shape of them with the aggressive front end. So met up checked out each others cars and agreed a straight swop

Car looked straight from the outside until we started to check out the underside and removed the original side skirts and found the horror story's, bit of advice take the love goggles of and have a really good look before you buy that car.ha

Pretty much every body panel was rotted through

The inner and outer sills had fully rotted out boot floor drivers and passengers floor pan both rear outer quarters and arches hidden behind an inch thick. Of underseater, Fully stripped the whole underside of bad rot and poor workmanship got it fully welded up and made strong again, and i think we did a pretty good job she should last quite a few years now.

The new body parts primed and ready for paint

Then we started with rear fibreglass over fenders then quickly moved on from that to an origin body kit power 326 rear wing origin labo bonnet,primed it all to protect it from our weather, i couldn't afford the paint job straight away.

Drove around for about a year with the car half in primer half original paint saved up the money for the paint and sent it in for bodywork and full exterior paint job going for a R32 skyline metallic pearl gray, she turned out fantastic, it took alot of man hours and sanding to get her to look as smooth as this.


Some sick wheels to finnish her off

Then picked up some sick cosmis xt306r wheels that finished the car off 

Done a full rear end rebuild fully stripping down the rear subframe and getting it powdercoated all. New drift works rear adjustable arms and a 1.5 way diff

Interior is just a new headlining double din stereo pop off steering wheel

Engine not to much work has gone on just a stage 1 ecu bigger Intercooler dump valve


In for paint all body work done

Silvia Spec

-Stage 1a H-Dev chip

-Apexi type 2 front mount intercooler

-Japspeed turbo elbow

-Japspeed shot231213gun downpipe

-Apexi exhaust

-Hks boost gauge 

-Gizzmo boost controller

-Apexi air filter

-Walbro 255 fuel pump

-Apexi fully adjustable coil overs

-Cosmis XT206R wheels black chrome 

-Cusco front strut brace

-Tegiwa engine torque damper

-HKS SSQe1311343qV dump valve

-Fli speakers all round (originals were all blown)

- Pioneer double din stereo

-D1 spec snap off/boss/deep dish steering wheel

-origin body kit copy

-Japspeed short shifter

-Colder spark plugs

-Exedy Stage 3 clutch

- Limo black rear windows

- power 326 rear wing copy

- dmax vented front wings

- origin labo vented bonnet

Everything powder coated and looking sleek

- full driftworks rear adjustable arms 

- fully undersealed 

- subframe powder coated orange 

- fully Poly bushed rear end

- kaaz 1.5 way LSD 4.1 ratio

-R33 gtst rear brake set up

- driftworks geomaster 2 rear drop knuckles

-  rear jacking bar 

- mishimoto orange rad hoses 

- full exterior paint job in R32 Gtr metallic gray code KH2

RAL 2009 gloss orange powder coat

- mishimoto orange rad hoses 

- full exterior paint job in R32 Gtr metallic gray code KH2

RAL 2009 gloss orange powder coat

The finished car

Car shows we attend are mostly jap shows

Jap fest

Simply jap

JDM Combe

Japanese performance show

Looking to have our own stand at BDC and Drift cup events, so watch out for us and say hi.

Dream car a R32 gtr skyline as its the iconic Japanese car original godzilla 

Nothing better than seeing the finnished article

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