Jason - mk2 Granada 2.3 ghia

The Ford Granada Mk2 became a whole lot more angular at the first major facelift.

Jason - mk2 Granada 2.3 ghia
Jason - mk2 Granada 2.3 ghia
Jason - mk2 Granada 2.3 ghia
Jason - mk2 Granada 2.3 ghia
Jason - mk2 Granada 2.3 ghia

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Hi, my name is Jason, 

I'm a steel worker from Sheffield.

I got into the car scene when My dad used to banger race, so I used to love going to watch him. I guess I was bitten by the bg of cars. and before they were extinct I went out and bought my own mk2, my dad who knows alot about cars has taught me everything and helped me restore it.

The Ford Granada Mk2 became a whole lot more angular at the first major facelift. The new styling, overseen by Filippo Sapino adopted Ford’s new pan-European sharp-suit, and soon spread its way across the entire range.

Although it looked like an all-new model, the Mk2 was mainly MkI underneath, proving once again that Ford really was the master of the mid-term facelift in this period. Fresh Cologne V6 engines were added in 2293cc and 2792cc, replacing the old Essex units, while the 2.0-litre Pinto continued as before.

I currently drive an Audi A3 sportback 105, and a mk2 Granada 2.3 ghia x , i drive the audi as my daily and use the granada for pleasure or when i go to shows and events, we have done a fair bit to the car, we've stripped her and gone right through making sure everything as been worked on and anything that needed replacing, we used genuine parts, the engine as been completley reworked so she should last a good few more years.

the Granada mod list is endless 

Whole new suspension 

Spax springs 

Power flex all round 

K n intake for carb 

Fully trimmed vinyl interior 

List is endless 

Brembo brakes 

It’s not finished the mk2 as got an exhaust to have made 

Engine auxiliaries to be finished painted 

Hoses to be finished made up 

Brake pipes to finish putting on 

Handbrake clip back in 

Interior in 

Full led conversion to do 

Me and my dad have done most of the work in our lock up, a tip i can give is take your time don’t rush anything, cutting corners or buying the wrong parts can lead to all kinds of trouble and heartache, so make sure your right first time, that way you can hold your head up when it all comes together perfectly.

Gaz James painting all dash inserts and engine parts for me 

Richard Hepworth from flocked who did my dash 

Justin at top boss performance who’s having my hoses made up and both Granada guild and Granada nutz for helping source parts, these are probably the best places to get parts for classics that I have found.

My fave groups are 

Yorkshire retro ford club 

Rouge cars UK 

Nec classic cars show one of the best shows in the world for me the variety of tin is unreal.

I have never personally won any awards or trophies  but maybe one for the future, .

My dream cars are two mk1 Granada coupe and Shelby gt500 Eleanor.


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