Dan hancox - Nissan 350z 3.5l v6

I drive a Nissan 350z 3.5l v6 300bhp rear wheel drive car. The reason i fell in love with this particular car is again down to the fast and the furious franchise,

Dan hancox - Nissan 350z 3.5l v6
Dan hancox - Nissan 350z 3.5l v6
Dan hancox - Nissan 350z 3.5l v6
Dan hancox - Nissan 350z 3.5l v6
Dan hancox - Nissan 350z 3.5l v6
Dan hancox - Nissan 350z 3.5l v6
Dan hancox - Nissan 350z 3.5l v6
Dan hancox - Nissan 350z 3.5l v6
Dan hancox - Nissan 350z 3.5l v6

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Hi, my name is Dan hancox, 

Instagram: @Danh_350z  

Nissan 350z 3.5l v6 300bhp

I am 37 years old, living in the lake district up in Cumbria.

I run the Cumbria Jap Car Club, and work in a joinery and plastics store. I love tattoos, Boxing, MMA, driving with friends, meals out and cocktails.

The first car film that got my attention was gone in 60 seconds, but the main person and movie has to be Paul Walker in the first Fast and the Furious film. This was the movie that is responsible for me wanting to modify my car. If it wasn't for him and the franchise I can't imagine that I would be into cars at all.

The car scene is amazing, I absolutely love it, it's a massive part of my life. I don't know that if I hadn't got into cars I would never have met so many of my very close friends that I have today, I didn't even know these guys existed before I met them through cars.

Personally I'm always attracted to unusual builds, I have so much respect for someone who dares to be different and not just follow the sheep, we can all buy a car, put some nice wheels on it and lower it, yeah ok it looks nice but that's not a build! We need more people willing to try new things, to make the scene evolve, it takes a real enthusiast to make a car their own.

I get so much satisfaction from every single head that turns when they saw or firstly hear the car, or for every comment I receive whether it is positive or negative as this means that the car is being talked about. I grew up as an only child with PlayStation and football being all I cared about. I didn't get into cars until I was around 18 and had passed my test. I'd like to say I grew up around cars and petrol heads but the truth is I just didn't.

I drive a Nissan 350z 3.5l v6 300bhp rear wheel drive car. The reason i fell in love with this particular car is again down to the fast and the furious franchise, in particular the Tokyo drift movie which featured around 3 350z cars but the one that I loved was the one dk drove with the veilside wide arch body kit. As soon as I saw this car I just had to have one.

I was only 22 at the time and just couldn't afford one then but did dream that one day I would own one of these awesome machines.

Eventually circumstances changed, and a gentleman i knew was selling is 350z for £3500 an absolute bargain, something i couldn't pass up. It was a 2003 gt model with no mods, it came with the rays alloy wheels, brembo brakes and heated leather seats. The age and body condition didn't bother me at all as I had wanted one for such a long time and new id started modding it straight away.

What I have created over the past 7 years is something very different and unique. It has a lot of custom work and parts on the vehicle to make it stand out from the crowd, all the work apart from the painting has been carried out by myself ( not much) and cliff anderson sod it just mod it without him this build could not be possible. The car isn't very economical as I use it every day, I don't see the point in building something you love only to have it used at weekends or garaged for 6 months of the year.

The plans were always to have it widebody eventually, but early on I just modded it best I could with what money I had but always kept my eye on the ultimate goal. Once I had funds me and Cliff sat down and came up with ideas and plans to make one of the most unique zd's around.

Firstly I purchased some rota gtr-d rims doem mac motorsport up in Scotland, who kindly repaired them and sprayed them for me. We went for 18x12 on the rear and 18x10.5 in the front. Tarmac sportz rear overfenders were next on the list to fit to the rear quarters, we went for the rocket bunny 50mm front fenders and lowered the car 35mm. the v2 front bumper was next, we smoothed out the badge and recess for a smoother look, problem was the rear sat perfectly but the arch gap on the front was to much, so we made a lip from fibreglass to lower the rb front fenders and extended it onto the v2 front bumper to make it look that little bit more unique and a one of design. We then fitted some smoked indicators into the arches, and tinted the headlights.

Next was the bonnet, i had seen one from poland that i really liked so we took a chance and purchased it. When it came it was in awful shape, fitment was nowhere near and was so light, we had to strengthen the bonnet and then get the adjustment right to make it fit perfectly and added some headlight covers for a more aggressive look.

But still there was something missing...... I managed to find a rocket bunny front splitter cheap but had never seen one fitted to a v2 front bumper, i googled and you tubed to try and find one but couldn't, we bit the bullet and had to chop up a lot of the v2 lip to make the rb splitter fit. It looked absolutely perfect. We were sooo happy with the front end.

The rear end was next, we wanted to keep the standard bumper and make it different ourselves so we purchased some g35 rear spats and a tarmac sportz top secret diffuser, painted the number plate recess black and tinted the tail lights and indicators. I then purchased a single exit isr exhaust system which looks awesome, but we had to do a bumper take to get rid of the dual exit exhaust cut out, once fitted it looked good but was again missing something..... So we decided to make some diffuser fins from fiberglass once again to make it a little more aggressive.

After this we added a tarmac sportz vortex roof spoiler and a rear window aluminium louver before finishing off the tailgate with a wiper delete and rocket bunny ducktail spoiler which looked to finish off the rear end rather well..... Or so I thought.

So now we had the front and rear ends just about where I wanted them. It was time to make the sides of the car match those. So we made and cut up some custom side steps to fit the skirts and added some carbon rx7 vents to the rear quarter panels. We added some carbon B pillar covers and some carbon wing mirror covers before spraying the door handles and roof of the car black.

We had reached a point where i thought i was happy with how the car looked, so we moved onto the interior of the car. Replacing the heated leather seats with rwd bb7 recliners, added a nice red deep dish steering wheel and nice silver nismo gear stick. I ordered up some grey/black and red bride material as I wanted to wrap my dash and roof lining in this. We made a gear gaiter and handbrake gaiter from the material, also doing the center console. We did the roof lining, rear strut brace and A pillars in the red material to make it look a bit different.

We both thought the car looked epic, but....... There was still something missing.

The car needed a big wing to match the rest of the aggressive looking kit. I started to google big wings, and came across the big country labs wing and instantly fell in love with it, I just had to have that wing.

I contacted the guys at driftworks who were brilliant with me, but also told me there was no chance of it fitting with the rocket bunny spoiler I already had!!! So me and Cliff knew once again that a lot of custom work would be required but both agreed that the car needed that wing. I wasn't too sure how it would look with the rb spoiler so tried to youtube and google it to find out, but couldn't find one anywhere (still can't)

We had to chop quite a lot of the rb spoiler away in order to get the big country labs wing to fit. But in my humble opinion it looks absolutely epic, especially with the colour coded blade and executioner end plates. I am not too sure how accurate this is so some people can help me and give me some feedback but I think I might be the first 350 in Britain to sport both the rocket bunny and bcl wing together...... Possibly the first in Europe to???

People say about their dream cars, but to be totally honest I have built mine and made my dream come true over the past 7 years and just can't see me selling it.

  • Engine mods are 3.5litre v6 engine 300bhp
  • Carbon engine cover,
  • Carbon slam panel,
  • Carbon battery and fluid covers,
  • Polished strut brace,
  • Polished plenum,
  • Plenum spacer with uprated injectors,
  • Polished intake and pop charger filter,
  • Blue radiator hose kit and oil catchment tank.

My future plans are a possible 1jz engine conversion, roll cage and air suspension.

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