Jack - 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V

My long term plans are to go to Honda powerplant, sorry Toyota purists!

Jack - 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V
Jack - 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V
Jack - 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V
Jack - 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V
Jack - 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V
Jack - 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V
Jack - 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V
Jack - 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V

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My Name is Jack,

I'm 23 and a student from Essex, UK. Studying Business and Finance at Birmingham City University. 

Instagram @jackgedge_97

This is my 1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V called Jam, she's my 2nd car with the first being another Glanza V. I'm ashamed to say it but my heart lies with Vauxhalls (sorry JDM fans). My Dad and Grandad rallied Mk1 and Mk2 Astras back in the late 90s and the obsession started there. Being dropped off at school in a full-blown rally car, straight cut gearbox whining away with the twin weber 40 carbs roaring away, all stickered up. Just got me hooked on loud and in-your-face cars that draw everyone's attention. 

The story of Glanzas began when we as a family broadened out to other scenes and not just Vauxhalls, we as a family went to the Jap scene having 3 Evos in the family in the space of a few years. Obviously being young could never afford the insurance on one so looked at smaller-engined imports that still have a bit of go to them. 

So it was a choice between a Pulsar GTIR or a Starlet turbo. I actually intended to have a Mk3 Starlet GT turbo, but finding one was proving to be difficult so I settled for the less version the Glanza V. My first Glanza was a basic car that I grabbed locally for a reasonable price off a friend, just the usual loud exhaust, front mount intercooler and blocked BOV to get that typical import sutututu turbo flutter noise. 

Thrashed that round for a year or so, doing small mods here and there, just enjoying the go-kart handling these have and that made around 180 or so bhp. I always wanted a big power Starlet and had planned to up the power to 350+ on that car. But along came the Glanza you see here by mistake, I spotted it on a Facebook marketplace of all places. 

Sadly being broken for parts after the owner blew the engine up and was going to simply scrap the shell after the majority had sold, I only was ever meant to buy the front splitter but somehow I bought the entire car with the splitter wanted. Had it recovered back home and broke my heart a little bit that someone was going to rip this beautiful car apart because they had gotten fed up with it. 

After making a plan and deciding to keep it, we began the exhausting task of piecing it back together and returning the car back to its former glory. It made things easier having another working car sit next to it to steal good pieces from. So the short of it is, I ended up taking my tasty bits from my other Glanza and transferring it to this car over time. And selling the other car after. Although it was an incredibly long process and troubleshooting exactly what had caused the original engine failure. It was 100% worth it, I've never seen a car that grabs this much attention wherever it goes. Young and old, people can't help but ask about it. Glanzas in the UK are reasonably rare to start with, but genuine JAM-kitted ones I believe are only 1 or 2 others at most. If anyone is sitting there and wanting to break their pride and joy, just take a sit down. Especially old and rarer cars like these. I'm so proud we have managed to help this car and make it a survivor car. It's dodged the scrap heap already so deserves the love and appreciation it gets. 

And I must say, it's one of the cleanest Glanzas I've come across. As it sits at the moment, it's running around 330bhp and has done a 5.95secs to 60mph which is impressive for a front-wheel drive car fighting for traction the entire time. I've not timed it 100 - 200kmh yet but that time should be more impressive. 

My long-term plans are to go to Honda powerplant, sorry Toyota purists! Getting parts for the old Japanese imports is getting harder and harder, especially something that never came to the UK market at all! It makes more sense to throw in a boosted B18C or a K20 and have far more choice of parts and of course more power. This one's part of the family and a keeper for sure could never sell her for the earth. I've ticked off one massive dream car tick box with this one. My all-time dream car is a Ferrari F40 Competizione, but seeing as they're £5m+ I'll keep that one as a dream.

Massive thank you to firstly my Dad Jason, he's been a massive help with the car and wouldn't be on the road as you see it if it wasn't for him! Secondly to my lovely girlfriend Rebekah for putting up with the constant talk about this car, coming home with headaches and stress over finishing this car.

Originally imported as an ex-race/development car in 2009 by JapImports4u in Northern Ireland

Engine build:

  • 4EFTE block 1331cc
  • Wiseco Racing low comp 8.0:1 forged 74.5mm Pistons
  • Wiseco Racing piston rings, pins and clips
  • Pec forged conrods with ARP 2000 connecting bolts
  • Athena MLS head gasket 1.2mm thick
  • New Uprated ACL Bearings ( Mains, Big Ends and Thrusts)
  • Block Notched to accept the Scat Conrods
  • Block rebored and crosshatch honed to 74.5mm
  • TD Uprated Valve Springs
  • Block and head chemically cleaned and painted
  • Rocker cover polished
  • Inlet manifold polished
  • Blitz 3.5inch front mount intercooler
  • Greddy profec boost controller
  • Tuning Development uprated Fuel Rail
  • Sytec fuel pressure regulator
  • RX7 550cc Denso fuel injectors
  • HKS map sensor
  • HKS spark plugs
  • HKS muffler
  • Custom 3inch Exhaust from the turbo to muffler
  • WEPR Billet TD05 hybrid
  • Polished turbo compressor housing
  • Genuine Tial external wastegate with screamer pipe
  • Funk Motorsport turbo blanket
  • Polished Civic triple-core half radiator 


  • Gen 2 Motorsports Electronics ME221 Standalone
  • AEM wideband, with a BOSCH LSU 4.9 sensor


  • Lowered on KYB shocks with HKS Springs
  • TRD 1.5way LSD in C52 case with a TRD Gear kit
  • Cusco Panhard Rod
  • Cusco engine damper
  • TRD rear anti-roll bar
  • TRD front anti-roll bar
  • Cusco brake master cylinder stopper
  • 6 Piston K Sport brake kit, 2 piece floating discs
  • Yellowstuff pads
  • TRD engine and gearbox solid Mounts
  • TRD complete gear linkage inc short shifter


  • Defi link module in the glovebox
  • Defi display in vent
  • Techtom multi-display meter
  • Blitz auto turbo timer
  • Hks boost gauge
  • Cruise gear knob
  • TRD steering wheel
  • 6 Point JAM roll cage with the original padding still intact
  • Genuine Broadway mirror
  • Single Bride Brix custom retrimmed in suede 
  • Door Cards wrapped in Bride material
  • OEM rear optional extra 3-point strut brace
  • Optional extra cup holders


  • Full JAM body kit (consisting of spoiler, skirts, bumpers)
  • JAM Reverse Bonnet Scoop
  • Carbon JAM headlight brows
  • 15inch Rota Grids with Toyo T1R Tyres

I'm always at the UK Japanese car shows, Japshow, and Japfest. I've been doing a lot more classic car shows recently, it's surprising how much attention this can grab next to E-Type Jags and other exotic cars. 

My favourite car club has to be Instagram @eastcoastjapanese

It's my local Japanese car club who do monthly meetings in the South East of England

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