James Caceres - 2020 Ford F-150 STX

I’ve always loved the F-150 from the body lines to the design of the interior. I guess you can say I own my dream truck.

James Caceres  - 2020 Ford F-150 STX
2020 Ford F-150 STX in grey with gold wheels
James Caceres  - 2020 Ford F-150 STX
James Caceres  - 2020 Ford F-150 STX
James Caceres  - 2020 Ford F-150 STX
James Caceres  - 2020 Ford F-150 STX
James Caceres  - 2020 Ford F-150 STX
James Caceres  - 2020 Ford F-150 STX
James Caceres  - 2020 Ford F-150 STX

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James Caceres

2020 Ford F-150 STX

Instagram: @Fordboi2007

Photographer: @Jrice_visuals

I am 31 years old, born and raised in Houston Texas. I am a graphic designer/plasti dip installer. In my hobby, I like to find ways on how to make my truck unique and stand out from the rest of the trucks here in Houston.

What got you into Cars?

To be honest, watching movies like Gone in 60 seconds and always have the passion to modify any vehicle I owned is what got me into the truck/car scene. When I was younger my father always hated me to try and modify any truck I had. He always said stock is better. But we all know that ain’t true. I always have a thing to make vehicles look apart or at least look good. Need for speed underground 2 has always been my favourite game so maybe that’s why I have a passion for modifying cars/ trucks.

The first time I took my driving test was a 1998 Ford F-150. I was 17 when I took my driving test and passed on the first try. I always loved mustangs apart from the trucks. I have owned 3 mustang and 3 trucks in my life and they have all been modified. I have owned a 2012 Ford Mustang grabber blue v6. That is what got me in the car club days. I purchased a 2003 Ford Mustang GT. This car had full bolt-ons. Then purchased a 2012 Ford Mustang 5.0. This car was modified to the max. From being bagged to nearly full bolt-ons. Then I decided it was time to go back to a truck and I purchased the 2020 Ford F-150 STX 5.0 v8.

Why this Car?

I always loved FORD as a brand and automotive company. That's why they call me fordboi. I haven’t opened anything but a Ford and don’t plan on changing anytime soon. I always have loved how the trucks specially lowered look. Once I became grown and got to spend adult money I knew a truck would be fun to modify.

I’ve always loved the F-150 from the body lines to the design of the interior. I guess you can say I own my dream truck. I think that’s one reason why I love these trucks. I have a goal to one day have my truck at SEMA. 


I would recommend this brand of the truck to anyone that thinks about purchasing a truck. Can’t ever go wrong with a Ford especially with the new coyote 10-speed automatics. These trucks are something special on the road. I would love to twin-turbo my f-150. These trucks are very fast on the road and track. That’s my goal to have its twin-turbo on the street. 

What makes it Unique?

I believe my truck stands out on the clean and unique looks. The colour scheme on this truck is odd but looks so good together. Leadfoot grey with bronze and black just looks perfect. I get so many compliments on the wheels with the colour of the truck.

Spec List


  • 5.0 10 speed automatic, 
  • Borla ATAKS exhaust 


  • Matte black emblems, 
  • Smoked tail lights, 
  • Alpharex-NOVA headlights, 


  • Black leather seats


  • Ferradas FT2 20x10 wrapped on 295/35/24 


  • Belltech 3/5 performance drop kit.

@Zykoticdropz is the shop that lowered my truck. All the other mods I have installed myself from window tint to wheels and tires. Have many more mods coming in the future that I will install myself.

Future Plans

Future plans are carbon fibre trim in the interior. Digital cluster, aftermarket steering wheel, galaxy headliner. Engine mods I want a twin-turbo setup. Has it tuned by LUND racing? Want to make this truck an 8-second four-door truck. 


At the moment I am riding solo. Less drama but wouldn’t mind joining a well-known truck club in the near future. Always wanted to be part of team billet. The truck scene has changed from back in the days when it was always about who had the baddest truck. Now it’s more of a family group. I have met a lot of new people in my life by joining truck and car clubs. 

Dream Car

My dream car would be a Shelby gt500 any year. Always loved seeing Eleanor in the movies and I set that I will own one in the future.

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