Importing an R34 GT-R to the United States: 25 year Rule

Do you want to import R34 GT-R to the USA, Find out the 25-year import rule details and countdown to when Godzilla will finally arrive on American soil in 2024.

Importing an R34 GT-R to the United States: 25 year Rule
R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec and V-Spec II

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Importing an R34 GT-R to the United States

The Nissan Skyline GT-R is an icon in the world of Japanese sports cars. Known for its performance, styling, and place in automotive history, the Skyline GT-R has built a reputation matched by few other vehicles. Over multiple generations spanning five decades, the most desirable and expensive Skyline GT-Rs have commanded huge price tags when sold at auction or in private sales. Here we explore some of the most outstanding examples and what makes them so valuable.

When January 1st, 2024 finally arrives, many fans will be eager to begin the process of importing an R34 GT-R into the country. Here is an overview of the steps involved:

Find the Right Car

The first step will be locating and purchasing a suitable R34 Skyline GT-R for import. This can be done directly from Japan through an importing service, or via third parties in countries like Canada where R34s were originally sold new. Popular models that will be prime import targets include:

When searching, factors such as condition, performance variant, mileage, color and included options should be considered. Prices will also vary greatly depending on these factors too.

Use a Registered Import Service

Navigating the import process requires expertise in DOT and EPA regulations as well as compliance with customs procedures. Working with an agency registered to legally import vehicles will ensure all regulations are properly handled when bringing in an R34 GT-R.

Services will handle all required paperwork including securing a DOT/EPA Certificate of Conformity, registering the car with U.S. Customs, shipping logistics and clearing state requirements for registration and titling. These specialists make the import process seamless.

R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec and V-Spec II

Insurance, Registration, Inspections

Additionally, legally imported R34 Skylines must pass state inspection in whichever state the car will be registered. classic car insurance must also be obtained before registration can be completed. Costs incurred in shipping and transactions completed during the import process may also influence the final insurance valuation.

Finally, a state title application must be completed and registration fees paid to the local DMV before the Nissan Skyline can legally drive on public roads. Some states may have additional requirements as well. While the import process involves several critical steps, employing the services of an authorized importer agency alleviates the hassle making stateside arrival of an R34 GT-R a smooth transition once the car lands on US soil through an approved port.

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