Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z

I am still friends with people from The Orion Register to this day 20 years later

Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z
Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z
Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z
Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z
Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z
Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z
Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z
Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z
Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z
Chris Shaw - Nissan 370z

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Chris shaw

Instagram: @getsh4wty_370z 

Nissan 370z

I first got into cars about 1996 when I bought my first Max Power magazine in June 96 with the yellow Cossie with my school dinner money.

From then on my Dad would take me to shows like Donny and Max power live at NEC. I left school at 16 and started college as an apprentice mechanic and worked in 2 garages learning. 4 years later I was a qualified mechanic and even did a 6 months NVQ in valeting.  In the end, I gave this up as money wasn't great and am now in lower management,  but I gained those invaluable skills during those years.  The first car was a replica Nova Sri to learn but at 18 my father let me buy the Ford Orion 1600 he'd bought at 2 years old when I was 10, so the car had huge sentimental value.

Sadly on 27th August 2003, this car was involved in an incident and was gone and I had my guardian angel out that day I think. Coincidentally that was the birthday of my Border collie , Topher I would adopt a few months later. His name is now on my number plate. I did everything from bodywork, paint mechanic and ice and 5 years with this car I learnt a lot in the scene.

In the late 90s, early 2000's my friends and I would be down Nott's circuit every single Sunday night parking up, watching street racing but obviously not doing it myself (wink) lol burnouts, going to cruises all over in convoy, all the good stuff that's dwindling today.

I am still friends with people from The Orion Register to this day 20 years later. 

I've had so many cars from classic Impreza to SRT6  Crossfires to Jaguar s type R. The decision to buy this 370z was one of luck and chance. I had saved up enough money to treat myself and at the time in 2016 I wanted a Ford Focus RS mk2, but I didn't want to spend over 20k.

My second decision was a white 370z at 18k, but that car was over 100 miles away, so I saw this yellow 370z just up the road and went to test drive it to get a feel and see if I like it. I fell in love with the car and this rare chicane yellow, which I later found out was 1 of 40 Nissan 370z Ultimate Editions made.

The first thing to do was spend a month on weekends and before work flatting and removing the nasty orange peel in the paint most cars have from standard leaving the paint like glass. Over the last 4 half years, I have slowly built the car I have today and still have many more plans including a full interior retrim by next show season.

I did originally want to fit a Nismo front and rear but after a discussion with my body shop guy, paint matching would be a pain in the ass and require a respray plus every guy and his dog is doing that mod now so the decision has gone now.

This is and was only ever bought to be a second car and as such has spent its life in my garage locked away from all the nasty British weather. All work on the 370z has been carried out by myself and a mate in his garage with his ramp apart from paint, including airbags, and heavy-duty clutch, CSC etc

My fix now on a daily basis comes from my stage 2+ Audi TT I've built over 18 months.


K&N intakes,  custom straight pipe with 5" tips

All metalwork powder coated by @wheelfurb in Tamworth.

All plastics hydro dipped @tamworth_hydrodipping_services


Self-built boot build for air ride with laminate floor.

Powder-coated tank and all mounts by wheel refurb again.

Custom fabrication brackets and mounts made by @hollotmetalworks

Leather diamond floor mats and Alcantara trimmed various parts by myself.


Full airlift 3p kit with 4-gallon tank and twin Viair 444c Compressors both fitted with the addition of the very important check valve that does not come with the kit. 


  • Front lower Maxton designs front lip.
  • Genuine carbon fibre upper trim imported from the USA from The Z Store
  • Front upper Nismo moustache spoiler imported from the USA.
  • Evo-r bonnet vents.
  • Stillen canards
  • Custom polished aluminium billet front grill from the USA.
  • Full custom headlights by myself, gloss back-painted rear housing, 
  • hydro dipped light shrouds, 
  • custom clear glass hid lenses with 370z etched into lenses, 
  • Oracle twin halos with strobe function.
  • RGB demon eyes with Bluetooth control.
  • Chameleon UV tint of the front windscreen.
  • Full window tint in smoke.
  • Roof wrapped in colour changing Morpheus black by @tinttech_nottingham
  • A pillar and mirror wrapped in the same by myself.
  • Gloss black side steps. 
  • Rear window louvres painted in Nissan's metallic black from the USA
  • Rear lower diffuser in metallic black from Poland 
  • Side rear window louvres by @vicrezcom again in metallic black from the USA
  • Genuine carbon fibre rear spoiler by @crown_carbon_crafting imported from the USA. 

Future plans including Retrim and carbon fibre skinning on interior parts.

Real harness bar.

Custom steering wheel from the USA

Powder coating suspension and other various parts underneath.

Changing bonnet vents to carbon.

Front carbon fang skin from the USA.


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