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I'm a proud owner of one let’s say rare “RAT '' which is a daily

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Hi and welcome.

I’m Martin Becan and I would like to introduce you to my social project about RAT Look (in Europe most known like a RAT tuning) simply named “Custom Culture“

Why this project began and what was the first idea?

Well. I'm a proud owner of one let’s say rare “RAT '' which is a daily, People look at me with an impression in their eyes and asks me why? how? how much? and similar. So past some time I checked social media and webs where I didn’t find something about this style. And if, just really a couple infos. BTW I’m also a member of probably the biggest Facebook page about RAT style named “Rat Bastard Crew“ (rat bastard crew ) where I got to know many really unique automotive pieces BUT.....they are known just locally,only on couple events and almost only in the RAT community.

So I sent a few messages,sorted a few interviews and the HayHoo project began.

And what the RAT look is?

Actually it’s a side of shiny modified cars and a part of Anarchy sub-culture. 

So for example: 

Everyone knows Mickey Mouse. Friendly mouse, wearing white gloves, with a squeaky voice, he wanted to be friends with everyone and his father was Walt Disney.

But exist let’s say the dark side of this mouse-boy which is RAT FINK. He is nasty, wearing dirty dungarees,his voice sounds like a 60 years old hobo-alcoholic and he is doing whatever he wants. Especially driving noisy, flames throwing weird cars. Basically......he don’t give a f*ck. And His “Big Daddy“ was Ed Roth who is one from biggest legends in automotive history ever.

Actually this example isn’t too far from reality. No.I don’t mean that guys with shiny cars using stickers with Mickey, but Rat Fink is really a cult item and his stickers or plush figure you can easily find in most RAT cars.

So basically RAT looks missing some rules and has no straight categories.

Exist let’s say “styles“ which can slightly sort which way the owner is probably looking.

There are few types of style which actually aren't official but they are most  known.

RUST STYLE: Basic is rust patina or real rust ....depends ☺ 

RAT ROD: Probably worldwide most known style which don’t need too much introduce.Simply said “Noise,Kerosine and BurnOut“

INSANE CLOWN: Stickers,stickers,combination of colours which does’t work together but “looking sick“ another more stickers and......stickers.

OLD SCHOOL: If you will able to recognize this style, be shore that owner should be “HardCore Ratter“

Something rusty,mostly banded steels,hazard tape,yellow front lights, natural rope, roof rack full of rubbish and something made from wood.Probably rear spoiler (mostly old skateboard),part of some bumper or (don’t be surprised) window. Most of time somewhere you can find sign TAXI or FAKE TAXI (to explain for people 18+ only ;-) ) 

APOCALYPSE (especially in the UK more known like a MAD MAX): Most cars (but exist 100s of bikes as well) are inspired by movies like Mad Max, Resident evil, Death Race and similar. So guns, axes, chainsaws, skulls or human parts (mostly plastic but who knows ☺ ), bullbars,metal mesh in windows, terrain tyres and other things usable for survival.

But like I said this is just a few of the most known styles. Not all. And at the end of the day there probably doesn’t exist no one who can specify RAT style because every single car or bike is unique and only the owner knows what and why. So best way is go and ask him or check our YouTube channel or social pages:

Our Youtube Channel


or just pop to the search Custom Culture Media

Facebook: Custom Culture Media

Instagram: @customculturemedia

Twitter: #CustomCultureM1

Target of the whole project basically shows to the world something different and just opens a bit the RAT community to the world.

If you would like your Car or Business Featured  like this, Please

Email: CARLASHANNON, ANDZ or ADMIN, they would love to hear from you.

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